'DWTS': Brandy Eliminated, Bristol Palin Goes to Finale

November 17, 2010 03:29:09 GMT

Shocking results in season 11 continue their streak this week with a boot for Brandy and a finale for the lowest scorer.

'DWTS': Brandy Eliminated, Bristol Palin Goes to Finale
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Bristol Palin is through to the final round of "Dancing with the Stars" as Brandy leaves the show in this week's elimination. Bristol was again the lowest scorer on Monday's performance night but audience voting revealed she is much loved on the dance floor.

Bristol indeed scored her first triple 9s last night with her Paso Doble but her competitors excelled higher with scores no less than 9. Brandy scored the same with Bristol on the Paso Doble but she received a perfect score for Argentine Tango while Bristol earned only 26/30 for her Waltz.

"I don't know how I feel right now," said tearful Brandy who was stunned by the announcement. Co-host Brooke Burke said it was a shocking elimination, backed up by judge Bruno Tonioli who had expected Brandy to do a freestyle in the finale. He gave the singer an open invitation to appear on the finale anyway, but she did not reply.

The two-night finale on November 22 and 23 will now be a competition between Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin.


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posted by JW on Nov 24, 2010
UNFAIR! I'll never watch DWS again! Brandy should have been in last three.
posted by Tito on Nov 20, 2010
Brandy did not have a good attitude. She always spoke as if she was deemed to be the winner - she kept putting herself with Jennifer etc. She was not well liked - she was too full of it - both her and Jennifer think that they MUST win. Glad to see you go Brandy. You should have been voted off before Cheryl and her partner were!!!
posted by anonymous on Nov 18, 2010
posted by foxxy on Nov 18, 2010
i am so upset with all this stupid things. it's not fair for branda to be Eliminate because she is a good dancer. and bristol palin, i dont realy know why she still there. she need to leave and people need to vote her out because she can even dance at all. if not i will stop watching the show beause it's very boring while see the woman bristol!!!!!!!!!
posted by barb on Nov 18, 2010
Oh, I see, someone you didn't want to move on HAS, so now the show must be just a 'popularity contest'. Interesting, kinda like when Obama won - oh, right - like THAT wasn't a popularity contest. Let's face it - life is a popularity contest - and not just when YOUR guy wins!
posted by Jean on Nov 18, 2010
Politics disguised as dance competition! Is the owner of ABC a Tea Party member? This is a disgrace; all the camera time on Sarah unwarrented and disgusting. If ABC is trying to kill the show, this did it!
posted by bibi on Nov 18, 2010
I am so glad that Brandy is finally off.
posted by Shauna on Nov 18, 2010
Brandy is hoping that Max would fall for her!!! I never did like watching her dance!!!
posted by so what on Nov 18, 2010
kylie does not know to dance either!! so why are we not talking about him!!! why are we only picking on Bristol....kylie is so lumpy in his dancing is such an ugly sight to watch him dance...I always get up when he is dancing and find something better to do!!! He should have been the one to go home a few weeks ago!!! but america voted for him!?!
posted by get lost on Nov 18, 2010
the american people are really bored and disgusted with jennifer and brandy!!! so brandy shut up and go find something to do...
posted by GOOD on Nov 18, 2010
posted by grow up on Nov 18, 2010
It has always been this way. When Mellissa Rycroft was dancing so well people did not vote for her because they claimed she knew to dance before coming on the show because she was a cheer leader and so the olympic gynastic person won - who, by the way did not even dance as well as Bristol is dancing - so stop being so bias towards Bristo;
posted by listen up! on Nov 18, 2010
It is a show for people who do not know to dance - to have an opportunity to dance with a pro and learn and the person that does not learn and perform as well should go home - so that is why Brandy was sent home. She did not do anything great!! I am not for Bristol or against her I am just being fair - Bristol deserve to be in the finals.
posted by tom on Nov 18, 2010
very happy and glad that brandy has gone. Baby should be the next one to go. She is so full of it!!
posted by MME on Nov 18, 2010
Watched DWTS from day 1. Disappointed with this season. Popularity does get contestants through, but by the time you get to the final three, it has always represented the "BEST" DANCERS at that point. NOT the most popular. I'll finish this year's season, but am done with the show after this year's farce. Oh, and I was a teen mom OVER 35 yrs ago (didn't have 2 nickels to rub together and PAID HOSP & MD out of pocket) So Bristol DOES NOT represent the AVERAGE teen mom. What teen mom gets the chance to be on a show like DWTS or have a mother who went from a worth of about 400k 2 yrs ago to over 20 mil now??! Sorry, been there done that, and had to do it the HARD way. (oh, and our dtr is now married with a Master's and has 2 beautiful children) My husband and I both went back to college and got our degrees AND paid out of pocket. THAT'S reality of a teen mom. No more DWTS after this season for me>
posted by deb on Nov 18, 2010
Don't be mad at Bristol - be mad at the show's producers for inviting her on! She can't dance - lots of them can't - she's better than Kate plus 8!!! Jennifer and Brandy shouldn't be there either - two old ladies using the show to promote themselves for their career and egos! Let's be honest, folks - most of these people are just a bunch of losers - why just pick on ONE of them????
posted by joanne38 on Nov 18, 2010
The look of shock on Brandy's face was priceless. She thought this was owed to her just like Jennifer does.
