CSI: Miami

Episode 10.08 : Dead Ringer

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Episode Premiere

November 13, 2011




Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Show Period

2002 - 2012

Production Company

CBS Prod, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Touchstone

Cast and Crew


Sam Hill


Tamara Jaron

Main Cast

Additional Cast


The CSIs keep surveillance on Esteban Navarro, waiting for him to slip up again so they can prove he’s the Miami Taunter. When another girl’s body is discovered, the team is dismayed to realize they are Navarro’s alibi and the perpetrator may be a tribute killer. Later, the killer breaks in to the victim’s parent’s house to steal and dispose of the answering machine that recorded his voice. The CSI team tracks down a Taunter fan that possesses "trophies” of the victims’ jewelry and they begin to suspect the fan may actually be the Taunter. But when Diego Navarro produces the answering machine from his own investigators, the voice recording matches another man, Michael Galliver. Galliver confesses to being the Miami Taunter, but is later found murdered in his cell by Esteban’s driver before the team can question him further. Because of Galliver’s confession, Esteban is set free once again, though Horatio believes Diego paid Galliver to take the fall. He swears to Diego that he will bring him and his son down.

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