Video: Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett Rock It Out on 'Oprah'

April 14, 2011 03:09:09 GMT

The 'Last Song' songstress and the ex-Runaways delight the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' audience with 'Bad Reputation', 'Cherry Bomb' and 'I Hate Myself'.

Video: Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett Rock It Out on 'Oprah'
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"The Oprah Winfrey Show" episode which featured Miley Cyrus has finally aired Wednesday night, April 13. Instead of sitting for an in-depth interview with Oprah Winfrey, the teen songstress channeled her inner rock star and performed with Joan Jett.

The "LOL: Laughing Out Loud" movie beauty rocked out with the former member of all-girl band The Runaways, singing a medley of "Bad Reputation", "Cherry Bomb" and "I Hate Myself (For Loving You)". Miley served as the lead singer, while Joan strummed her guitar.

"It's something that's always meant something to me, just seeing Joan stand up for chicks who want to play the guitar," Miley told Oprah. The former Disney star auditioned for the Mouse House's "Hannah Montana" with Joan's classic "I Love Rock 'n' Roll".

Oprah dedicated the recent episode of her talk show to the Rock Goddesses of the 70's and 80's. It featured appearances from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar and Avril Lavigne.


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posted by miely sucks on Apr 22, 2011
Jj rocks! Miely sucksss.
posted by charley on Apr 22, 2011
Honestly I think it's insulting to Joan Jett the queen of rock n' roll to be paired up with someone like Milely Cyrus. I mean please, Miely sounded terrible and where was everyone when she was pretending to be a rockstar bobbing her head as if she could actually sing? Pethetic attempt, nice try Miely. She should stick to smoking salvia, and hannah monatana.
posted by Hltlove on Apr 14, 2011
Miley did an amzing job!!!<3 She's an awesome singer<3 Love yah miles<3333
posted by OMG..Really on Apr 14, 2011
Whomever thought that Miley sang good needs to get their ears checked. My ears are still bleeding from yesterday. My daughters have heard the originals and thought Miley was screaming not singing.
posted by me on Apr 14, 2011
miley rocks!!! she's better than avril of course. JJ and Miley did a good job! =)
posted by dmr on Apr 14, 2011
Avril did better than Miley? Not to my ears. Miley was confident and strong. She acted liked she belonged up there with Joan Jett. She actually held back some of her usually raspy quality in her voice and her usual energy to likely showcase Joan. Avril sounded like she was timid and almost ashamed to be singing with Pat Benatar. Miley and Joan got best reaction from crowd, rocked out the most.
posted by argh on Apr 14, 2011
Miley needs a few more years in smoky bars to get the gravel she needs to do a Joan song... points to Miley for trying and being a fan of JJ but really this should have been Joan front and center. Avril did a better job of taking on a Pat Benatar song later but Benatar is still a tough little pixie.
posted by lol on Apr 13, 2011
lol at the first hater
posted by ILJJ on Apr 13, 2011
Joan Rocks! Miley sucks, she can't sing. Poor Joan.

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