Sasha Grey Responds to 'Bushy' Scene on 'Entourage'

August 11, 2010 02:51:17 GMT

The former porn star hits young male viewers with reality when she appeared in a scene without getting a bikini wax first.

Sasha Grey Responds to 'Bushy' Scene on 'Entourage'
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The last episode of "Entourage" caused a trending topic on Twitter after Sasha Grey gave more than what men expected for. The porn star turns straight-act actress appeared with unshaved pubic hair on the August 8 episode, aptly called "Hair".

In the HBO drama, Grey plays herself who is entangled in a romantic relationship with Adrian Grenier's Vince. Her full-on naked scene proved to be unflattering to some as apparent from the Twitter commments such as "Yea she had a sicko BUSH", "Entourage was wild. So was Sasha Grey's bush" and "did anyone else think that was disgusting. ITS 2010!"

Few hours after the protest was brought into attention, Grey herself addressed the situation on her Twitter. She wrote, "A lot of bush comments after tonight's #Entourage episode. If you're curious...that's what a grown woman looks like. Besides, I shave where it counts. I'm happy to contribute to making it ok again:) All 'fashions' have their cycles!"


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posted by Bushman on Oct 21, 2011
Get over it! Shaving is a trend! Why do you care who shaves and doesnt shave? Sasha is right about what a real woman looks like. Shaving is for lemmings, pubes are for real induviduals!
posted by zam on Aug 08, 2011
vote bush!
posted by wallnuts on Dec 02, 2010
id like to cream her bush
posted by mas_braken on Nov 10, 2010
I am hungry with U dude. I jus want 1 sweet kiss from ur sexy lips on my penis. Pls suck my dick,suck my cock,suck my mouth,suck my tongue,pls Sasha i dont want 2 make love with u i jus wanna Fuck u:) pls Sasha what s your mobile num? Pls tell i am hungry about u . You jus rply ur num 2 my mobile num. 9566566562 i am in tamil nadu. Pls i am waiting 4 ur call. Pls dont ignore me:-)
posted by Mbasha on Nov 10, 2010
I wanna fuck u sasha
posted by hitesh on Oct 15, 2010
most beautiful star 4 me wrongly went in porn side
posted by mackveil on Sep 26, 2010
Sasha look so fucking hot wit that bush...
posted by nobarbie on Sep 23, 2010
Love the natural look. No Barbie dolls!!
posted by bush on Sep 20, 2010
its hot and sexy
posted by Valvestacker on Sep 18, 2010
Jeez! Any bush at all would be a blessing.
posted by bush=gross on Sep 04, 2010
her bush was disgusting. Sasha is way over rated, no one wants to jerk off to her bullshit artsy fartsy shit, she sucks.
posted by sportzguy on Sep 02, 2010
Thank you, Sasha, for bringing beauty and natural back to the mons pubis!
posted by okayyy on Aug 31, 2010
Women only want the bush back cuz there to lazy to keep it trimed or shaved
posted by BigDust on Aug 30, 2010
I like the look of a real woman. In porn, shaved is fine. But in person, it's just kind of creepy. I just wish she could act.
posted by lulu on Aug 28, 2010
I love your bush. I think The bush is back. And real men love that shit.
posted by jessica on Aug 28, 2010
sasha is a fine girl.
posted by Rubin on Aug 27, 2010
Am sorry .. but the bush is really Bad, there's no point from it and its discusting!! i didn't think their were guys who'd like a girl and a bush .. !! Bad Move ..
posted by chad888 on Aug 20, 2010
Loved the bush. Hate the prepubescent, 6 year old little girl bald look!!!
posted by JackJames on Aug 16, 2010
I for one was happy to see her with some hair down there! I am sick of all the ones that shave it completely bald down there. I want to go down there and be reminded that i am with a real woman, not some "Jersey Shore" wanna be. JENNA: Please help bring back the landing strip! BTW How come no comments on the fact that last night there was also a nice full bush on HUNG? Rebecca Creskoff who is absolutely gorgeous was full frontal nude last night with a nice fire red bush. Glad to see it coming back!
posted by Big D on Aug 15, 2010
Is everyone missing the irony here? One of the main themes of the episode was Turtle getting freaked out about a girl with no bush. The last shot of the episode has a girl with a full bush? I think this was planned folks and Sasha was more than happy to play along
posted by another Mike on Aug 12, 2010
Love the bush, Sasha. Let all the peds find inflatable dolls.
posted by jbbb on Aug 12, 2010
i gotta be honest, her decision is fine by me because it doesnt affect me, but i also wouldnt want to go down on a girl that has 1. if i could get past that fear i'd be ok with it
posted by scubafrogman on Aug 11, 2010
I actually liked the bush. like she says, she shaves where it counts. I like the fact that she is a "real" women with natural breast. So tired of fake plastic porn stars!
posted by j-will on Aug 11, 2010
Sasha is so right.get over it people.sasha this is why you're no.1 in the porn business.bush is back baby.
posted by Bowman on Aug 11, 2010
Sasha is smokin hot! Real men love exploring the bush to find the hidden pleasure.
posted by mike on Aug 11, 2010
sasha is so hot

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