John C. Reilly Embarrassed by Sex Scene With Jennifer Aniston

John C. Reilly Embarrassed by Sex Scene With Jennifer Aniston

The sexy scene was far from steamy because Jennifer Aniston insisted on covering up from head-to-toe and using a prop cushion to ensure John C. Reilly didn't get too close for comfort.

Actor John C. Reilly was left red-faced on the set of romantic comedy "The Good Girl" when he had to simulate sex with a clearly-uncomfortable Jennifer Aniston. The pair star as husband and wife in the 2002 film and one scene sees the odd movie couple get intimate in the bedroom.

But Reilly admits what was meant to be a sexy scene was far from steamy because Aniston insisted on covering up from head-to-toe and using a prop cushion to ensure the stars didn't get too close for comfort. He says, "It's all dark and she's a little tense 'cause a sex scene is going to happen."

"So I get there and she's under the covers and I'm like, 'OK, I guess they just want me to get in position here.' So I climb into the bed, she opens up the sheet and I swear, she had two pairs of sweatpants on, winter socks, a long-sleeved T-shirt. Her body is basically like a burqa from the neck down."

"And I go, 'OK, I guess I'll just get on top of you now', and she's like, 'Can I get the chastity pillow please?' I'm like what the hell is a chastity pillow? And they bring out this big black pillow that she puts between her legs. And from that moment on, I went from Robert Palmer to the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. 'I'm sorry, I guess I'll just hump the pillow!'"




    Mar 31, 2011

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