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Lou Reed

Lou Reed


Famous as :

Rock musician

Birth Name :

Lewis Alan Reed

Birth Date :

March 02, 1942

Birth Place :

Freeport, New York, USA

Spouse :

Betty (9-Jan-73 - divorced), Sylvia Morales (14-Feb-80 - 1994), Laurie Anderson (actress, since 12-Apr-08)

Claim to fame :

Single "Walk on the Wild Side" (1972)

Latest News

Lou Reed Calls The Beatles 'Garbage' in Newly-Unearthed Interview

February 18, 2015 08:04:04 GMT

never liked . The rocker admitted he's never a fan of the British group and shared what he really thought about the Fab Four in an old interview that finally saw the light of day thanks to PBS.

Lana Del Rey and Lou Reed Were Supposed to Work on 'Brooklyn Baby' the Day He Died

June 13, 2014 08:19:42 GMT

initially planned to work with for a song on her new album, "". Speaking to The Guardian, the singer revealed that a track titled "Brooklyn Baby" was supposed to feature contribution from the late rocker.

Lou Reed's Memorial Held in New York

November 15, 2013 06:12:24 GMT

Hundreds of fans paid tribute to rock legend who passed away on October 27 in a public memorial service on Thursday afternoon, November 14. The event took place near Lincoln Center's Paul Milstein Pool and Terrace.

Lou Reed's Last Days Revealed in a Touching Letter to Neighbors

November 01, 2013 04:10:28 GMT

Performing artist Laurie Anderson has opened up about her husband 's death. Anderson says in a touching open letter featured in the East Hampton Star newspaper that her rocker husband passed away doing things he loved surrounded by the beauty of the nature.

Lou Reed Dies at 71, Bandmate and Fellow Celebrities React

October 28, 2013 01:10:41 GMT

Music world is mourning the loss of one of its most influential musicians, . The former Velvet Underground star passed away from liver disease Sunday, October 27 at his home in Southampton, N.Y., on Long Island. He was 71. He is survived by his wife, composer and performance artist Laurie Anderson.

Lou Reed Praises Kanye West's 'Yeezus'

July 03, 2013 07:17:22 GMT

's latest album, "", has impressed . In a review published Tuesday, July 2 on a website called The Talkhouse, Reed, who spent the weekend being hospitalized due to dehydration, continuously praised West's latest release and called it "enormous" and "beautiful."

Lou Reed Pulls Out of Coachella, Cancels California Shows

March 27, 2013 09:23:45 GMT

Former The Velvet Underground frontman has begged off from his Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival stint this April, citing "unavoidable complications" as the reason for his pull out. As a result, the 71-year-old vocalist/guitarist also had to cancel three other California shows sandwiched in between the two weekend music festival.

Jennifer Lopez Admits to Firing Manager Who Implied She Has to Lose Weight

November 04, 2011 06:23:43 GMT

, by no doubt, is proud of her curvy figure. The "On the Floor" hitmaker, who has been named Woman of the Year by Glamour, opened up to the magazine's December issue about the past incident when she fired a manager who had the audacity to imply that she had to drop some pounds.

Darren Aronofsky to Direct Metallica and Lou Reed's 'Iced Honey' Video

November 04, 2011 06:21:51 GMT

"" helmer Darren Aronofsky is confirmed to direct a music video for "Iced Honey", a single recorded by and . The Academy Award-nominated moviemaker reportedly will film the clip in the San Francisco Bay area.

Latest Rihanna Leaked Songs: 'Cheers' and 'Raining Men'

November 08, 2010 08:35:40 GMT

As release date of 's "" gets closer by day, songs from the upcoming album were leaked one by one. The latest track hitting the web is "Cheers (Drink to That)" which samples 's 2002 hit single "I'm With You" and includes her "Yea, Yea, Yeaaah!" lines.

Susan Boyle Premieres Lou Reed-Directed Video for 'Perfect Day'

November 08, 2010 07:59:28 GMT

's "Perfect Day" music video has been unleashed. It features the British singing sensation standing by a lake during a foggy day before rainbow appears in the sky and beautiful natural setting is put on display seeing a lush forest. The clip is directed by reportedly in hopes to make up for his decision earlier this year which banned her from performing the song live on "".

Susan Boyle to Sing Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' for Prince Charles

November 04, 2010 03:18:01 GMT

's dreams of performing for a royal audience are set to come true - the Scottish star has been asked to sing for Charles, Prince of Wales at a charity event. The 49-year-old singer took to the stage for Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to her native Scotland in September.

Lou Reed Reprises Metallic Guitar Solo at Gorillaz's Concert

October 11, 2010 06:54:53 GMT

Rock veteran sent fans into a frenzy at the concert in his native New York on Friday night, October 8, when he stepped on stage to perform a rare live collaboration with the band. The "Clint Eastwood" hitmakers were performing at Manhattan's Madison Square Garden, where Reed joined rocker Damon Albarn's band to reprise his metallic guitar solo for the Gorillaz's "" album track "Some Kind of Nature".

Simon Cowell Still Begging Lou Reed for Susan Boyle's Rendition

September 13, 2010 01:45:29 GMT

has lashed out at for allegedly refusing permission for Scottish singer to perform his "Perfect Day" anthem - branding the decision "pathetic". Boyle was left crushed and with a "heavy heart" after she was barred from covering the song on "" during rehearsals for the show last week.

Susan Boyle's Rendition of Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' Hits the Web

September 11, 2010 06:33:46 GMT

Amid controversy surrounding report that banned from singing his song "Perfect Day", a studio version of the British singer covering his track made its way out on the web. Just like the song title, the newly-revealed rendition is flawless.

Rep: Susan Boyle 'Absolutely Devastated' Over Lou Reed Snub

September 11, 2010 02:18:09 GMT

suffered a meltdown on a plane just hours after she was left "absolutely devastated" by 's refusal to allow her to sing his track "Perfect Day" on TV. The Scottish singing sensation, who shot to fame after appearing on a British talent show last year, was due to perform the song on "".

Susan Boyle Cries After Banned by Lou Reed From Singing His Song

September 09, 2010 07:39:44 GMT

Grumpy rocker has reportedly broken 's heart by refusing to let her sing his "Perfect Day" anthem on a reality TV show. The Scottish singing sensation, who shot to fame after appearing on a British talent show last year, was due to perform the song on "".

Daniel Radcliffe Fears 'Harry Potter' Will Get Remakes in 30 Years

May 28, 2010 07:29:05 GMT

"Harry Potter" star fears he won't be the last kid to play the boy wizard. He has a sneaking suspicion the franchise will be re-imagined for a new generation when he's in his 50s. The young Brit worries that movie executives won't be able to resist remaking the Potter films as J.K. Rowling's hit books continue to top bestseller lists around the world.

Terrence Howard Bonded With Wife Through Mom's Death

May 28, 2010 05:48:47 GMT

Actor 's new wife is an old friend he reconnected and fell in love with after the death of his beloved mother in 2008. The "" star, 40, recently let slip he's a married man after exchanging vows with Michelle Ghent in a small Los Angeles ceremony in January.

Damon Albarn Wants Lou Reed to Join Gorillaz

May 28, 2010 05:47:48 GMT

Damon Albarn wants to recruit The Velvet Underground rocker to join him on the Glastonbury stage this summer. The frontman is set to headline the famed U.K. festival with his band after pulled out of the slot due to singer 's back surgery.

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