posted by joanne38 on Nov 18, 2010
Bristol should be the winner. Go Bristol!
posted by Bran\'star on Nov 18, 2010
@tonya. wtf kinda ish is that for you to say did she cry as much that is bs..she is human we all make mistakes...that car accident put her in a horrible place...that woman ddnt leave her own home...for 6months straight...6months! and u r gonna sit @ ur computer and hide behind the screen a ataganize her...look @ urself before u judge someone else....#jesuswept
posted by Eric E on Nov 18, 2010
Sarah and Bristol claim there has been no organized campaign to keep her on DWTS. Yeah, Right! Florence Henderson danced better than Bristol. Audrina, Rick and Kurt danced better. The Tea-Party Zombies voted en masse to keep Bristol in the finals. They are the walking brain-dead and they always follow the orders of their masters - Palin, Rove, Armey, Hannity et al. They voted for right-wing political purposes - not Bristols talent or skill. She has none. This was Palin Politics Plain and Simple-Minded.
posted by Outraged on Nov 18, 2010
I tried for almost 3 hrs. to vote for Brandy and couldnt get through. When I finally did they said voting was over. What is ABC blocking all the lines so Bristol wins? Is ABC part of the republican corporate media? Im done with this show. The Palins have ruined it.
posted by donna on Nov 18, 2010
bristol sucks period it is a fricken joke that she stayed this long. i do blame the judges that gave brandy 9s and then gave bristol 9s. they obviously were not looking at the same thing the rest of us were. since they are responible for half the score is they would have done their job brandy would have gotten 10s and bristol would have 7s.
posted by tonya on Nov 17, 2010
I wonder if Brandy cried as much for the poor woman she killed with her Land Rover as she did after last night's elimination?
posted by Kyle Massey FTW!! on Nov 17, 2010
Let's go Kyle let's go! If Bristol wins, I will be very shocked. Sure she may have improved but she is not the best dancer. This is how I would like the results to end up next week: 1) Kyle 2) Jennifer 3) Bristol.
posted by Sam on Nov 17, 2010
Cory, Palin does not represent most of America, including me. Everyone knows that she was the least qualified to move forward but managed to do so because of her mother and the tea partiers. Its just shows that they are dishonest people not voting for the most qualified. Everything with them is politics no matter what. Brandy deserved to move forward and everyone knows that but they cant let their precious Palins lose anything even if they arent qualified.
posted by jjtomay2323 on Nov 17, 2010
i think bristol comes across arrogant and fake. we have to vote for the best dancer not who we feel sorry for. shame on anyone voting for her to make a political point, its a dance competition.
posted by Hello on Nov 17, 2010
Who cares?! People forget that this is a popularity contest. If dance talent was really all that mattered on this show, then the audience pov (vote) would not be asked. Case in point, their vote matters. If anything, it is the thing that matters. So, get over it!
posted by kevin on Nov 17, 2010
Bristol moving on to the finals is a disgrace. I suspect Sarah Palin supporters / tea partiers likely have a operation in place (much like a political campaign) to get the word out every Monday night(by text message, phone, etc.) to get their minions to max out their votes for Bristol as soon as the telephone number to vote for Bristol is shown on the screen. Forget about whether other dances are better (you don't even have to bother watching the other couples). Just max out your votes for Bristol and carry on with your lives. I think it's obvious. What other "star" has finished at the bottom of the judges' leader board 5 times yet made it to the final? What a disgrace! The show has turned into a joke.
posted by Ps on Nov 17, 2010
If Brandy had fans that hacked into computers giving fake e-mail addresses, she'd be a winner too. I dont know what these mentally unstable Teabaggers are trying to prove. GET A LIFE. SARAH PALIN WOULDNT GIVE U THE TIME OF DAY.
posted by rolee on Nov 17, 2010
Get over it folks. This isn't about dance, it's about votes. Let's put on our big girl/boy pants and get over it.
posted by Valarie on Nov 17, 2010
This is a dance competition not who improves the most. Bristol has no skills and never should have been allowed to go as far as she has and she knows that. Derek face explained all and the crowd booed was word enough. DWTS is a joke and I will never watch again just like I stopped on AI I will quit this bullShit show.
posted by odie on Nov 17, 2010
Geez! You people need to read your posts. Some people are voting because they don't like this or that, but you complain about someone voting because of this or that. Holy crap, what a soap opera you are all making out of this. the best dancer left is Jennifer. But to the fault of all you who care about personality, looks, and a bunch of other garbage, the best dancer will not win a dancing contest. You people voting for something other than dance are STUPID!!!!
posted by Disgusted on Nov 17, 2010
I,m with you it should be 1KYLE 2 JENNIFER and Bristol should be elimated for the teaparty cheaters (innocent,not, she is right there with them) she is just like her Mom. Can't stand either of them.
