'Spartacus' Narrows Down Andy Whitfield's Replacement to Three

November 09, 2010 09:37:33 GMT

Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner and Liam McIntyre will go through a screen test in New Zealand before finding out whether they are worthy of replacing the original star.

'Spartacus' Narrows Down Andy Whitfield's Replacement to Three
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Starz has the option to pick either a Brit, a Canadian or another Australian to replace Andy Whitfield on "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". Deadline said in its report that casting has been narrowed down to three candidates who are all relatively-unknown actors just like Whitfield when he started filming the show last year.

The named ones are Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner and Liam McIntyre. Amell enjoyed several recurring roles in a number of TV series such as "Queer as Folk", "Beautiful People" and "Heartland". Meanwhile, Turner is known as Aidan Devane on soap drama "All My Children". McIntyre is perhaps the least known of three, but he did appear for a small role in HBO's miniseries "The Pacific".

Selected among lots, the finalists are being flown to New Zealand for a screen test and a meeting with the show's cast and crew. The winner is expected to be unveiled as early as this week for the production is supposed to be started as soon as the one of its prequel "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" is wrapped up. "Gods of the Arena" will bow in January 2011 while the second season of "Blood and Sand" is expected to debut midyear.

Whitfield withdrew from the second season completely when he found out that his Non-Hodgkin lymphoma has returned following the first treatment. The actor chose to go through an aggressive treatment against the cancer, prompting the producers to do a recast. It was rumored for a while that "Prison Break" actor Wentworth Miller was due to take the role.


