Paul Anka Sings 'This Is It' as Michael Jackson's Tribute

Paul Anka Sings 'This Is It' as Michael Jackson's Tribute

At a concert in Chile, the 68-year-old singer has paid homage to his late friend Michael Jackson by performing a song 'This Is It' which they wrote together.

Paul Anka paid tribute to Michael Jackson at a concert in Chile on Monday, February 22 - by performing their song "This Is It". The "Lonely Boy" hitmaker contacted his lawyers in 2009 after learning the track was to be marketed as the King of Pop's first posthumous release - because it was actually a song he and Jackson wrote in 1983, called "I Never Heard".

The matter was resolved after Anka struck a deal to receive 50 per cent of the profits - and he proved there is no ill will by singing "This Is It" live at a gig in Vina del Mar and dedicating it to Jackson. Sitting at his piano, an emotional Anka told the crowd, "Many years ago a young man came to my home. He was 21 years old and he said he wanted to write songs with me. We spent many weeks together in my studio writing, preparing for the album, but unfortunately we never got to do the project".

"Recently this man died very tragically. They went to his home and they found this song in his drawer and they thought it was a new song and they got very excited and released it as part of a film. But they found out very quickly it was not a new song but one that I wrote with him many years ago."

"We didn't have any legal problems because in respect of him, I wanted things to be smooth, so I gave them permission to go ahead with the song that we wrote together. His name was Michael Jackson and this is it."

Anka then began the ballad for the audience, who cheered as images of Jackson flashed on a video screen and his vocals were played aloud.




    Feb 28, 2010

    Pleasure is right. Google Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411 blog, The Hollywood Reporter: Paul Anka calls Michael Jackson a thief. If Anka was a real friend of Jackson's he wouldn't have gone to the media first, he would have gone to Branca & McClain, the executors for MJ's estate, explained the mix-up and worked things out behind the scenes. Paul Anka is singing a different tune now, but google Paul Anka & Michael Jackson and read the news articles when the news first came out.

    Feb 27, 2010

    that was a sweet thing to do.

    Feb 27, 2010

    What a load of cr@p! All of a sudden Anka was a friend of MJ's??? BS!!! When the story first broke that the song 'This Is It' was co-written, Anka was saying that MJ Stole it from him! Now Anka is paying a tribute to MJ because he knows it'll get him publicity. Plus he stands to make money on the song, so the more he brings it to public attention, the more he stands to earn. Just like all the other vultures, he's just trying to make money off MJ's death. So what else is new... Creep that he is, didn't he beat up his wife recently?

    Myranda K
    Feb 27, 2010

    truely a beautiful thing to do, Just like michael oh what a beautiful person he was and still is. Thank you Mr Anka.What you said means a lot to all those that love MJ. GodBless Mj and you

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