Daryl Hannah All Smiles When Arrested for Protesting in Front of White House

August 31, 2011 01:38:38 GMT

The 'Kill Bill' actress is one of more than 100 people being put in handcuffs after refusing to move during a sit-in protest against an oil pipeline expansion project on Tuesday, August 30.

Daryl Hannah All Smiles When Arrested for Protesting in Front of White House
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Daryl Hannah doesn't seem troubled being put in handcuffs by U.S. Park Police. The Elle Driver of "Kill Bill" was among 100 people arrested in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, August 30 during a sit-in protest against a pipeline expansion project in front of the White House, but instead of getting angry, she was seen sporting a smile on her face.

The 50-year-old actress got herself cuffed after refusing three orders to move from a sidewalk near the White House. Before her arrest, she told Washington D.C.'s NBC affiliate, WRC-TV, "Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom. And we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause, and have a clean energy future."

On Tuesday, Daryl joined other environmental activists in voicing their opposition to the building of the Keystone XL pipeline that would stretch from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast. To the Associated Press, she said that the protesters urge President Barack Obama not to bow to oil lobbyists.

Daryl has been released from custody after paying a $100 fine. This isn't the first time the "Roxanne" star got into trouble with the laws for environmental causes. In 2006, she was arrested for protesting efforts to bulldoze an urban farm in Los Angeles. She also got herself arrested in 2009 for protesting mountaintop coal mining.


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posted by Daniel on Aug 31, 2011
if your going to exercise to the right to assemble peacefully and protest then be prepared to take the battle into court and file a counterclaim against those who have converted that right to a crime! There can be no rule making or legislation to abbrogate a right and when as in case case it has been done, its a false arrest! Tort claim against the government and punitive against every individual arresting officer!
posted by tmullen on Aug 30, 2011
Bet she traveled to Wash DC on a jet (maybe a private one). Hahahaha "we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause"
posted by jintz on Aug 30, 2011
What a Phuktard !!! Hollyweirdos should just keep their yaps shut !
posted by ReduceGHGs on Aug 30, 2011
This is but a small example of the kind of protest it may take to get our government to take meaningful action. Increasing the supply of fossil fuels is NOT what we need. It only increases our dependence. ENOUGH ALREADY!
posted by linzi on Aug 30, 2011
Well Done Daryl!
posted by visitLANDbetweenLAKE on Aug 30, 2011
She sacrifices for a greater good . . . our environment. This reminds us to take a stand for our beliefs. God bless Daryl Hannah!
posted by MindX on Aug 30, 2011
Amazing how all these rich celebrities want to go to "Clean Energy" and deprive those who cannot afford "Green" cars of transportation. Hmmm, I wonder when the last time she flew on a jet plane that ran on Solar power?
posted by dbeall on Aug 30, 2011
Obama won't listen to the people,, since he IS a corporate kiss-ass. Obama is an un-American prohibitionist as well. Obama is not patriotic in any way, as a prohibitionist he is not for America.
posted by Lanche on Aug 30, 2011
I thought she was blind by having her eyes plucked out. If shes not blind she sure is stupid.

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