Russell Crowe Lashes Out at Late Co-Star Oliver Reed

Russell Crowe

Claiming Oliver Reed has visited him in dreams, Russell Crowe stated the late actor asked to have a talk with him but they never had a pleasant conversation.

Russell Crowe has lashed out at his late "Gladiator" co-star Oliver Reed - insisting he never had a "pleasant conversation" with the actor, who "drank himself to death". British hellraiser Reed was famed for his heavy boozing, which finally prompted a fatal heart attack halfway through shooting the "Ridley Scott" epic in Malta in 1999.

And Crowe admits he has very few happy memories of his time with Reed - recalling one occasion when the intoxicated actor took to fighting with strangers in the street. Crowe tells Britain's GQ magazine, "I never got on with Ollie. He has visited me in dreams and asked me to talk kindly of him. So I should... but we never had a pleasant conversation."

"I have seen him walk down the street in Malta drunk as a lord and just hit anybody he got near to - even a man walking with his children. I just found that to be - not impressive." And the Aussie actor insists he had little time for the "Oliver!" star at the end of his life - because Reed had a "weird energy".

Crowe adds, "He drank himself to death. He sat on a bar stool until he fell off it and carried on drinking... lying in his own p**s and vomit he continued to drink till he passed out. What did the tabloids say he drank on the day he died? Something like 30 beers, eight or ten dark rums and half a bottle of whiskey. In the end, he created such a weird energy around him that no one drinking with him cared."

In another news, Russell Crowe told the Daily Mirror about a possible sequel to "Robin Hood". "We don't have a script ready or anything like that. If people like this one and the studio has an appetite for it, would Ridley and I like to go on a film set of that size again and make another movie like this, in a day and age when everything's done with computer-generated images and comic book characters? Yeah, we'll be fine with that. Great," he said.




    About the Dead
    Feb 14, 2016

    Being dead means a person cannot tell the truth or even say something negative about them? I don't agree.

    Sep 04, 2015

    Crowe is a fat TALENTLESS WASTER and a useless actor anyway Ollie was a legend thats something youll never be carrion crowe

    Dec 04, 2013

    How rude of Russell Crowe to say bad things about someone that is deceased and can't defend themselves. Very bad Russell...KARMA!!!

    Apr 09, 2013

    Where do people get this information from? It's well known that Russell Crowe and Oliver Reed where friends - you only have to hear Crowe's Oscar speech to know that.

    Apr 21, 2012

    Yes Oliver Reed was an alchoholic and I am sure coudl abe a pain in the butt...but he was Oliver Reed and loved by millions exactly because of who he was. Crowe is a spoilt boy who makes too much money because he is a good actor. Crowe shut up....and keep to trhowing phones like a baby.

    Mar 29, 2012

    This from a guy that throws telephones at people....

    Mar 14, 2011

    Will russell crowe be an irishman or a Liverpudlian in robin hood 2? Oliver reed was self destructive, but he was infinitely more talented than crowe.

    Oct 28, 2010

    If someone's dead and can't defend themselves or respond, then it's best not to make comments about them unless it's respectful and positive. It's ugly and it's not fair. Sorry, Russell, but that diatribe shows you up more than it shows up Oliver Reed.

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