Porn Studios Bidding for J.Lo's Honeymoon Video

Jennifer Lopez

The private home videos which came into her ex-husband's possession were shopped around to such porn companies as Red Light District.

Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa continues to haunt her life thirteen years after their divorce. Their honeymoon tape that Noa sold to current girlfriend Claudia Vazquez to release for commercial purpose has sparked a bidding war among big porn studios such as Red Light District, and

These companies are bidding only around $40,000 for the tape because it doesn't actually contain sex scenes. It was shot back in 1997, a year before their divorce, containing "J. Lo's rise to fame, and her marriage to Ojani" as well as "nudity on her part in the now 21 hours of home movies". It went to Noa's possession and later to Vazquez's.

Lopez tried to block the release but a judge in Los Angeles court ruled that she had no case. "Claudia will be meeting with video distributors on Tuesday, and hopefully a deal can be made very soon," Noa's agent Ed Meyer said last week. No deal has been struck yet as of press time.



    Jun 02, 2011

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