Mike Fisher Throws Drunken Bachelor Party in Miami Nightclub

Mike Fisher

The ice hockey player, who will marry Carrie Underwood on July 10, invited 15 close male friends to join him at the city's Mansion nightclub.

Carrie Underwood's sports star fiance Mike Fisher waved farewell to the single life with a drunken bachelor party in Miami, Florida this weekend. The ice hockey player, who will marry the country singer on July 10, invited 15 close male friends to join him at the city's Mansion nightclub, where they guzzled booze and danced on tables.

The boys proved they knew how to party - and the fun and games took a bizarre turn when one of Fisher's pals tried to relieve himself in an office. A source tells the New York Post, "Fisher nursed a couple of cocktails throughout the night and watched the debauchery from a sofa. They were dancing on the tables and handing out shots to girls.

"One of his friends attempted to urinate in an office next to the bathroom, while another drunkenly asked the waitress if she'd be his date to the wedding."

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    Jul 11, 2010

    what a dumb and rude way they word things in this article. mike fisher is a very smart and respectable guy, this article's making him sound like some kind of drunken loser with loser friends. which isn't true at all

    not mike fisher
    Jul 09, 2010

    Three things- -Hockey implies ice, we don't need that qualifier! -Mike Fisher is straighter than a laser. -If your want to break a story that makes sense,it is 100x more likely that Gary Bettman is gay than Mike is a lush. PS- where's my cheque?

    Jul 02, 2010

    it's a well known fact here in ottawa where I live and where Fisher plays hockey that he barely drinks any alcohol and maintains very respectable values. I'm convinced that he was not a wild party man that night, because it simply is not in his personality to do that. and even if he was, give it up. it's a bachelor party, it's what people do. This is a mean article which is painting Mike as a drunken douchbag when everybody who knows him knows that is not even slightly accurate.

    Come on really!
    Jun 25, 2010

    Come on people, live in the dark ages much? Have you not be to a bachelor party? All reports indicate that he was on his best behavior. He did not participate other then watching it all from a sofa and nursing one or two drinks the entire night. What is so un-Christian about that?

    Jun 25, 2010

    Is this the truth??? I thought Mike was a Christian man. This is disgusting if it is true.....

    Jun 25, 2010

    First. He's the luckiest man on earth. If he screws it up it will be a big mistake and he will be the dumbest fuc*** on earth.

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