Susan Boyle Cries After Banned by Lou Reed From Singing His Song

September 09, 2010 07:39:44 GMT

The British singing sensation was due to perform 'Perfect Day' on 'America's Got Talent' but Lou Reed refused to let her sing the song.

Susan Boyle
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Grumpy rocker Lou Reed has reportedly broken Susan Boyle's heart by refusing to let her sing his "Perfect Day" anthem on a reality TV show. The Scottish singing sensation, who shot to fame after appearing on a British talent show last year, was due to perform the song on "America's Got Talent".

But when she arrived to soundcheck the tune at the show's Los Angeles studios on Wednesday, September 8, Boyle learned Reed wasn't a fan and had refused permission for her to sing the song. Sources tell Boyle burst into tears and refused to change her tune for the show. Instead, she allegedly headed to the airport intent on catching a flight back to Britain.

Earlier this year, Susan Boyle's debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" was named the world's best-selling record of 2009 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). She scored the most popular album across the world - selling more copies of her music debut in the last five weeks of 2009 than any other artist managed across the 12 months.


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posted by thegenie on Jan 29, 2011
I LOVE it! Lou Reed trying to outpunk Susan, and it backfiring! He outpunked HIMSELF! Doesn't he know that you can only rebel if there's something to rebel at? Who's the child here, and who's the "genius"? Things that make you go "hmm"....
posted by Jayne on Sep 30, 2010
To all the people who have left comments about Lou Reed being an ass and being grumpy- that's your opinion of him. He wrote the song, so he had every right to say 'no' to Susan Boyle singing it. Yes, it's a pity she was upset about not being able to sing it, but it's an iconic song of his. He was always going to say 'no'. There are other artists, too, that I imagine would do the same.
posted by DJDuggyDay on Sep 23, 2010
Methinks this is another storm in a teacup! You cant keep a good song down, no matter who sings it! Though Subo's version has a real festive feel, some folk just arent in that festive mood at the moment it seems!
posted by Misti on Sep 11, 2010
Thanks for a nice article. I'm so glad Susan and team released the song so we can hear it for ourselves. WOW she really knocked another one out of the ballpark. Her rendition is absolutely stunning, and I LOVE how she lived up the song with such beautiful background support. Way to go, SuBo
posted by Lonnirose on Sep 11, 2010
Susan's rendition of this song is absolutely glorious, stunning, beautiful. What a mean-spirited petty old man Reed is to keep her from singing it live. Susan is a lovely Lady and does not deserve such treatment.
posted by LisaP. on Sep 11, 2010
Susan has taken this song to the greatest height it will ever go. Susan's voice is so perfect and angelic. I have listened to others perform this song, none of them have touched me like her version. Wonderful and beautiful job Susan!
posted by jackie on Sep 10, 2010
Susan has a beautiful voice with as much depth of emotion as anyone could hope for. He is lucky she wanted to sing that song. It isn't all that great & Susan is.
posted by ChildEmperor on Sep 10, 2010
Good work Lou. Don't let her destroy one of the most beautiful songs ever. He's not grumpy and an ass, he has every right to deny anyone he wants and in this case I really understand him. You've got to have at least an inkling of a feeling in your voice to sing it.
posted by Kathy on Sep 09, 2010
Lou has the ugliest voice I've ever heard, and he's proven, once again, that's he's an ugly human being.
posted by crgilmore on Sep 09, 2010
lou is an ass!
posted by babzie on Sep 09, 2010
I hope he rots in hell.
posted by Maria on Sep 09, 2010
Who the hell is Lou Reed
posted by rocky reed on Sep 09, 2010
Lou once proved what an ASS he is and will continue to be as long as he exists. Damn Lou, be grateful someone wants to sing the song you always butchered.
posted by mancalamia on Sep 09, 2010
Another case of celebrity's too big for their britches. Who the heck does Lou think he is.

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