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posted by jon on Feb 27, 2011
Hard to consider anyone else playing as Spartacus apart from Andy
posted by iluvmyboyz2 on Feb 24, 2011
no one can replace Andy as Spartacus. He truly made the show. However, my prayers go out to him and his family. I pray he recovers soon. He will be sorely missed.
posted by Chao_sweetie on Feb 18, 2011
Will NOT watch without Andy !! He is Spartacus..
posted by spartacus on Feb 11, 2011
get well soon all the best to you and your family no one would ever be as good as you just want you back
posted by Elle on Feb 08, 2011
I have really enjoyed watching Andy as Spartacus. I hope he is given the support he needs from us (the audience) to focus on his recovery. In the meantime, if he decides to relinquish his role to someone else, we should respect his decision. I won't stop watching because Andy is gone - I will hope that his replacement does credit to his predecessor, and I will pray Andy is well enough to grace our screens soon. XXX to you Andy, you georgeous hunk! Get better soon. (PS - I hope another Aussie gets the role - we have some handsome studs down under!)
posted by Anonymous on Feb 08, 2011
As sorrowful as it is, Andy Whitfield's main concern is his health. The decisions made by Starz was probably a difficult one concerning Spartacus; however, Andy gave his blessing to be replaced. The upcoming season with a new Spartacus can go either way and whether or not you choose to support the show is entirely up to you. Andy Whitfield's performance and demeanor in this show is absolutely phenomenal and it will be difficult for another actor to produce what Andy has. There are many great prospects out there who would make a wonderful Spartacus. The question is are we willing to give this "new" Spartacus a chance? Good luck to Andy and his family!
posted by snifflesn grunt on Jan 24, 2011
Wow how can they think ANY of these three guys could be Spartacus. I vote no, no and h___ no!
posted by daisymae_wa on Jan 23, 2011
Andy replacement needs be a twin.
posted by Dominus Breezy on Jan 20, 2011
The logical choice is to choose someone who has the same likeness as Andy, this would narrow down to Sam Worthington and/or Brian Augustin Green. True, both have the looks and built to play Spartacus. But can they deliver the same caliber of performance? For a role such as this requires more than someone who can wield a sword. Bottom line, Andy brought so much to this role that any replacement are in for a godly task to keep the faith of the crowd and the series to stay alive past season 2
posted by warmatheart on Jan 15, 2011
Yes, yes Andy needs the opportunity to come back when he is better..he and his family are in our prayers
posted by yağmur on Jan 14, 2011
posted by yağmur on Jan 14, 2011
I dont want new sapartacus :((((
posted by Tante T on Jan 07, 2011
Sorry, no Andy ==> no sequel. I think they should hold production until he is recovered, and he WILL recover. Spartacus rules!! I will watch Gods of the Arena..cause I do like Dustin Clare. In the mean time I wish Andy and his family all the best.
posted by dj!822 on Jan 05, 2011
no one can replace him!!!!!!
posted by dj!822 on Jan 05, 2011
season 2 will not be as good without andy, he was the perfect role player, he better get a invation to play him again cause he will get better!!! (hope he dose anyway)
posted by jimmy on Jan 02, 2011
Russell Crowe he knows how to play a gladiator
posted by zysk7407 on Dec 31, 2010
Do Not Replace Andy...He made Spartacus Blood and Sand what it is! He brought Spartacus to life and will survive this like Spartacus would! Its a sad reason to take the role away from him!
posted by Andrewz on Dec 30, 2010
i think Sam Worthington from Avatar should replace Andy whitfield. They look alike and he would just fit in perfectly for me
posted by crysdevdan on Dec 29, 2010
One of the main reasons I watched the first season was because of Andy Whitfield. 2nd season won't be the same without him!! I would wait a year to see him back for season 2!
posted by DEs on Dec 29, 2010
Wait for Andy and change the story line around another character!!!!
posted by childcarediva on Dec 28, 2010
Best wishes to Mr. Whitfield and my sincere hope that he can return to the show. I think Michael Graziadei from the Young and the Restless could fit the bill with some couching and a little beefing up.
posted by Wolverine on Dec 26, 2010
Best wishes to you Andy! In your absence, why not give Hugh Jackman a call? he's gladiator material
posted by Corinne on Dec 10, 2010
I always thought that Sam Worthington would've made an acceptable replacement, and I have to say I still agree with that. At least he *somewhat* resembles Whitfield. None of these candidates fit the appearance remotely. They belong in Calvin Klein fragrance adverts, not Blood and Sand. Still, I will watch the second season anyway for the rest of the characters and pray a speedy recovery for Whitfield.
posted by Brent on Dec 03, 2010
I'm sorry, no one who played on 90210 should be allowed to fill the shoes of the mighty Spartacus, however the show must go on. I thought Andy made that show & I'm not sure if he can be replaced, but they have to try. If Andy recovers, he should be able to take his role back, even if they shoot a season without him, but it was his decision to quit to take care of himself. We should respect that and still support the show. That show is his legacy, so to support it without him is, in a way, showing support for Andy.
posted by Danny on Dec 03, 2010
It was a bad move for Starz to not wait for Andy? They waited for almost a year. And this was ANDY'S decision. I'm excited to see where Spartacus goes.
posted by Danielle on Dec 03, 2010
I love Spartacus. I say keep the series alive!!
posted by Allin on Dec 03, 2010
Spartacus SHALL GO ON! With Andy or not, There are so many spectacular actors in this series, I don't understand what the deal is.
posted by Steve on Dec 03, 2010
Liam McIntyre. Is definitely the best match by appearance; However can he preform his role like Andy Whitfield did. Either way I don't think this should be the end of the series. It IS an amazing show.
posted by Ariel on Nov 30, 2010
Starz should wait for Andy then continue once he's better waiting makes it more interesting anyways
posted by Tony on Nov 29, 2010
My prayers for Andy and his family. Spartacus with many critics saying it was a flop amazed all of us turning all the heads on the critics. Season 2 will be hard to top with out Andy. You can not replace Andy with a C or even B actor. If they want this to work they have to go big or go home. They need an A lister to even come close. Brad Pitt!!!
posted by bubba fats on Nov 29, 2010
Wow haven't seen a show that got me addicted like this since "LOST". But no Andy, No Season 2! End of story.
posted by depressed on Nov 27, 2010
Season 1 was amazing and Andy Whitfield was the main reason. That said I don't even care if the show continues or not, just hope Andy gets better. Clearly this new prequel season has promise and, while I am skeptical about anyone being able to pull off replacing Andy as Spartacus I will at least give them the benefit of the doubt and still watch the second season when it comes out. I think that's what everyone, Whitfield included, would probably want. Sorry to hear this sad news and best of luck to all involved.
posted by Nik on Nov 26, 2010
No Andy, not watching. They should wait and focus on another character until he's well.
posted by lexi on Nov 25, 2010
james scott
posted by griffen_666 on Nov 21, 2010
NO WAY! im watching season 2 without Andy!!
posted by angelflix on Nov 21, 2010
i and my husband are HUGE fans of spartacus. we never missed on episode. we think andy played spartacus superbly and could never be replaced. but i think the guy from avatar would be good. or even the guy from the movie PUSH.
posted by AndyFan on Nov 20, 2010
Im not gonna watch season 2 either, I will watch Gods of the Arena but NOT season 2 of Blood and Sand. It will NEVER be as good as it was with Andy. I think that you (Starz) have made the WRONG decision!
posted by Aloushin on Nov 20, 2010
I will not watch season 2 because of this.
posted by SteveC on Nov 20, 2010
I'm definitely going to watch Gods of the Arena, and I'm definitely NOT going to watch Season 2. Bad move Starz. Andy W. earned himself the loyalty of this huge fan of the show. Behold! You've lost the crowd Starz!
posted by niteowl on Nov 18, 2010
I will not watch season 2 if anyone else play the part of Spartacus. The series should be put on hold until Andy has recovered. No one else except Russell Crowe could fill his shoes.
posted by Me Wanda on Nov 17, 2010
I don't think that anyone would mind waiting for the hottest person on T.V. Ya for Andy Whitfield
posted by margie on Nov 14, 2010
hhmmm..not sure of the choices...but I agree Andy should have a open invitation...I will surely watch Gods of the Arena..not sure of season 2 yet...
posted by Ziguri on Nov 11, 2010
Andy is perfect for the role. So passionate he is. Im sure all fans of the show would rather wait for him to recover
posted by joy on Nov 10, 2010
none of the 3 individuals mention can replace andy whitfield. will not be watching the 2nd season. i agree that andy should have an open invitation should he recover from his cancer which i strongly believe he will. he is not forgotten. dvd sales will keep that alive.
posted by Monkey on Nov 10, 2010
Andy will not have to rejoin since he is still a part of the production even as he battles this disease.
posted by EMR on Nov 10, 2010
Liam McIntyre of those three would be good, but Whitfield cannot be replaced, surely once he recovers he will be back
posted by loxi on Nov 09, 2010
I hope Andy has an open invitation to rejoin the cast as Spartacus when he beats this terrible demon that has fallen upon him.
posted by Damian on Nov 09, 2010
Brian Austin Green would be the Perfect choice for the role of Spartacus, he looks like Andy.
posted by DAMIAN on Nov 09, 2010
Brian Augustin Green should play Spartacus.
posted by Sungirl on Nov 09, 2010
I agree, Andy should also have an open invitation to get the role again. He is most perfect for the role. I hope the production team considers that

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