Kelly Clarkson Confirmed to Duet With Chris Daughtry

Kelly Clarkson Confirmed to Duet With Chris Daughtry

Called 'One More Yesterday', the song reportedly is recorded for the follow-up to Kelly's 2009 album 'All I Ever Wanted'.

Kelly Clarkson has recorded a joint track with fellow "American Idol" alum Chris Daughtry, it was confirmed. Pop/rock singer/songwriter Richard Marx revealed the duet during a recent interview with 95.5 PLJ.

Richard said the song is titled "One More Yesterday" and he has songwriting credit on it. "I've heard the rough mix of it, and the singing can't be beat, between the two of them," the 47-year-old musician further spilled the beans about the project.

Back in 2008, Kelly and Chris were rumored to record a duet. However, a source claimed the plan was scrapped because the label was not satisfied with the result. The two singers then tried to hook up in other songs that might have worked, but they reportedly were forced to cancel it as well.

This new duet reportedly will be included in Kelly's upcoming studio album. The rumor arose since Kelly herself has stated publicly that her new album will contain a duet with someone that fans have wanted to see her singing with for quite some time.

Kelly won't release the new album until September this year. On Facebook, she apologized over the delay, "I realize that is a long time but that's the best time to release it apparently so I'm sorry for the wait but I promise you it sounds great!"




    May 10, 2011

    Typical of someone who knows nothing about music to call them both "yesterday", when they have hits galore. You probably think people like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga can sing! Get a clue!

    May 05, 2011

    Good name for the song, they are pretty much "yesterday"

    May 04, 2011

    You should probably do a little more research. According to Richard Marx's Facebook page, he didn't do an interview with PLJ. "I never spoke to WPLJ radio about anything...they simply picked up an interview I did elsewhere. And to be clear, the interviewer was aware of the song and collaboration, and I simply said, "Yes, I co-wrote the song..and I think they sang it REALLY well...but I don't think it's being used." So to say I "spilled the beans" or "revealed" this info is incorrect."

    May 04, 2011

    Great news!! I've been wanting a duet from my 2 favorite idols for the longest time!

    May 04, 2011

    That's the duet i've been waiting for a really long time!!! can't wait to listen to the song

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