Simon Cowell Still Begging Lou Reed for Susan Boyle's Rendition

September 13, 2010 01:45:29 GMT

Calling the move 'pathetic', the music mogul said during a radio interview, 'Well Lou, if you're listening, 'Do we have permission to put the song on next week?'

Simon Cowell
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Simon Cowell has lashed out at Lou Reed for allegedly refusing permission for Scottish singer Susan Boyleto perform his "Perfect Day" anthem - branding the decision "pathetic". Boyle was left crushed and with a "heavy heart" after she was barred from covering the song on "America's Got Talent" during rehearsals for the show last week.

A representative for Reed later insisted the former Velvet Underground frontman had nothing to do with the move to stop Boyle singing his song, blaming it on a licensing glitch in the American market. But music mogul Cowell, who discovered Boyle on his "Britain's Got Talent" TV contest, refuses to believe Reed's excuse.

During an interview with BBC Radio 2, he says, "This is so petty, so pathetic. Loads of people have covered this song. This is a fantastic version. He's now saying, 'If I'd have known, I'd have given permission.' Well Lou, if you're listening, 'Do we have permission to put the song on next week?'"


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posted by awevalue224 on Oct 26, 2010
posted by Jack on Sep 16, 2010
I feel like people are forgetting that as the songwriter, Reed has veto power. Perhaps he doesn't feel comfortable with Cowell in-directly profitting off a song that he wrote in 1972 under personal circumstances? Remeber, the "loads of people that covered it" did so purely for charity (as the UK single was) or Reed himself played (as he did w/Pavoratti). Maybe Reed doesn't want to see his gem of a song in-directly endorsing a TV show that he feels is a piece of garbage?
posted by byelou on Sep 14, 2010
...the bottom line is the last minute thing...that's dirty pool, so if it's not true, then he should tell Simon, himself like a man.
posted by byelou on Sep 14, 2010
Used to be a fan of Lou's until his little perfornance this week of just plain mean-spirited rudeness. Seems some of the negative comments I've read about him by people in the business could be true.? Simon is hardly begging by asking him to prove he had nothing to do with this situation with a personal answer. Is he afraid?
posted by Who? Me? on Sep 13, 2010
If, indeed, Reed had nothing to do with the snub - and he very well might not have - he should express some regret over the mix up or, even better, disown some of the comments attributed to him.
posted by gigicats6 on Sep 13, 2010
No further comment from Lou Reed about Simon's request for using the song next week? Lou Reed is a coward, making excuses for his poor decision. I wouldn't want to do business with him after this, not as unpredictable as he is.

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