Official Snippet of Mariah Carey's New 'Oh Santa!' Music Video

November 02, 2010 03:27:58 GMT

Wearing a mini Santa Claus dress, Mariah Carey is seen doing a performance with a choir and some dancers backing her up.

Official Snippet of Mariah Carey's New 'Oh Santa!' Music Video
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It seems that the previously-premiered video of "Oh Santa!" which features animated Mariah Carey is for viral promotion only since the actual music video will not come out until Tuesday night, November 2. Ahead of the premiere, a snippet is brought forward to tease the "very festive" clip.

Unlike the viral video which simply compiles old and new footage of Mariah hanging around with her pals and other people close to her, this upcoming video is all brand new although captured in a retro theme. The very pregnant singer is seen fronting a Christmas performance ensemble.

"Oh Santa!" is one of the new songs in her upcoming holiday album "Merry Christmas II You" which is due November 2. Serving as the lead single, it comes from production hands of duo Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox.


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posted by Marymag on Nov 02, 2010
posted by Flop Out My face on Nov 02, 2010
posted by Melanie on Nov 02, 2010
It's funny how haters are the first to jump on this board to watch the video. Anywho, I'm loving both the song and video. She even makes pregnancy look hot!
posted by The Review on Nov 02, 2010
..over-production, enhanced vocals, and not to mention, the annoying kids in the background, and just very high-school driven. After much hype and anticipation (by her fans), we were really expecting a masterpiece here, but instead, we were fed the usual pop-vocal coder material that is heavily used in today's market. The only people who would find this song even remotely good, are Mariah's delusional fans
posted by Retire on Nov 02, 2010
It is over Mimi. 15- year stardom has passed. Time to sit down :(
posted by Yolanda on Nov 02, 2010
Mediocre at its best!
posted by loverboi on Nov 02, 2010
posted by Just Stay Home on Nov 02, 2010
posted by 2 out 5* on Nov 02, 2010
Regardless, still the worst Christmas song ever produced.
posted by thanks no thanks on Nov 02, 2010
Boring! This song is already a flop
posted by David on Nov 02, 2010
I'd rather see Mariah's sexy curves than Taylor Swift's skinny bones
posted by Daniel on Nov 02, 2010
She looks beautiful. Xmas time is not so w/o MC :-) oh Santaaaaaaaaaaaa!
posted by Haha on Nov 02, 2010
The funny thing is all these hater posts is the same person, Get a life loser lmao
posted by Alex on Nov 02, 2010
This vids great!
posted by Pat on Nov 02, 2010
Its amazing!!!
posted by Joe on Nov 02, 2010
Looks fun!
posted by Taylor Swift on Nov 02, 2010
Grow up Mariah, put some clothes on!
posted by Oh Fatso on Nov 02, 2010
Sit down fatso!
posted by Flop Alert on Nov 02, 2010
posted by i slept on Nov 02, 2010
nothing special
posted by Jason on Nov 02, 2010
To the ignorant user.. Mariah Carey has been in the music business for 20 years, NOT 15 and still counting. I can't celebrate christmas without Mariah's music. Two thumbs up

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