Rihanna's Music Video 'Who's That Chick' Leaked

September 18, 2010 03:25:59 GMT

Rihanna just wants to dance and she doesn't 'really care' for she is the 'crazy dita' and 'disco diva' who got people asking 'who's that chick?'

Rihanna's Music Video 'Who's That Chick' Leaked
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Rihanna made the headlines on Friday, September 17 night after her music video of "Who's That Chick" is leaked. True to her mission to wake up from the dark "Rated R" album, the music video reflects her intention to have fun in the new album.

The video captures the singer in a very colorful outfit, dancing with a lot of people in an equally colorful room. She smiles most of the time while singing about "French kissing", "bad enough to take home" and "hard core".

"Who's That Chick" is a dance track which may be included in Rihanna's next effort "Loud". Explaining the title, Rihanna told MTV, "Loud is, the word, the name of the album definitely reflects the attitude of it, it's really sassy and flirty and it grabs your attention and that's why I enjoy it. It takes you through a really really interesting ride. So colorful, the album."

Def Jam plans to release the album on November 16 in the U.S., led by another single "Only Girl (In the World)".

Update : A day after the video circulated, Rihanna confirmed on her Twitter, "Who's that Chick, is an online music video/commercial that we shot for Doritos and it got leaked." She added, "I don't want u to get confused...doritos is in no way connected to LOUD."


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posted by love rihanna on Dec 14, 2010
great, wonderful rihanna loooveee eiitt <3 :)
posted by E.Monique on Sep 23, 2010
i Lovvvee Rhiaanaa(:
posted by Katy Perry on Sep 18, 2010
Hey I just saw the new video and I'm definately riding the rihanna color wave. I love the new sassy and fun attitude she has now. And that red hair is just wonderful!!!!!1
posted by el- abubakar shuaib on Sep 18, 2010
how iwish is to be with u always, u, make me happy whenever i reflected back to ur songs
posted by borodo on Sep 18, 2010
u always make me happy whenever i listing to music

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