Joan Collins: Angelina Jolie Is Beautiful, Jennifer Aniston Is Only Cute

October 12, 2010 03:30:00 GMT

The veteran actress said Hollywood needs more beautiful people and she can't think of anybody else to fit the description other than Brad Pitt's current partner.

Joan Collins: Angelina Jolie Is Beautiful, Jennifer Aniston Is Only Cute
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Actress Joan Collins laments the lack of beautiful actresses in Hollywood, insisting audiences are "starved of gorgeous people" on the big screen. The glamorous "Dynasty" star believes the modern film industry would be much more exciting if studios cast more attractive stars in their movies - and she's convinced Angelina Jolie is the only actress who lives up to the legends of the silver screen.

Collins tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I have to say, there aren't that many good-looking actresses around today. I mean, there's Angelina Jolie and there's... Angelina Jolie. But I can't think of any really beautiful actresses. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I wouldn't call her beautiful. She's no Ava (Gardner) or Lana (Turner). I think that is why (British singer) Cheryl Cole is popular - because she is just so pretty and the public are starved of gorgeous people."

"When I was a kid watching movies, everybody on screen was gorgeous. I think showbusiness has lost a lot of its magic in that way."


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posted by laser on Nov 19, 2013
Aniston has a peculiar face.It resembles a lion,or an Aphgan hound.
posted by right on on Nov 18, 2013
Jen aniston please go away.Your face is a disaster,it makes full of laughter.How they push you to make us believe your beautiful,when you look like a man from Jupiter.That silly looking grin,like a aphgan hound in sin.Won't you please go away.
posted by Lollipop on Jan 10, 2011
Angelina Jolie is a natural beauty. Jennifer Aniston had tons of surgery done on her face! She did surgery a couple of times on her nose, her jaw and her chin! No matter how many times she re-arranged her face, she will still look like a man!!
posted by mermaid 23 on Nov 24, 2010
posted by terrelle on Nov 19, 2010
Joan collins is a skeleton old and dusty. Did she come out of her grave to say this? Angelinas face was constructed by a very talented docter in beverly hills. She has good bone structure. He started with that. The drugs she is doing are starting to show. I love rachel from friends. Very sexy very sweet easy to be around. Girl next door lovable.
posted by horemheb on Nov 18, 2010
joan Collins is much more beautiful even though she is old,than Jenifer Aniston could ever be
posted by COCO on Nov 10, 2010
posted by belly on Nov 10, 2010
posted by cook on Nov 10, 2010
Jenifer Aniston before and after. Before cosmetic surgeries: ugly After cosmetic surgeries: Average
posted by Cox on Nov 10, 2010
Jenifer Aniston look under average before cosmetic surgeries Jenifer Aniston look average after cosmetic surgeries.
posted by gretagabalot on Nov 05, 2010
there is absolutely so little to compare here that I am dumbfounded. How can anyone with eyes begin to compare jennifer with angie? Are the Jennifer people eye balled challenged?
posted by hi james on Oct 31, 2010
Well well well james haven is here defending his sister. How nice. You should be helping her look after her children. I think you have done enough to jennifer aniston. What did she ever do to you? Maybe if you stop bad mouthing miss aniston, then brad will go back to her and you can have your sister back where you want her, in your bed.
posted by tiggie on Oct 31, 2010
I was friends with james haven from 2002 to 2006. I have first hand knowledge that he scours the internet leaving horrible comments about jennifer aniston. He is strange.
posted by Harry on Oct 22, 2010
posted by Tammy on Oct 22, 2010
Hey, look at Jen father face then you will tell what beautiful she is?? Jen really look like her father.Her mother look better than her.
posted by COCO on Oct 22, 2010
I think Joan Collin look pretty than Jenifer even she old.
posted by BEN on Oct 22, 2010
posted by light on Oct 22, 2010
Joan Collins is absolutely correct! I don't agree with her 100% though. Aniston is not cute! Aniston is ugly!
posted by Bambi on Oct 17, 2010