posted by Disgusted on Nov 17, 2010
DWTS has ruined their reputation this season everyone I know personally that has watched DWTS season after season agrees DWTS will lower their ratings after having Bristol as a contestant and the media has had her and MAMA everywhere it makes you sick Quite Kyle has had NO Drama Worked Hard and Shown GREAT IMPROVEMENT. no matter how corrupt the voting gets or who wins next week KYLE IS THE MOST DESERVING of what DWTS is about....I use to like Mark but PLEASE Bristol is NOTHING but a girl who got herself in trouble and now trying to act so innocent BRISTOL go back to the wildness no one wants you for any type of role model YOU ARE NOTHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
posted by dwhit on Nov 17, 2010
This show has to be the most balant bias show for deliberate underhanded Tea Party acts. This show now for several seasons has shown total disrespect for viewer voting and just balant you can see plain the way the judges feel. It should be dismiss from the network. If all possible it needs not to return for another season.
posted by GetOverIt on Nov 17, 2010
Bristol,by far, has improved the most of all the competitors! She's real. Jennifer is dramatic and Brandy was too self-focused. Our votes count and I'm a liberal! I'm getting sick of hearing it's a conspiracy among Republicans. GO Bristol! It's the only Palin I will ever vote for!
posted by jeremy on Nov 17, 2010
cory kid get off the republican kool-aid. that girl bristol just goes thru the motions and doesnt even want to be there. me personally i royally hate the star treatment her and her mother get an for what? gettin to be a teen mom an have mom go rogue an quit her job as governor to headline the reality circus that is the republican party now. but in no way shape or form should bristol pumpkin head palin ever have advanced this far. she totally sucks gives forth no effort.
posted by villarrm on Nov 17, 2010
The outcome was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. This show is NOT about popularity, it should be about talent. Bristol's talent may have improved somewhat but she is NOT better than Brandy. Bristol should throw the towel in and concede as she knows she is not better than Brandy. UNBELIEVABLE. Here's another show I may be scratching. PITIFUL
posted by villarrm on Nov 17, 2010
The outcome was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. This show is NOT about popularity, it should be about talent. Bristol's talent may have improved somewhat but sh
posted by Charlie on Nov 17, 2010
Brandy was arrogant and cocky. Jennifer is Sooo dramatic it's sickening. I like Kyle. Get over the fact the Bristol is in the finals. I couldn't stand to watch one more segment on Brandy and Max. I also don't want to watch one more segment on Jennifer. People with dancing backgrounds have a HUGE advantage on those that don't. This show is a popularity competition. End of Story. Do you think Taylor Hicks was better than Chris Daughtrty on American Idol? No. Who cares if Bristol has people voting for her. Isn't that the point to the whole show. Brandy had a built in fan base from her music, Jennifer has a built in fan base from "Dirty Dancing" fans, and Kyle has a HUGE built in fan base from his Disney show. Where is the outcry that Kyle is being "voted through" by all of the Disney Channel fans? It is amazing how much hatred people have towards the Palin's. This is a tv show people, nothing more, nothing less. It's just entertainment, and it has been entertaining to say the least.
posted by Mega Mind on Nov 17, 2010
Where's my post?
posted by I feel cheated on Nov 17, 2010
I am tired of being cheated! what's wrong with you people.. I feel the judges were as surprised as everyone was. What the hell is this???
posted by SHAME on Nov 17, 2010
posted by WOW!!! on Nov 17, 2010
posted by megamind on Nov 17, 2010
The most important thing is this, if you want your fav to win..VOTE! Yest Bristol beat out Brandy, but it's not Bristol's fault that HER SUPPORTERS VOTED! Now consider this, we have a prelude to Sarah Palin running for office. If we don't shut them down now....she will be the President. Look at the implications that this has on the future, this woman has MAJOR support! So, don't be so concerned just about today's events, look at what could be.....very scary thought.
posted by INCREDIBLE!!! on Nov 17, 2010
This show is a JOKE!!! I used to enjoy and respect the show, now it has turned out to be worse than a gladiator's show!!! WOW!!
posted by LEA on Nov 17, 2010
posted by cutie on Nov 17, 2010
Dear Charlie at the top--- Did I think Taylor Hicks was better than Chris Daughtry? I sure did, about 50 times better. D could do one thing, Tay could do 50 things. And if its the tea party thats voting for Bristol, just think how they are going to out vote everyone in the next elections. Be very afraid. ;-)
posted by Liz Ann Booker on Nov 17, 2010
Last night was a disgrace.
posted by sweety on Nov 17, 2010
it was fixed cause when i called (Dallas Area) it was about 30 minutes after the show and the recording said that the time was up for voting in my area.
posted by weezie on Nov 17, 2010
This just goes to prove that, and I am guilty, if you don't vote for your fave, they will do down. Brandy not my favorite but she deserved ten times over Bristol to be in the finals.
posted by pmaill on Nov 17, 2010
This show is an embarrasment. The judges are obvious frauds. The entertainment value was in seeing the dances get better and seeing who would win the night. No reason to watch this farce any more. Bristol should be at home watching her child.
posted by Jazmin on Nov 17, 2010
Bristol Palin seems to be a nice girl,she's not arrogant or has diva attitude, but let's face it, this is a dancing contest and she always got the lowest score every week, from those three judges. I voted for Kyle.
posted by Mr Right on Nov 17, 2010
Come on people. Don't hate Bristol cause she can't dance. Let people vote as the show promotes. The real problem that I see is the people voting are cheating, voting multiple times. Look out people, if we are not vigilant, Sarah will steal the 2012 presidency cheating her way through.
