Ghost Whisperer

Episode 5.17 : On Thin Ice

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 02, 2010




Drama, Fantasy

Show Period

2005 - 2010

Production Company

ABC, CBS, Sander/Moses, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


Ian Sander


Melissa Blake, Joy Blake

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Margaret Cho
  • Eddie Shin
  • Nathan Halliday
  • Cole Williams
  • Jeff Wolfe
  • Dwier Brown
  • Eve Gordon
  • Rachel Leah Cohen
  • Doug Haley
  • Stefanie Black


Melinda and Eli try to help a graphic novelist who's being haunted by a ghost, reenacting scenes that Damon draws. They realized that Damon is being possessed by this ghost and has no memory of drawing them. New characters are introduced in Damon's graphic novel but Damon doesn't recognize them. Melinda believes the ghost is trying to tell them how he died and a vision she has leads them to finding a body underneath the ice on a popular ice fishing lake. They ID him as Shane Dunning, a troubled kid whose step-brother, Colin, is found to be the other character in Damon's comic panels. Colin tells them he believes Shane stole the graphic novel he was working on and sold it to Damon. In reality, Shane saw how good Colin was and tried to get Damon to look at them. He refused but Shane left them there. When Damon's publisher saw them, she assumed they were his and Damon didn't correct her. On the way back from Damon's Shane took a shortcut across the lake and fell through the ice. It was all a tragic accident and though Shane resented his new family, when his mother left after the divorce, and felt alone, as a ghost he was trying to give Colin credit for his talent and make a connection.

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