Lady GaGa Admits Telling Lies in Interviews

Lady GaGa

The dance queen says she 'profusely' lies about her personal relationships in an effort to protect her private life.

Lady GaGa lies "profusely" about herself in interviews - in a bid to protect her personal relationships. The "Poker Face" singer rarely divulges information about her personal life, insisting she is completely focused on her career - but admits she has told fibs to retain a sense of privacy.

She tells SHOWStudio, "The discrepancy between private and public life: I believe as an artist, being private in public is at the core of the aesthetic, the message. However, I profusely lie about my personal relationships in an effort to protect that aesthetic and that message. Today people are distracted by unimportant things - like what my diet is, or who I'm f**king."

"I do sometimes feel that I'm on a stage all the time, and I do feel that life is a stage for my art - when I'm dancing, singing, making breakfast." But the star reveals she breaks down in tears when she steps out of the spotlight, adding, "There is a moment of freedom, when the stage disappears: when I cry. On stage, off stage, alone or with someone. There's something very honest about that. It has nothing to do with taking off a wig or smearing my lipstick... It's much deeper than that."



    Feb 16, 2011

    then she told anderson cooper she doesnt lie she puts it all out there for her fans.. im reading she lied about madonna email regarding express yourself

    May 31, 2010

    I saw the interview and I actually got the impression that she meant the only time she feels that she's not "onstage" is when she cries - wherever it may be that that happens ie if she cries onstage (in the literal sense), offstage, alone or surrounded by people. That's the only time the "stage" disappears. Not that she cries when she comes offstage. Just an observation. The way it's written above makes her sound like she bursts into tears when she comes offstage after performing and that's definately not what she said.

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