posted by TR on Nov 17, 2010
The people's dancer?!@!@ WTF. She doesnt represent me or anyone I know. And whats her claim to fame anyway? Tell me again, why exactly she's considered a star. That's right, she had a baby out of wedlock and a nut job for a Mom. Give me a break. All of the dancer's on this show worked hard and made an effort to improve. Race aside, Brandy was by far a better dancer than Bristol but clearly this is a rigged popularity contest and not one based on skill. She looks like pudgy slug out there and should have been voted off a long time ago. This show is a joke! Im done.
posted by old person on Nov 17, 2010
I do watch DWTS and have enjoyed it over the years. Getting a little heartburn over all the comments. Granted, Ms. Palin is definitely not the best dancer. She has improved. I watch, but don't vote. Since votes do count, is it possible that Max's big mouth may have cost them votes. I've always liked him, but his behaviour was less than gracious and gentlemanly when he got snarky with the judge. Just a thought!
posted by everyman on Nov 17, 2010
Attitude matters! Brandy talked about how she BELONGED in the finals... Arrogant, condescending people need to be shown that is not the way to live....
posted by sketchy on Nov 17, 2010
BRANDY was too arrogant and cocky to win!!! Come on people...ATTITUDE MATTERS!
posted by Bobby on Nov 17, 2010
I never watch this show again, That's very unfair results. They keep her because of her demn mother. I hate both. she is not deserve to stay...
posted by case diddy on Nov 17, 2010
i think this is stuppid
posted by Momma C on Nov 17, 2010
I thought that DWTS was a show to take a nondancer and train then make them a dancer. Jennifer should not even be on the show since she was already a dancer. Her first movie was a dance movie. She is so arragant and the way she and Derek reacted last night on the show was sickning. I always loved Derek but he showed his real colors last night. The concept of the show is to take a nondancer which Bristol is and make them a dancer which it what she's become. I think the judges have been very hard on her at time but thankfully the voting public have seen that she is really learning to be a dancer. People say that the Palin supporters are keeping her there. What's the problem with that. They are viewing public also. I think that it would be a great thing for Bristol to win. If Jennifer wins I think it would be terrible since she was already a dancer and not fair to put her up against people who have never trained in dance before. I vote for Bristol to be the next winner of DWTS. She deserves this.
posted by Sick of Tea on Nov 17, 2010
Dancing with Bristol(The poster child for birth control)Palin is like dancing around a tree-it takes a huge puff f wind to move her fat ass!
posted by Pearl on Nov 17, 2010
I'm in shock! How can anyone who clops around the stage like a slug, even be in this show? What makes Bristal a star anyway? The show is called DWTS not the next Maury Pulvich guest. My goodness..all she did was have a baby out of wed lock! That does not make a star! She needs to be at home taking care of her baby and her mother too!!!YOU BIG CHEATERS!!!!! We can imagine what her cheating Mama Sarah would do if she were in office..A FAMILY THAT CHEATS TOGETHER HAVE NO LIMIT AT WHAT THEY WILL DO TO WIN ANYTHING....
posted by stella1 on Nov 17, 2010
Your an asshole Cory and obviously, your a ugly fat person. For one thing, Bristol is not fat. She's quite fit. Her face is what it is "A Damn Pumkin." She worked hard, sure, just like everyone else. But do she deserve to be in the finals? Hell No! Nor should she be the poster child for so called abstenance AFTER already gotten her rocks off and on top of that, fucking her dance partner. Everybody know they're screwin'...
posted by sweet on Nov 17, 2010
i can't believed that Brandy got eliminated and BRISTOL stay outrageous, i dont even like Bandy but she is good Bristol should go Home it because of her mom, she know that she should have went home. she can not win i rather Kyle or Jennifer win, America people play unfair IT'S A SHAME BUT BRANDY YOU ARE STILL A WINNER
posted by Rosebud on Nov 17, 2010
I think the judges should have One final bye. If the best dance gets voted off, they should be able to say that she/he can stay and the next person with the least vote goes.
posted by Erin on Nov 17, 2010
These teabaggers have a sick, insane obsession with Sarah Palin. Apparently they have no lives, just their false idol.
posted by Judy on Nov 17, 2010
Some of you poor losers make me sick! I've watched DWTS for several seasons, and it's ALWAYS
posted by LOP on Nov 17, 2010
Bristol does not deserve to be in the finale. Brandy does. She is a much better dancer. The judges will agree. What are you thinking?
posted by ML on Nov 17, 2010
We have no idea what the voters are thinking. Bristol has improve some, but she is the worst dancers than all of the others dancers that have been booted off. Brady got the highest scores and a better dancer. Is so disappointing of the outcome. This has been the most disapponted elimination I have ever seen in dwts.. Brandy should be the one in the finals DEFINATELY NOT BRISTOL. Even the judges are in shock...bring Brabdy back to the finals...then the finale will be worth watching..
posted by Amazed! on Nov 17, 2010
It's now about politics and not substance. How did she even become a star, by getting pregnant while in high school? Give me a break.That girl is as stiff as a baby doll. The show is gone, gone, I mean Gone to the abyss. Pity.
