Official Cover Art of David Archuleta's 'Other Side of Down'

August 18, 2010 02:06:42 GMT

Along with the artwork arrival, it is also announced that the new album has been finished and David Archuleta is ready to do the promotional effort.

Official Cover Art of David Archuleta's 'Other Side of Down'
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As release date of his new album "The Other Side of Down" gets closer, David Archuleta reveals official cover art of the effort. The former "American Idol" contestant is seen sitting on a chair and smiling ear to ear in this artwork.

Led by single "Something 'Bout Love", "The Other Side of Down" is pushed back to October 5 after previously slated for September 14 U.S. release. The delay is made because he "would like to make sure he's delivering the best possible album and he needs just a little more time to do it."

The album has now been completed. In a video blog, he shared the news with fans, saying "I'm a space cadet today. Stoked about getting all these songs for the album finalized! We're sooo close. Going to be doing some radio station visits this coming week. Time to introduce some new David music."


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posted by Mel Gibson on Aug 20, 2010
He would look much nicer sitting naked on that chair.
posted by babda on Aug 19, 2010
I think Shanny from Australia managed to describe everything I feel about this cover:). David is goofy ("dorky" as he says) yet always a class act. This cover is all that plus has one hot pic of our mature David. Needless to say I love the cover and can't wait for the cd to be released!
posted by Elysian on Aug 19, 2010
I think the album cover is PERFECT! It is clean, contemporary, and it captures David's joyful, fun loving personality. I can hardly wait to hear his new music, which, like everything else he does, will undoubtedly be awesome!!
posted by josh on Aug 18, 2010
One more, can the photographer replace the cover of his Christmas album? The content is classic and traditional, but the cover doesn't reflect him nor the content. There is a picture of him in the liner tangled with the Christmas lights around him and he smiled naturally. I love that picture.
posted by josh on Aug 18, 2010
I saw the photos done by the photographer in numerous magazines. The quality of the photos is very good. I like the fun, quirky and happy David kicking his boots up high. It shows the other side of down, which is UP!!
posted by Kat on Aug 18, 2010
I love the laid-back, carefree nature of the album cover. David doesn't take himself too seriously, and the photo reflects that. Love the killer smile!
posted by DavidX2 on Aug 18, 2010
I love David's new album cover....he doesn't look like a "kid" but like a young man...having fun and not taking himself too seriously. Perfect choice!
posted by Luna on Aug 18, 2010
He is so adorable! Love the vlog and the album cover is like David - classic, and really the other side of down.
posted by Me on Aug 17, 2010
The vlog is just adorable, Disappointed with the the expected album cover, is sooo boring, doesn't look professional at all,anyone can do the design on home :( , waiting for his new music now , love his single.
posted by Kathy C. on Aug 17, 2010
David is looking absolutely fantastic on his new cover! The VOICE has captured the essence of the title with this one! LOVE IT!
posted by Shanny in Australia on Aug 17, 2010
I think the album cover is perfect. Everything fits the theme. He's kinda falling backwards on the chair which alludes to an updown theme. The title runs up the cover which alludes to the theme. He looks carefree and happy which alludes to the theme and then the play on words is quirky and fun which is just right for his personality. Couldn't get any better in my opinion.
posted by lct on Aug 17, 2010
What a classy album cover for one classy guy! He's also a walking jukebox who has introduced us to so many artists!
posted by AnneMarieFOD on Aug 17, 2010
I love David's album coverart!! It really reflects his happy, bubbly personality. His album is going to be amazing!
posted by archie\'s angel on Aug 17, 2010
He is so cute,I love his song
posted by Michelle on Aug 17, 2010
I love how he grooves to the song in his vlog! Love following this guy :) The cover is definitely David
posted by kristian on Aug 17, 2010
The album cover is classy and NEAT!!! "Something 'Bout Love" is a feel-good, radio-friendly power pop tune. SO PUMPED AND SO STOKED for "The Other Side of Down"!!!
posted by Goboywonder on Aug 17, 2010
Mature yet youthful, a very fun looking cover.

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