Ghost Whisperer

Episode 3.04 : No Safe Place

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 19, 2007




Drama, Fantasy

Show Period

2005 - 2010

Production Company

ABC, CBS, Sander/Moses, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


Peter O'Fallon


Jeannine Renshaw

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Josh Hopkins
  • Sarah Utterback
  • Joseph C. Phillips
  • T Lopez
  • Dash Mihok
  • Dale Waddington Horowitz
  • Jodi Hettinga


Melinda encounters a man, Shane, who is haunted by the ghost of Colleen, who he claims stalked him when she was alive. However, Melinda quickly discovers that the stalker was actually Shane, and he had made Colleen's life a living hell. Colleen has attached herself to Shane in hopes of putting him through the same misery she suffered before she died. As Melinda gets involved in an attempt to help Colleen cross over, Shane becomes obsessed with Melinda and begins stalking her. Hampered by vague stalking laws and restrictions, the authorities can't do much to help Melinda, so she and Colleen hatch a plan to get Shane out of their lives. They are able to collect proof that Shane was stalking Colleen, and they anonymously distribute it to all his friends and colleagues, outing him for the evil person he is. This helps Colleen cross over, but the humiliation is too much for Shane to take. He kills himself to reach Melinda as only a dead man can, but when his ghost contacts her, he is pulled underground by a mysterious force.

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