posted by lis on Nov 17, 2010
Has anyone forgotten last season and Kate Gosselin who went pretty far and was worst then Bristol yet she had many supporters especially Mom's. So DWTS again a popularity contest and people are going to vote for who they like not who the best dancer is. I think it is pretty pathetic to think that there is some consipracy from Palin and the Tea Party and that Bristol winning DWTS won't prove anything about the what the Tea Party or Palin is trying to do for this country. And yes maybe some Palin supports and the tea party are voting for her they like Bristol same as anyone else who might like Bristol or not. No one votes for the best dancer becuase if you had to pick between Kyle or Jennifer who would you pick there both good you would pick the one you want whether Kyle had scored to points less the Jennifer or not. Is it really going to matter.
posted by cathy on Nov 17, 2010
I can not believe what I have been reading here. So much nastiness and namecalling. Bristol is absolutely not the best dancer BUT she is exactly the type of person that has me watching DWTS this season. It certainly isn't much of a challenge to people that have a background in dance or are used to being in the spotlight to get out there and perform. But, a person that has absolutely no entertainment background coming on the show and starting from "scratch" so to speak is the one I find most fun to watch. The rules of the show are that the peoples votes are very important so it's not Bristol's fault that people are voting for her even if she is not the best. Grow up people. Can't you just accept the fact that maybe we like her for her!!!
posted by Justicexhaze on Nov 17, 2010
A show that was just ok to begin with, just put a nail in it's own coffin. You just witnessed the death of a show. It's one thing to have the audience be apart of it. But in truly showed that no one really cared about talent. There have been people on there that I hate...but they really worked and pulled it together and did well..I respect that...Bristol is not one of those people. I refuse to watch the finals nor any future DWTS's a joke.
posted by kevin on Nov 17, 2010
I suspect this is "Operation Redneck Revenge" against Hollywood. You know how conservatives always diss Hollywood and it's "liberal elites". Now they see a chance to embarrass Hollywood by having Bristol advance to the finals (and maybe even win) simply because she's the daughter of a Tea Partier. If so, that's about as petty as you can get.
posted by PalinHater on Nov 17, 2010
I wonder if Brandy cried as much for the poor woman she killed with her Land Rover as she did after last night's elimination? -------- Why don't you STFU, you callous troglodyte. That has nothing to do with her being eliminated unjustifiably. You people are so full of hate and are always quick to bring up someone's past like you're above reproach and have never done anything wrong in life that you've regretted. The fact is Bristol Palin is a fat talentless cow who is succeeding because of who her mother is and who she is affiliated with. Get a life b@%tch.
posted by bill on Nov 17, 2010
Wrote an earlier rebuttal. Didn't realize the left is going to edit submissions.Should have known better. L O S E R S !
posted by Americaisdoomed! on Nov 17, 2010
posted by nowhining on Nov 17, 2010
Wow, there has been many surprise eliminations on ALL of these shows, but very revealing that all the political comments and whining are obviously coming from the liberal slant, this is not political but of course that is what it is being turned into. Good Grief people, it is a reality t.v., when superbowl greats win (and they can't really dance) where is the outrage then. This is entertainment and it certainly has been entertaining this time. If this was ALL about dancing then they would have dancers competing with judging guidelines and not audience voting. Wow, unbelievable comments. I wonder, those that are OUTRAGED, did you use your votes? Just a thought!
posted by Svetlana S. on Nov 17, 2010
American People...Wake Up !!! Your country is being taken over by the Palin Troops. DWTS is proof that you are under seige.
posted by Ella on Nov 17, 2010
I watched my last show of DWTS.  Must be great to have her mommy! She was so horrible...I can see if she really improved drastically and earned it, but she didn't.DWTS is a JOKE!!!!!!
posted by Doni on Nov 17, 2010
Palin Shmalin ... Isn't there anyone else out there?? Somebody, Help!!!!!!!!!
posted by Tom and Jeri on Nov 17, 2010
posted by DAM on Nov 17, 2010
I cheered When Killer Brandy was eliminated. She had no remorse for killing an innocent person. Palin should have been gone weeks ago. The best dancers were Audrina and Jennifer.
posted by Max von Bruno on Nov 17, 2010
Vell, dahlink, if DWTS was ONLY about dance then Brandy would still be around. But it's not, is it? The show has been on for 11 seasons because of the mix of people, and that is only made possible due to the mix of technical judging and public voting. SO MANY of the previous years' contestants wouldn't have made it past the first or second week without some sort of public support. And, after all, it's the public that supports the show by watching it and allowing the show to sell advertising. If some of the stars want to win a DANCE contest, then they should enter a real dance contest where their dance skills will be the ONLY thing they can rely on. Like her or not (or, like her mother or not), Bristol has made by far the most progress in both dance and performance. THAT is worth a lot, and the public seems to think so too.
posted by Sarah on Nov 17, 2010
You jelly fish ... I mean you carpet baggers ... I mean you Tea baggers ... Cut It Out! You are the guys voting for Bristol! Who else would be that stupid?????????
posted by Besama on Nov 17, 2010
The Palins are causing night-mares! Thank you John McCain for creating a monster!
posted by Asmarelda on Nov 17, 2010
This DWTS show is losing their viewers! It is political and it is important for our well- being to get away a little bit from politics. The nerve of DWTS to have Bristol Palin in the semi-finals. It destroys the show and loses its viewers when it goes dishonest!
