The Good Wife

Episode 3.20 : Pants On Fire

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Episode Premiere

April 15, 2012





Show Period

2009 - now

Production Company

CBS Paramount Network Television, Scott Free Prod

Cast and Crew


Roxann Dawson


Ted Humphrey

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Julianne Nicholson
  • Liesel Allen Yeager
  • Jason Kravits


Alicia and Diane represent one of a trio of girls who was convicted of murder at a summer camp five years ago. Recently, however, it was discovered that the crime lab mishandled the DNA evidence and a judge has overturned their sentence pending a new trial. Not wanting to face a wrongful conviction lawsuit, the state has offered the girls an Alford plea – they can go free, but only if they all sign a statement admitting that they were guilty of committing murder. While the girls weigh their options, Alicia and Kalinda work to try and prove the girls’ innocence before the window to accept the plea runs out. Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) kicks off his candidacy for the governorship of Illinois by blatantly lying about an interaction with Alicia that makes Peter look bad. Infuriated, Alicia starts to realize that she really does want Peter to run. Meanwhile, she and Jackie duel over control of their old family house.

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