Two and a Half Men

Episode 5.11 : Meander to Your Dander

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

March 17, 2008





Show Period

2003 - 2015

Production Company

Chuck Lorre Prod., Tannenbaum Co., Wolf Films, WB

Cast and Crew


James Widdoes


Mark Roberts, Don Foster, Jim Patterson, Susan Beavers

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Sandra Robinson
  • Eve Gordon
  • Gracie Maddox
  • Kimberly Quinn


Charlie offers up breakup advice when Alan admits that his relationship with Donna has become boring and the sex mundane. Alan takes his advice and breaks up with Donna, only to soon learn that she felt the same way about the relationship and wanted to take the relationship to the next level. Alan is relieved until he discovers that Donna meant taking the relationship to the next level by having a threesome. Meanwhile, Charlie takes Jake to a pizza joint and notices that Jake has been eyeing a girl who is eating pizza with her mom. Charlie unsuccessfully attempts to charm mom into letting Jake come over and meet her daughter. Charlie persists and gets pepper sprayed by the mom, and Jake and the girl have a moment.

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