Ghost Whisperer

Episode 5.22 : The Children's Parade

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Episode Premiere

May 21, 2010




Drama, Fantasy

Show Period

2005 - 2010

Production Company

ABC, CBS, Sander/Moses, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


John Gray


John Gray

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Nick Hodaly
  • Billy Unger
  • George Wendt
  • Asante Jones
  • David Clennon
  • Jack Donner
  • Peter Holden
  • Tammy Townsend
  • Zayne Emory
  • Joey King
  • Rebecca McFarland


It is nighttime at Rockland Memorial Hospital. There are the sounds of dozens of children laughing, and marching after playing pranks on the janitor. Melinda is being possessed by the shadows, making her angry and short tempered, and is having trouble differentiating between the living and the dead. Melinda and Jim are torn about telling Aiden there are no such things as ghosts. They thought this was to protect him from the Shadows, which is actually the opposite of what protects them. Aiden pretends for them, but he continues to see ghosts. Melinda meets the ghost of Pete Murphy, a thirteen year old boy who died of a long term illness at the hospital, an orphan who thought he was all alone. His family now is a ghost army of children ages 8 - 14 in leg braces, back braces and Halloween-like masks. They were on the Polio ward in the 1930's and died and do not know it, and currently occupy the abandoned Polio wing in the hospital. The Shadows have been possessing Carl too making him untrustworthy, despite his sincere warnings that the Shadows want her and Aiden. Melinda is fully possessed by the Shadows now and has locked herself in the antique store. Carl speaks to Aiden about all of this and what needs to be done to help his mom. According to the Book, they must turn night into day to make them disappear. His friend Madison, who is a shiny, comes to see him. Aiden asks for the Shinies help to fight the Shadows, they are scared but they all bravely go to save Melinda. Together they light up the whole town square and the Shadows are forced out and disappear, and Melinda is back to herself again. Turns out that Pete, who thought he was all alone actually had a mother who died giving birth to him. It was a dangerous delivery and it was her wish that if it came down to her or the baby, she wanted the baby to live. With the guidance of the Shinies, the ghost army of children and Pete, now knowing his mother is on the other side, cross over into the light.

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