Video: Demi Lovato Blasting Joe Jonas in Concert

June 01, 2010 06:36:36 GMT

The Mitchie Torres of 'Camp Rock' changed the lyrics of her song 'Solo' to slam the middle of the Jonas Brothers.

Demi Lovato
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During a recent concert in Brazil, Demi Lovato slammed Joe Jonas with whom she broke up in May, only 2 months after confirming their romance to the media. The "Sonny with a Chance" star took a jab at her ex-boyfriend when singing "Solo", a song taken from her second album "Here We Go Again".

Demi changed part of the song lyrics from "why don't you stick to acting?" to "why don't you stick to tambourine?". Though the teen singer didn't mention Joe on that line, but many believed that she referred to him as the middle of the Jonas Brothers occasionally plays tambourine in addition to taking the mic when performing with his band.

Despite their split, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas will reunite for a "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" tour which will be kicked off on July 27 in Dallas, Texas. Along with Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and the other "Camp Rock" cast, they will stay on the road until August 31.


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posted by the DISNEY star... on Sep 13, 2010
JOE JONAS= -i'm not rmmber this girl's name-taylor swift-demi lovato-ashley green... who else?but anyway...i love jemi..
posted by Azka Lovato on Aug 10, 2010
demi i just love ur song to much...............<3<3
posted by Laker on Jul 25, 2010
Omg get real people she knew How he was how could she expect different from him he's a man wen it comes down to it
posted by DjPopRocks on Jul 06, 2010
to all the people saying demi did that cause all she thinks about is her self no you try having your heart broken by not only you crush but by your best friend i don't think you would be to happy. i love joe and demi i would like to become friends with them 'cause i've always got their back so stop an think before you comment everyone.
posted by Demi#1 Fan on Jun 21, 2010
Demi u did good thing but after break up Joe wants to be friends with u so dump joe like he dumped u and move on to some boy who really can make u happy :)
posted by Marlo on Jun 15, 2010
Joe.. I love u but damn it can u stick with a girl for a year? Pretty soon all those broken hearts r gonna break your back!!!
posted by gladys on Jun 12, 2010
i just wanted to ask if Joe really did loved Demi?? well i don't think so! hahaha and what the hell did demi think she had done with changing some of the lyrics of her song?? DUH! demi, you are just showing that you are BITTER of what happened to you and Joe! hahahaha way to go darling! :D
posted by demi lovato on Jun 06, 2010
i found my friend alicia
posted by ME on Jun 04, 2010
MONEY and FAME isn't everything
posted by Me on Jun 04, 2010
STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW
posted by martina on Jun 03, 2010
REBECCA, Joe is a playboy. He hurts many GIRLS! Taylor is one of them. I dnt hate joe. Let's just shut up on this. This is not our problem.
posted by Lani on Jun 03, 2010
Alls i can say is, JOES LOSS!
posted by Alexia on Jun 03, 2010
I am taking no sides, as i think that both are very talented, and i support them both. I'm sure Demi is upset, and took it out in the song, which she had every right to do. I really hope they do remain friends.
posted by julieane1972 on Jun 02, 2010
I HONESTLY THINK IT WAS ALL PUBLICITY! RiGHT AFTER ALL THE HYPEOF CAMP ROCK 2 but i know this u google Joe Jonas it comes up Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato this has sparkd some more fans with their JEMI the could of bin as big as ROBSTEN. Joe used to be my fav i Love Demis music i will listen To Demi more i think she was truly into Joe obviously its all about keeping the boy band popular foR Joe! Taylor & Demi r just a few broken hearts the jobro has broken!
posted by blah:D on Jun 02, 2010
then well if it wasnt on the day of the split.. we all know that people fall in love faster and deaper so it hurts more and a lot of people father be angry than break down crying and especially infront of fans of whom she wants to make smile
posted by blah:D on Jun 02, 2010
well ... maybe this was the same day as the break up so there were some harsh feelings... i mean ive fallen in love and that person acted like if he cared oh so much then out of the blue he just forgets me so i was mad and did write a song poem thing and after i felt better so you cant really blame Demi or Joe because some guys are afraid to get serious and leave with feelings still there or maybe he thought it was going to fast to soon and not ready to express such feelings of true love
posted by Rebecca on Jun 01, 2010
First of all, Joe is not a bad guy or a jerk, okay? He is a very good and nice guy who's always there for his family, fans and friends and would never break up with anyone over the phone or cheat on anybody, especially Demi or Taylor. He told Demi to be quiet about the relationship and she just ruined it for him. Joe I think you should find a girl who treats you right , isn't rude or bitchy and stays quiet about their romances. I LUV YOU JOE AND JB FOREVA!
posted by Danita on Jun 01, 2010
Joe, date more mature girls and not any you have to look at every day!!!It's too easy for them to take cheap shots! Write more songs to help your feelings and you'll get past this, too!!! No more famous ones for awhile, either...
