Blue Bloods

Episode 3.02 : Domestic Disturbance

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

October 05, 2012





Show Period

2010 - now

Production Company

CBS Television Studios

Cast and Crew


Michael Pressman


Ian Biederman

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Richard Burgi
  • Lili Mirojnick
  • Mike Houston
  • Raquel Almazan


Danny and Jackie are called to the scene where an injured Angela Ferrara revokes her initial story of domestic violence and now claims she fell down the stairs. After Angela's ex-boyfriend is cleared, Danny and Jackie investigate a lead which leads them to a high-powered city councilman named Mancini. Mancini discloses his secret relationship with Angela, and corroborates her story about falling down the stairs. However, unable to prove he is guilty, things take a drastic turn when Angela shoots Mancini in her apartment, claiming self-defense. After digging into Mancini's past and seeing a history of abuse towards women, Frank, who has been entangled in political issues with Mancini, visits him in the hospital and asks him to amend his statement threatening to expose him. Mancini concedes and drops the charges. Meanwhile, Danny communicates his concerns about Linda's new job at the hospital to Erin while Linda gives relationship advice to a battered Angela whom she met while on call at the hospital.

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