New Promos of Syfy's Supernatural Series 'Being Human'

New Promos of Syfy's Supernatural Series 'Being Human'

A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf live together in human world and have to rule out house-warming parties so they won't reveal their secrets.

Although the new series is not debuting until next year, Syfy would like to give viewers a little taste of "Being Human". Adapted from successful BBC series, "Being Human" follows three supernatural beings living together in an apartment and trying to live like human beings in Boston.

In the U.S. version, Sam Witwer stars as Aidan the vampire, Meaghan Rath as Sally the ghost, and Sam Huntington as Josh the werewolf. Together they struggle to hide their dark secrets from the world, while helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives and trying to be human. Mark Pellegrino from "Lost" plays Aidan's charismatic but menacing vampire mentor Bishop.

Two promos have been released ahead of the January premiere, revealing Aidan as the "ladykiller", Sally as "the free spirit" and Josh as the "underdog". The three struggle to act normal, but it proves to be harder since Josh can suddenly turn into animal on full moon, Aidan has an appetite for blood and Sally can vanish into thin air.

Witwer revealed more about his vampire character, telling Zap2It, "If you were a vampire [and] you were around for 200 years, you able to compartmentalize what you were really feeling."

  • I Am Different
  • Harder Than It Looks




    Jan 23, 2011

    Its not like its unfathamable for why theres an american series,Honestly I don't have high hopes for it,But so far it doesn't seem all that bad,And the original's pilot was the only thing ever aired in the U.S.

    Jan 13, 2011

    What song is used in that "I am Different" Clip?

    Dec 22, 2010

    this is kinda sickening... i'm a fan of sam witwer but this just looks dumb. They all look so bored or constipated. and the red head who's supposed to be Lauren totally sounds like a valley girl. ugh this makes my head hurt and i hope this doesn't last long. Americans (yes i'm one) don't know how to do realistic vampire/werewolf/ghost drama. the british show has an edge to it because the characters are realistic and have faults. I mean who doesn't love how deeply fucked and depressing the characters are in the original. Annie is never going to have a life, George is always going to be a werewolf and fearful of (and did) infecting the people he loves where as Mitchell was basically a drug/alcohol (blood) addict. Ugh... i just look at these promos and it makes me sick how Americans won't watch a british show because "they can't relate" to anyone with a "funny" accent or different culture. however, i will watch this show because who knows, maybe they'll make their own separate identity that the one established by the original. but i think they'll be hard pressed to top it or be equal to it.

    Nov 15, 2010

    Why re-make a show that is currently airing and already works? Is it because you cant understand english from the UK? :P Use the money to bet on something new ...

    Nov 08, 2010

    How to kill a classic, american versions are always awful no other way to describe how much shows are destroyed, Annie never phases in and out like that, why change the names?

    Nov 08, 2010

    As much as I like Sam Witwer...this 'new' version of an already-new show is totally unnecessary...absolutely redundant! ^^X^^

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