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Episode 19.09 : By Perjury

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Episode Premiere

January 14, 2009


NBC, Universal Domestic Television, Studios USA Television



Show Period

1990 - 2010

Production Company

Studios USA Television, Universal Network TV, NBC

Cast and Crew


Darnell Martin


Richard Sweren

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Adam Mastrelli
  • Dallas Roberts
  • Mercedes Ruehl


THE MURDER OF A PLAINTIFF IN A HIGH PROFILE LAWSUIT WITH A MAJOR AIRLINE LEADS DETECTIVES LUPO (Jeremy Sisto) AND BERNARD (Anothony Anderson) TO A LAWYER WHO WILL DO ANYTHING, INCLUDING MULTIPLE MURDERS AND PERJURY, TO PROTECT HIS BIG PAYDAY. Charlie Sawyer (guest star Adam Mastrelli), a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit involving the death of his father is a plane crash years earlier, is found shot to death in his car clutching an oxygen canister. The lawsuit had been delayed due to the murder of the judge in the case. The oxygen container is key to the airline's defense in the lawsuit and Sawyer is looking to make a deal with Pan World that would leave the other plaintiffs and their attorney, Marty Winston (guest star Dallas Roberts), out of the money. Lupo and Bernard discover that Wilson has no alibi and discover damaging evidence against him, but A.D.A.'s Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa's (Alana de la Garza) efforts to bring him to trial are challenged when Judge Clara Lloyd (guest star Mercedes Ruehl) makes a surprise ruling. Cutter's tireless pursuit to deny Wilson his big payday puts him in mortal danger.

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