posted by chaz on Nov 17, 2010
The show is fixed... and the decision to with popularity over talent has sadly ruined the whole concept of a dance contest. I think execs thought they'd get better ratings if they kept Bristol on the show. I feel bad that she's been put in such an embarrassing situation (not a dancer in a fake dance contest). I think this whole move has backfired - insulted the viewers' intelligence and after tonight's spectacle - many will not return to be insulted again... Not impressed and not watching any more either.
posted by tuffy on Nov 17, 2010
It makes one laugh to hear it is the peoples choice in regard to Bristol! It is a sad affair when the one that stinks is in the semi-finals!!
posted by TL on Nov 17, 2010
Ok enough of the 'Brandy is arrogant' comments or is wanting something really bad and believing in yourself arrogance now? The truth is the truth, and the truth is Bristol should have went home WEEKS AGO!!! And for the record Bristol does not represent America AT ALL. Half of this show is a popularity contest and the other half is a DANCE COMPETITION. So lets go over it...She wasn't the best dancer and she isn't the popular one her mother is hmmmm....the wrong person stayed in the competion, but hey thats the way it went down, but I don't think I can stand by this show any longer.
posted by jaye on Nov 17, 2010
After watching Brandy voted off and Bristol still in the running. We will never watch DWTS again!!
posted by TVWatcher on Nov 17, 2010
Not a Brandy fan but she didn't deserve to go home. Bristol should have gone home weeks ago.
posted by marti on Nov 16, 2010
bristol cannot dance and has no personality.The judges sucked up to her mother last night. please rename this show because bristol is no star.She will win that I know so crown her now.Brandy you were cheated as was the other good dancers that left because of the palin power.
posted by jane on Nov 16, 2010
Why go through the dance routine just give bristol the trophy now. I am done with this farce of a show.Len even bragged on bristol' precision when she danced? What a joke Precision?
posted by Laura on Nov 16, 2010
Why are people so focused on "who has improved the most" all of a sudden when for the past 10 years that really hasn't been taken into consideration? It used to be about who was the best overall dancer. While Bristol has improved, she doesn't move me when she dances. It's boring and her face usually has the same passive expression for every single dance. There have been past underdogs more worthy of the title "the people's dancer," but she certainly doesn't represent me. What a joke.
posted by kingblacknight on Nov 16, 2010
The redskins play with a lot of effort on monday night and the Cowboys are trying their best to win, maybe we should vote them into the play-offs this year, im just team NA! best effort yea!!!!
posted by sam on Nov 16, 2010
I was never interested in Brandy and Max and their performances - I am glad that it is over for them. I knew from yesterday that Brandy was finished!! It is a competition - there can only be one winner - the winner should be the one that has improved the most!!
posted by No carol on Nov 16, 2010
carol, I am glad florence was voted off when she was - she tired to use sex and vulgarity to get the american people to vote for her. You do not have to lower your standards to try to get votes!!! Carry yourself appropriately and you would always be a winner!!!
posted by Fbrandy on Nov 16, 2010
Brandy deserved to lose, damn drunk driving cry baby.
posted by MsIrene on Nov 16, 2010
I was very disappointed that Brandy was eliminated. I voted for Brandy on 3 different phone lines, and on the internet. For those of you who are disappointed, as I am, my question to you is: "DID YOU PICK UP THE PHONE OR GO ONTO THE INTERNET AND VOTE? If not, then, don't complain!
posted by Mii on Nov 16, 2010
Quite honestly, Bristol deserved some higher scores for her dances - compared to the scores "others" got!!!! She was dancing - she was dancing based on what she was taught on the show - that is what the show is about!!!.......
posted by joe on Nov 16, 2010
Go Bristol, go all the way, let the losers talk. You are the best this show ever had.people don't know the meaning of winner. They need to look it up. I hope you win the trophy. We are 100 percent behind you.
posted by Hello!! on Nov 16, 2010
I am no expert on dancing but from what I have seen - with regard to Bristol - it is truly what the show is about - someone developing as the weeks go by. Jennifer and Brandy did not improve that much because they already knew to dance.
posted by shae_lynn on Nov 16, 2010
very sad for her YET Proud of my girl Bristol AWSOME!! Really Bring it tothe Finallee You owe it to everyone Bristol Use your Kicks Flicks Stretch and bring a Personlaity to the Dance!! Dance for your life next WEEK!!! Sorry Brandy Congrats Bristol Go for GOLD!!!!!
posted by great!!! on Nov 16, 2010
it was time for brandy and max to go....
posted by mia on Nov 16, 2010
Go Bristol Go, let them talk, they are the losers, we love you, I hope you win the trophy and kill them with your beautifull smile.
posted by didi on Nov 16, 2010
Go bristol all the way I am praying for you to win the trophy, I hope you put that trophy in your truck and drive all the way to the whitehouse, despite all the critizism and harsh words you have held your head up, you make mothers proud, you are beautiful,kind and poise we love you, we are voting for you to th max, you are the real dancer go Bristol go Bristol go all the way
posted by PEACH on Nov 16, 2010
posted by carol on Nov 16, 2010
Unbelievable and we all should have known this show is a farce when Florence Henderson was voted off because she was far, far better than Bristol. I'm not a Brandy fan because of her cocky attitude, but it certainly was not fair to her. If Bristol wins this, then this show will go down the tubes fast so let's keep our fingers crossed that Bristol doesn't win because then you know it is a scam.