posted by Tambug19 on Jun 01, 2010
I agree with Beth!! She stuck up for him when it came to the phone rumors...let her change lyrics to her own songs if she wants to!
posted by Beth on Jun 01, 2010
in my opinion, joe was kind of a jerk to make a point of saying that HE was the one who initiated the breakup. demi stuck up for him by saying he didn't break up with her on the phone (even though she could have let that rumor continue if she was mad), so i personally think she deserves to have a little jibe at him like this.
posted by leah on Jun 01, 2010
Don't forget: Joe did the same thing by changing lyrics to Much Better in a concert to slam Taylor Swift. He changed "now I'm done with superstars" to "country stars" or something. It's not like Demi is being so immature, and frankly, I think the tambourine burn was pretty good. I don't think she's bitter or vengeful, she's just playing around.
posted by JULIAN on Jun 01, 2010
joe is an immature do not know what he wants. Demi behaved like a true lady when twitter clarifies who had not broken by phone. Somehow this girl had to express their feelings and did so in this song. I do not like jonas, joe if you knew that did not love her you should not be her boyfriend. FOOL
posted by Me on Jun 01, 2010
I dont think Joe's the bad guy here. He just wanted to be friends. I Mean Joe didnt want to be in public, but Demi told them anyways. But, Demi is also not the bad one, she has a reason to be brokenhearted or mad. I Love Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas to death xxx
posted by alicia on Jun 01, 2010
would you be my friend
posted by mandy on Jun 01, 2010
demi,girl,u really need to move on.joe loves u just like a friend.he always did.but maybe demi really fall in love with him,but demi u can't stay with somebody that doesn't love u.u can't force joe to love u.that's the true.i love joe with all my heart but i know i'll never be with him because he doesn't even know i exist.i'm sorry 4 u,but i support joe all the time because i love him so much!and i love all the jonas family.they're really awesome.guys PLEASE COME TO ROMANIA!i will always love u with all my heart.
posted by Jaymee on Jun 01, 2010
Well first of all Demi said she was still going to be his friend after the breakup. Would a "friend" slam another in front of hundreds of people? I really don't think so. Another thing, Joe is trying to find the girl of his dreams he cant do that if he is with someone that he doesnt love and just wants to be friends with. He isnt playing with anyones feelings so people just chillax when you say that cause he want someone for LIFE not someone for 2 and a half months.
posted by Natalie on Jun 01, 2010
i think all you guys need to stay out of their buisness. There was OBVIOSLY a reason 4 them to break up. Stop blaming joe. I love Joe and Demi. Im just glad tthey are friends.!
posted by DemiLovato luver on Jun 01, 2010
I think its none of any1 business bout wat happened btween them. truly if he wants 2 break up with her than fine but he shouldnt just caz there relationship got public. it wasnt her fault it got public caz theyre celebs so everything they do becomes public. if he really liked her 4 her he wouldnt have made such a big deal bout it caz the public would find out no matta wat. u better off without him demi. luv ya girl!!! i saw u in concert last summer and u were AMAZING!!!
posted by Zahra on Jun 01, 2010
Look... Demi is just turning into another miley Cyrus!! If you get dumped you just have to live with it!! JOE 4EVA!! <33333
posted by helen on Jun 01, 2010
i hate joe for breaking up with demi. he's not a good guy. he 's a jerk. he'll regret it
posted by taylorswiftlover on Jun 01, 2010
i hate joe he just plays with people's feelings. demi is a sweet and pretty girl
posted by Mother of two on Jun 01, 2010
Joe needs to STOP playing with feelings. You just do not realize you love someone and then fall out of love in two months...Joe comes from a good minded family and perhaps he should take after his brother Kevin's example. Grow up Joe! The one who lost her is You!!! Demi is a lovely girl and you should have seen that!
posted by char91 on Jun 01, 2010
It's her own fault he broke up with her because she was always so open about their relationship- something Joe always wants to keep quiet. Joe Jonas always <3 x
posted by Jessica on Jun 01, 2010
y did u do that demi joe on facebook said he still loves u and sorry he broke u with u
posted by jonasCoula on Jun 01, 2010
firstly she sucks at live!!! secondly she became famous by filming camp rock and singing with Joe Jonas!!and thirdly i strongly suggest u demi GET A LIFE GIRL!!!
posted by Erin Jonas on Jun 01, 2010
Break-ups make people bitter...poor Joe though, always getting sh*t from his exes. I think Joe did the right thing, he got out before anyone got seriously hurt. You don't stay with someone if its not workin just to be nice. Chin up Joe..Ill take u :-)
posted by miaka on Jun 01, 2010
i luv joe and luv demi, i don't really mind them breaking up, cos i want joe to be with taylor swift again.
posted by nessa on Jun 01, 2010
Let's not take sides people... both Joe and Demi seem to be handing the breakup fine. They're both talented and I don't think either one is immature. Demi's allowed to have her moment to slam Joe, just as Joe was allowed to have his moment by saying it was his choice to breakup. I support them both and personally hope that they can be great friends again.

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