If you look at British actors / actresses you will see the emphasis is on acting, not beauty. Some of them are / were beautiful but that is not all that counts. I liked Jennifer on Friends, and comedy is something she's good at. She's also quite good looking, and I'll just stop there, no need to compare. I have to say I've never cared for Angelina, even before Brad... and I never cared much for him either. I just didn't connect with either of them as performers. Some people, like Paul Newman for example, I would probably go to see almost anything they were in and it would be good. It has something to do with their persona, I think, and quite a bit with what they choose to work in. Some actors seem to always have roles that fit them well, and some you never know what to expect.
posted by Bambi on Oct 17, 2010
If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Joan is still thinking she is on Dallas.
posted by Carter on Oct 15, 2010
This is how it really breaks down. Jennifer Aniston would wake up in the morning and you'd smile b/c she looks great. Angelina Jolie or Joan Collins would have you screaming and sprinting like you were running from Freddy.
posted by jealous? on Oct 15, 2010
Im sure jennifer has encountered many many jealous woman in her life. She it to beautiful on the outside and regular woman are jealous. She is also beautiful on the inside . And evil woman dont like that. Angelina jolie was jealous of jennifer for years. Because you cant buy class. And you cant buy friends. And you cant buy a good reputation. Three things jennifer has tons of. Angelina and brad have only the things you CAN BUY. Including children. But it sounds like they are messing that up.
posted by lets compare on Oct 15, 2010
Jennifer has a beautiful body. Jennifer has a beautiful face and hair. Jennifer also has a great reputation as a lovely person with a ton of friends. Jennifer has almost a spotless reputation. Angelina jolie has a beautiful face. Now! That wont last long!! She has a bunch of very large very dark tattoos all over her body. Not attractive! She has huge veiny arms under the tattoos. Not attractive. She has a very long relationship with drugs and has had way way too many sex partners. She is not taking care of her kids like she promised she would. She has so much gross stuff in her past entire books have been written about it all. No friends to speak of. Problems with her sanity. But she has brad. For now.
posted by peacemaker on Oct 14, 2010
Everybody are entitled with their opinion, Don't blame or hate the speaker, even Ms. Joy Behar agree with her and they saw them couple of times in " The View". Some hate,because they believe of what they perform in the movies and read in the gossip column,which mostly lies and make believe stories. Thinking they are, who they are in real life. But in reality, we knew them by name, only. Personally? never.. If we study their behavior, works, ability, we might have a hint to know who they are, 50/50. Y Ms. Collins, in her younger days she is beautiful too, in her time, that's the first category to be hire as movie star. She is consider a veteran. No need to hate her, she is just voicing her own opinion. If you agree or disagree, that's your own problem. No need to be nasty and disrespectful to her. May everyone have a peaceful day.
posted by shocked on Oct 14, 2010
Jennifer is called a natural beauty something Angelina and Joan have not had the pleasure of knowing and will never know.
posted by marta on Oct 14, 2010
yeah leon angelina jolie is ugly and a slut!!!! for all those people who like her they are stupid and blind!!!!
posted by see see on Oct 13, 2010
All gross dirty bitches stick together and tell each other " its okay if you have herpes, i do too"
posted by tenley on Oct 13, 2010
Nice good decent people love jennifer aniston. Convicts ,criminals and trailer park woman love angelina jolie. Nobody likes joan collins.
posted by Brad on Oct 13, 2010
You say Angelina had plastic surgery.You think that Jenifer Aniston hasn't had any plastic surgery?She admitted to having her nose done three times and had boobs put in because she was so flat chested. I heard that myself. Jenifer Aniston is an ugly plain looking woman.Brad only married her because their agents got together and wanted them to get married to start up her career and boost his.It was a publicity stunt.I always knew he would leave her when his true love came along.
posted by Okay on Oct 13, 2010
Poor Aniston droids! Trying to take up for a pr packaged image of a woman who could caretwo cents about you, because you all are commoners to her in her real world. Not the Rachel make believe that she is your best friend crap. You can be her best maid or cook but that's about it. Joan is correct in her statement!
posted by Greg on Oct 13, 2010
