Michael Jackson's Documentary and Unheard Songs In Talks to Be Released

Michael Jackson

Katherine Jackson reportedly has been in negotiations with her new business partner to produce a number of documentary movies and release his unheard songs.

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine is reportedly in negotiations to produce a number of movies documenting her late son's life. The Jackson family matriarch is said to be teaming up with her new business partner Howard Mann, who collaborated on her recently-released coffee table book, for a series of films about the King of Pop.

Mann has allegedly paid millions of dollars to Jackson's former business partner Marc Schaffel for 26 hours of footage of the singer from his childhood to use in the movies. The clips, along with Katherine's extensive home-video collection, will form the basis of the big-screen ventures, according to TMZ.com.

The movies won't be Jackson's first posthumous appearance in cinemas - his concert film "This Is It" was released last year and has so far grossed more than $260 million. Katherine Jackson and Mann are also said to be negotiating record deals to release 273 unheard songs by the late singer.

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    Aug 05, 2010

    Kathrine Jackson is not representing Michael's legacy but is a greedy self-serving woman who should be enjoying her golden years with her grandchildren, like Michael provided for her and guarding her son's legacy..instead she is exploiting it and the IRS is looking at her and Joe for monies own as well as the Japanese company that won a judgement against her, Jermaine and Joe...nothing good will come from her unholy alliances..IMO.

    Jul 07, 2010

    Pam, you are sorely misguided. This deal is for the devil! Howard Mann is an unscrupulous man and associate of Joe Jackson. Mark Schaffel is a pornographer he was fired by Michael Jackson years ago. These guys are sleazy and I believe Katherine is exercising poor judgement in making these backroom deals. That money is not going to her nor the children. It's going straight into Joe's pockets. Just like the money from that bogus JFF and the Jackson Museum. The estate is acting on behalf of Michael's interest. The Jackson family has always used Michael for money and now that he's gone they are still exploiting him and his kids. They should all be ashamed! :(

    Jul 06, 2010

    I feel that Momma Kate is doing the right thing, and by her doing this, this will stop the vulgers from tryig to capitalilze on Michaels death especially those he had no connection with (huh Joe). Although the money she receives from his Estate is substantial there is nothing wrong with adding to his forturn and using it accordingly for Grandchildren as well as herself, that is what the KING wanted for his kids, and his Mother to be well taken care of. I believe that Mrs.Jackson is well representing Michaels wishes I applaude her keep up the excellent work and GOD BLESS. Katherine stay strong especially in dealing with those vulchers especially the ones in your own family .

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