posted by bill reynolds on Nov 16, 2010
Look it folks ... there are more people that dislike Sarah Palin than not. Bristol only performed at the best she could. The results are the results, Bristol had the highest handicap coming into this event. That being said, you all who T H I N K you know best... shut the Fxxx UP!
posted by dee on Nov 16, 2010
I am not a Brandy fan or a Bristol fan. I am a dance fan. From that perspective, the wrong person went home tonight. End of story.
posted by Tia on Nov 16, 2010
WILL NEVER WATCH AGAIN. This is nonsense. Will do something more productive with my time because this show is B.S.
posted by g on Nov 16, 2010
grow up America. The votes were in and thats that. When you put a novice up against pros, what do you expect? The show should either have a handicap like bowling, or not allow pros on. Gotta give Bristol credit. Even she knows what is keeping her in is her dedication to doing the best she can do. Lighten up and enjoy the show everybody!!If Brandy was smart, she would do the dance and tell Max to get meds for his PMS.
posted by DQ on Nov 16, 2010
I hope Kyle wins. Brandy was the obvious winner. Bristol should have been voted off weeks ago. I will not be watching the finals. It is no longer entertainment. This show is all about politics. What a shame.
posted by Adam on Nov 16, 2010
We get to vote for the conflict and ratings. If the judges did ALL the voting rednecks in the midwest and the south would't watch.
posted by tara_lyman on Nov 16, 2010
I'm so disappointed that Bristol Palin went to the finals on DWTS. Her mother has had alot to do with her daughter being on the show in the first place. Bristol Palin should have been gone along time ago. Brandy was one the most incredible dancers and scored much higher and showed the she was one of the best. Shame on Bristol Palin for not coming forward and doing her part by telling the judges that she didn't deserve to be in the finals. Go Jennifer & Derek.
posted by Alan on Nov 16, 2010
I'm glad I just bought an e-reader - so no need to watch DWTS ever again. It has become a farce like American Idol.
posted by Kim on Nov 16, 2010
Cory, if Bristol is the peoples' dancer for all American's we are in more trouble then I thought.
posted by txbggc on Nov 16, 2010
posted by maso on Nov 16, 2010
Well just shows the best does not mean you win. Bristol should have been gone long ago why watch a show where the worst dancer wins. Just lost another viewer, why watch a farce might just as well red a book.
posted by Lynn on Nov 16, 2010
Cory need a psych ck. DWTS has nothing to do with personal insecurities regarding weigh,looks,intelligence etc; It's a freakin DANCE COMPETITION! STOP WHINING
posted by Adam on Nov 16, 2010
The only thing I feel bad for Bristol about is putting-up with that nut of a mother!!
posted by LACEY on Nov 16, 2010
posted by Sodak on Nov 16, 2010
I'm one less fan of the show tonite. This sucks! Brandi u were cheated tonite totally
posted by Cheryl on Nov 16, 2010
I am so disappointed that Brandi didn't make it. It is obviously a popularity contest, not a who is the best dancer contest. I'm done watching DWTS. Erin didn't win last year and she was the most improved dancer. It has nothing to do with talent, effort, or who they represent. It's popular vote, not the best person wins.
posted by dede on Nov 16, 2010
Cory, the show is dancing with the stars, not dancing with the poor little underdog.
posted by Brandon on Nov 16, 2010
That rotten dancer Bristol is still on DWTS!! This is a dancing show not a personality show. Vote the best dancer. I will never watch DWTS again.
posted by nelly69 on Nov 16, 2010
Okay. I admit that although Bristol is improving, she is still not to the level of the other dancers, and the judges' scores reflect that. However, America is voting (whether right or wrong) more on the likeability factor. Jennifer is over confident, whining, diva-attitude. Brandi made comments early on about the trophy that turned others off. Notice how once people started talking about Jennifer's whining that now she is positive and "working through" her aches and pains? She realized after they were in jeopardy that voters weren't responding to her.
posted by erin on Nov 16, 2010
This show never has anything to do with effort, it has to do with result. And week after week Bristol has proved that she cannot stand up to that level and should have been sent home long ago. EVERYONE puts in a huge amount of effort and it shows on the dance floor. Her effort, no matter how big it is, does not. She is a bad dancer with no emotion shown on her face. Her effort does not matter. Her performance does. And she should not be in this competition anymore. The fact that other great dancers have been sent home instead of her is appalling and makes me want to change the voting system.
posted by yougottavote on Nov 16, 2010
My heart goes out to Brandy who worked so hard and is just a fine young woman. Her dancing is stellar and I think the finale is really not that important now. We already know who the best dancer is, but now we have to watch one very good dancer, a good entertainer and blossoming dancer and a nice girl, but really not a dancer nor an entertainer fight it out next week for the trophey. Not me though. I am finished with the show for this season. Good luck to the 3 finalist.
posted by michelle on Nov 16, 2010
I'm so sick of people saying Bristol is there because of her mother. I despise her mother, but find Bristol charming. Brandy and Jennifer are really annoying, I would never vote for them. I think people like to see the chemistry between Britol and Mark. I understand people are disappointed, but why be so insulting of a young woman who isn't doing anything but going out there and dance.
posted by jude on Nov 16, 2010
No, Cory - what you are missing is that this is a DANCING CONTEST, not who gets "A" for effort. What kind of stupid show would that be? (and she has NO heart in her dancing). I thought Repubs thought people should earn their place by who's best qualified? What hypocrites!