Can't Joan speak an opinion without being turned on?Is aniston so precious that no one can voice a negative opinion of her? She looks like an over rated Iggy Pop.Sorry Iggy Pop you have talent and are much better looking than Jenifer.
posted by donald Dorian on Oct 13, 2010
Can you blame Brad Pitt for leaving that homely Jenifer for the beautiful Angelina/Plus he wanted to live without being punctured by that chin of Jenifers.
posted by syed on Oct 13, 2010
Jennifer is beautiful, like a goddess. Angelina jolie is beautiful, like a prostitute.
posted by Jerry como on Oct 13, 2010
Dam Jenifer is one ugly homely person.Her eyes are so close together,and oh my gosh,that chin.Not to mention that manly looking jaw of hers.Aniston no matter how much plastic surgery she gets will never be pretty.She should have given that money to the poor where it would have done some good.
posted by rob on Oct 13, 2010
Jenifer Aniston has a chin like a sword.She could kill someone with that chin.No wonder Brad left. She is about as homely as they come.and as for that body it is skin drawn over bones.
posted by don kelsey on Oct 13, 2010
Joan was being nice when she said Jenifer Anison was cute.I would say jenifer Aniston is one homely woman.
posted by already done that on Oct 13, 2010
When jennifer acted in "the good girl" she was fantastic. Very believable . That is acting. BREAK OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. And your numbers will improve. The entire world loves you (except the crazies and who wants their crazy love anyway? Just ask brad. Crazy people love sucks) jennifers career has only begun. NO MORE LOVE STORIES. With angelinas movies its all about her pretty face. And angelina knows this and knows her acting is lacking , and thats why she does her own stunts. She has too! Otherwise nobody would watch. The plastic surgery did give her a pretty face, but this will only last so long. I think jennifer will get the last laugh here. And probably a man way better than brad. A man who cheats loses all appeal.
posted by jenna on Oct 13, 2010
Jennifer is more LOVED the entire world over by millions of people. Angelina had ALOT of plastic surgery and came out pretty. Wait about 5 years. Jens look will not have changed. Angelinaho will be hiding in italy with her wrinkles and stretch marks and saggy butt. When angelina loses her beauty she will freak out. Because thats all she has. Angelina should name her life story "how one whore fooled the world"
posted by dylan on Oct 13, 2010
come on people opens your eyes angelina jolie is a slut and brad pitt is a idiot
posted by lisa on Oct 13, 2010
angelina is not beautiful... she has only the big lips also she isnt a good actor team aniston
posted by team jen on Oct 13, 2010
Who is joan collins? Jennifer aniston is a healthy vibrant woman who exudes class and sophistication. So many other woman are jealous of her. She has probably come across catty woman like this her whole life. Truly truly beautiful woman must also be that way on the inside. That is jennifer. Angelina is merely a shell. A very pretty package of filth and depravity. It shows in her eyes.
posted by me on Oct 13, 2010
Absolutely true. Joan Collins is not the only one, is not the first one and is not the las one who see Aniston as a pretty average woman. 4 years ago I read a magazine where the main interview was with Aniston and the male interviewer described her as a pretty, but not beautiful. I agreed then, and I agree now. Angelina is so unique and breakingly beautiful.
posted by me on Oct 13, 2010
Absolutely true. Joan Collins is not the only one, is not the first one and is not the las one who see Aniston as a pretty average woman. 4 years ago I read a magazine where the main interview was with Aniston and the male interviewer described her as a pretty, but not beautiful. I agreed then, and I agree now. Angelina is so unique and breakingly beautiful.
posted by todd on Oct 13, 2010
i agree with you tenley jolie sucks
posted by jolie team on Oct 13, 2010
Joan collins is a classic actor! I admire strong actors. Jolie is an amazing actor she can do action, drama etc...LOve Angie! Cant wait to see Tourist!!!! I think Jen A. is way over rated for nothing! I really dont think she is a good actor, her role is NOT very challenging, or rather plain and boring! -Jolie team!
posted by malia1267 on Oct 13, 2010
i've always loved angie, brad is my all time favorite but Jen did not deserve what she got. But have you seen Brad lately? he looks bad. like the life is being sucked right out of him! SAD!!!!
posted by aj on Oct 12, 2010
ANGELINA IS REALLY VERY BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP.........while i don,t like jen she is even not cute
