Comic Con 2010: 'Glee' Spoilers, Plans and More

Comic Con 2010: 'Glee' Spoilers, Plans and More

Tina and Artie don't last, Britney Spears theme to annoy Will, and Rocky Horror Picture to take over at some point in season 2.

"Glee" was one of the most anticipated panels at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday, July 25 proven from the number of screaming fans and the length of signing queue. Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and their co-stars served the Gleeks with bits and pieces from the second season, including some spoilers.

The first thing discussed was the romance between Tina and Artie which will be no more in season 2. In fact, it will be a love triangle as Mike Chang steps in. Talking more generally about the new season, creator Ryan Murphy said, "People think we're going to get bigger next season, but we're going in a different direction." This means less musical numbers and more story. "We're doing about five music numbers per episode instead of eight," he confirmed.

The Britney Spears episode was also discussed. Airing in September, it is called "Britney/Brittany" and will feature six songs. Since Matthew Morrison expressed his objection in having the Britney theme, his character Will Schuester will also be against the idea. As for whether Justin Timberlake would come over, Murphy said "no" although they are always open for the idea of him being Will's younger brother.

The biggest scoop delivered at the panel is the fact that they will do a Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed episode. Colfer who plays Kurt said that he is looking forward to sing "Time Wrap" which is the theme song to the show. Later after the panel ended, the cast walked out of the podium with the original song played.

Some of the confirmed songs have something to do with religion like "Losing My Religion" and "Papa, Can You Hear Me?". This correlates to the storyline when Mercedes brings Kurt to her church. Speaking about Kurt, Murphy who is openly gay said, "I wanted Kurt to have the high school experience that I didn't have. I want him to have a boyfriend and for them to be prom king and king. I think that's something important to put out into the world."

Before the panel was wrapped, it was confirmed that Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will return as Rachel's mom and April respectively. That said, Murphy is hoping to shed some light on Rachel's two gay dads.

"Glee" returns September 21 on FOX.

"Glee" cast at signings:



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