posted by cat on Nov 16, 2010
What happened to voting for the best dancers? Jin and Brandy would have been great TV. I'm so disappointed all these shows are just alike American Idol not the best person wins forget about talnet it's about popularity, I'm done!
posted by Vote for Jennifer an on Nov 16, 2010
Vote for Jennifer and Derek!!! Most people, can tell Bristol does Not deserve to be in the finals but unfortunate she is. Instead of talking about her, spread the wrd and urge people to vote for the one who actually has both great technique and great performance: Jennifer and Derek. I love Kyle but judging on both technique and performance hands down the trophy rightfully belongs to JENNIFER and DEREK!!!!
posted by lolo on Nov 16, 2010
GO BRISTOL AND KYLE! it is not fixed and its not rating. It is us voting, we are bored of Jennifer and tired of Brandy's attitude. U can tell they are both not genuine, and are fake come on a torn ligament and your dancing in heels, we have heard u whine enough. And oh Brandy you life is so hard whatever try living like us normal people. I love Kyles free spirit attitude and personality, and Bristol is trying her best and improving, and if the rest of us were on thre that is how we would be. GO KYLE AND BRISTOL i will be voting again.
posted by Dancing Momma on Nov 16, 2010
I've watched every season of DWTS....seen some pretty bad dancing and some great dancing. Bristol probably fell middle of the pack this season. Do I think Brandy was the better dancer? Yes. But Brandy has an attitude and a feeling of entitlement that came across to the voting public. Likewise, Jennifer comes across as snobby and arrogant. The two most genuine people on the whole show are Kyle and Bristol. I think Kyle has Bristol on talent and he's very likeable, so I hope he wins. But I think people voted for Bristol because she's real. A real genuine sweetheart, despite what anyone thinks of her mother.
posted by sweetcake on Nov 16, 2010
@cory She does not care about the show week after week. She has mentioned how she would just like to go home and be done with this show. She in no way in from can relate to everyone in america. If she worked hard and made a GOOOD REALLL EFFORT only then would she be repeatable. I am only going ot cont watching this show for the others that have made it to the final and not BRISTOL. god she should have been booted after the 2nd weeek.
posted by syndeytish on Nov 16, 2010
Fuckin fat ass Bristol is on wtf?? Not interested to watch anymore
posted by reporter49infl on Nov 16, 2010
Hate to say it, but now you Dems know how we felt when Obama won: incompetence over more skilled and talented candidates.
posted by Lily on Nov 16, 2010
The same comment as Cory's, exactly the same wording is being posted all over the internet. ALL the dancers are working hard to improve themselves, but only one of them has a horde of mindless teabagging sheep dialing in for them.
posted by Helewys on Nov 16, 2010
The People's Dancer? We have officially become the Idiocracy.
posted by Vote for Jennifer a on Nov 16, 2010
Vote for Jennifer and Derek!!! Most rational people, can tell Bristol does Not deserve to be in the finals Vote for Jennifer and Derek!!! Most rational people, can tell Bristol does Not deserve to be in the finals but unfortunately she us. Instead of talking about her, spread the wrd and urge people to vote for the one who actually has both great technique and great performance: Jennifer and Derek. I love Kyle but judging on both technique and performance hands down the trophy rightfully belongs to JENNIFER and DEREK!!!!but unfortunately she us. Instead of talking about her, spread the wrd and urge people to vote for the one who actually has both great technique and great performance: Jennifer and Derek. I love Kyle but judging on both technique and performance hands down the trophy rightfully belongs to JENNIFER and DEREK!!!!
posted by txbggc on Nov 16, 2010
I like Bristol's humility and honesty. She's not arrogant and annoyingly confident.
posted by karwab8 on Nov 16, 2010
I know that both Jennifer and Brandy have negative/diva attitudes that spills over in the packages and comments they make. Turns voters off.
posted by dubski on Nov 16, 2010
cory, if your mom was sarah you would be a success but she's not so... follow where i'm going here.
posted by jack on Nov 16, 2010
Bristol Palin does not represent me in any way, shape or form!
posted by Rudmon on Nov 16, 2010
Done with this show as scores don't mean anything, With abc ratings come first.
posted by Milza on Nov 16, 2010
The only reason Bristol is still there is obviously because who her mother is and the people who back her up - it's not because Bristol can dance to save her life - and today the republicans are so disperate to win over the democrates that they will vote for anything - I tried not to feel that way but and because her dancing instructer answered the Jude back -go figure. Brandy you should be there by far.
posted by cory on Nov 16, 2010
Here is what so many of you are missing: A HUGE number of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, alike, are voting for Bristol Palin because they can relate to being told they are not enough. Everybody keeps talking about how she is not skilled enough, she not thin enough, she's not emotive enough...but nobody ever talks about her EFFORT! Nobody seems to care how hard she has been working. Well, lots of Americans can relate to that. In my opinion, Bristol Palin is THE PEOPLES' DANCER! And when she dances, she is dancing for all of us Americans who have been told we are not enough...that we're not pretty/handsome enough, that we're not smart enough, that we're not talented enough, that we're not thin enough, etc. If I have my way, Bristol Palin will win the whole thing! GO BRISTOL PALIN, THE PEOPLES' DANCER!!!

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