posted by edwin on Oct 12, 2010
angelina jolie... i love you fullll
posted by SHAR SHAR on Oct 12, 2010
Well I wouldn't say Angelina Jolie is the only beautiful actress out there. But she is by a clear 100 miles, on top of her category. As for Jen A., she is what she is. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITTS!
posted by casi on Oct 12, 2010
Whoa! Why is this site showing video interviews with Nick Cannon and his girlfriend of 4 yrs ago?? Update, for heavens sake.
posted by casi on Oct 12, 2010
You don't have to 'like' any of them. Objectively, speaking, Jen is not in the 'beautiful' category, Angelina is, along with a few others, like Catherine Zeta Jones, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, even Megan Fox, of whom I am not a fan. That pic of Jolie is not one of her best, on purpose? Jolie's sultry looks makes one think of Ava Gardner, Sohia Loren . . . Jen is just, very attractive.
posted by Karina on Oct 12, 2010
Joan Collins is entitled to her opinion, and it's just that an opinion
posted by cute on Oct 12, 2010
angelina is a living skeleton! jen is definitely beautiful,love her curves...u have to eat right to have a body to flaunt ange, a woman full of waist and no hips at all:-(
posted by BRANGELINO on Oct 12, 2010
Off course she is Right, Angie is not the typical American actress she is the epitome of a Hollywood Mega Star, Jennifer is just another white trash celebrity that owes her fame to Angie and Brad for being dumped for being boring
posted by april on Oct 12, 2010
I agree with Joan 500%! Hollywood has lost its touch in everything from beauty and creativity. Angelina stands alone when it comes to unusual beauty. She is not a woman you can see anywhere you go like some. Aniston shouldn't have even been mentioned. She is no movie star, just a product of a show where she was the weakest link but was made popular for stupid hair cut, hard nips, and Brad Pitt.. Aniston is no beauty just packaged to make you believe she is.
posted by Tiger on Oct 12, 2010
I never liked Joan Collins she always had to allooft of an attitude. She sure doesn't know beauty when she sees it. Take away Jolie's makeup and she is not beautiful, pretty slightly, but not beautiful. Jennifer Aniston is pretty with or without makeup, and is a lot more beautiful person!
posted by yolly on Oct 12, 2010
Joan Collins, you are right on the money. Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful actress of this generation.
posted by JANE on Oct 12, 2010
posted by d on Oct 12, 2010
Joan likes Angelina because she is like her. Sure, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly are all beautiful but not Angelina. She looks like a trout.
posted by rere on Oct 12, 2010
Angelina will be pretty for a few more years. Jennifer will have style and class forever. Joan is half dead anyway.
posted by Jun_Arta on Oct 12, 2010
That's quite true. You only see beautiful stars on red carpets, not movies. They tend to make your movie stars like everyday people.
posted by lola on Oct 12, 2010
i hate jolie... she is a bitch
posted by whatever on Oct 12, 2010
I think we as viewers are deeper then you all where back in the day, we realise that beauty is not just what is on the outside. Jennifer Aniston is a great role model in life, I love her. Angelina jolie hold a different place in my heart, she has her strengths, both women are beautiful. Namaste
posted by Rihanna on Oct 12, 2010
Suzy Q if you knew anything you would know that joan collins is a living legend and jennifer aniston is cute but boring. While angelina is smart, a fighter an activist and almost godess like in her looks. This woman is the epitomy of a modern movie star. So sorry but gotta agree with Joan Collins. We Love you Angie
posted by irisneart on Oct 12, 2010
sorry , team jennifer aniston
posted by nikai on Oct 12, 2010
She's just absolutely right! Love Angie and Fam!
posted by Suzy Q on Oct 12, 2010
Yeah Joan Collins, bet you think you are beautiful too? Anything for attention you old bag!
posted by peacemaker on Oct 12, 2010
She is right, we got a lot stars on TV and Movies, that are not beautiful. Few can be counted,number one is Ms. Jolie,with talent in her acting ability, which we can find in some good actresses. We lost that standard in our movie stars now a days. I agree with Ms. Collins. Take their makeup and they look just ordinary street people. And with all this plastic surgery we can't tell which is real or not. Reality TV are the worst show, that anyone can watch.

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