'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Lisa Lampanelli Makes Dayana Mendoza Cry, Has a Breakdown

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Lisa Lampanelli Makes Dayana Mendoza Cry, Has a Breakdown

Despite the drama between Lisa and Dayana, team Forte manages to win the challenge to create original puppets for the Jim Henson Company and forces Unanimous to send home its project manager.

The drama between Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza once again became one of the attractions on "The Celebrity Apprentice". After praising the former Miss Universe in last week's outing, the comedienne ranted at the Venezuela-born beauty in the Sunday, April 15 episode of reality show.

Lisa was a project manager for team Forte in the task which told each team to create two original characters for the Jim Henson Company and perform an improv comedy sketch. Paul Teutul Sr. volunteered as project manager for Team Unanimous, while Clay Aiken was moved to Forte to keep the teams balance.

Lisa and Dayana's bickering started as soon as they began working on their puppets. As the tension rose when they're getting closer to the performance, Lisa screamed at Dayana and cursed at her a lot. Upset because she tried to treat Lisa better than Lisa treated her, Dayana broke down in tears.

When Clay tried to calm the girls down, Lisa ranted at him and Penn Jillette for not being able to deal with Dayana. It led the former "American Idol" finalist to conclude that Lisa was intimidated by Dayana's beauty.

Over at Unanimous' working place, Paul did not show strong leadership and it upset Aubrey O'Day. Trying to get into the team because she did not want to get fired, the singer also criticized Teresa Giudice for being tacky.

During the puppet show, Penn took the hosting duty for team Forte while Clay and Lisa acted as the puppeteers. Their act was a bit risky, but the audience still loved it. Meanwhile, Aubrey played host for the Unanimous show, but their idea was deemed not very versatile.

At the Boardroom, Lisa had a breakdown when Donald Trump asked her whom she would bring back if her team lost. Seemingly feeling sorry for making Dayana cry, she said she did not want to be a villain and she became a comedian to make people happy. Luckily, they her team was declared the winner in this challenge and she won $20,000 for her charity.

Paul then brought Aubrey and Teresa to the chopping block. In the Boardroom, Aubrey came in Teresa's defense and said she would not fire her because Teresa did try really hard. Mr. Trump then made the final decision, saying that Paul was fired because he failed as a project manager.

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    May 02, 2012

    Aubrey and Lampenalli are a pair of Dykes they need more than gun tape in their mouths. 2 conceeded B-e-e-atches that should of been fired long ago.

    May 02, 2012

    Lisa Lampanelli must of been bullied when she was a kid for being down right FUGLY.

    Apr 16, 2012

    Lisa and Aubrey=Bullys Could someone find some duck tape for their mouths.

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