Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Dissing Each Other on Twitter

March 24, 2010 07:11:58 GMT

The rapper also challenges fellow young MC Bow Wow to outsell his new album 'The DeAndre Way' which will come out in July.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Dissing Each Other on Twitter
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There is a feud going on the web between rapper Soulja Boy and R&B performer Chris Brown. The young MC started the rift on Twitter by giving a remark that he has more followers than the ex-boyfriend of Rihanna.

"#ListenB**ch add @ChrisBrown & @BowWow followers together and you still aint half way f**kin wit me lol," Soulja wrote. In response, Chris noted what he has achieved in music industry, "@souljaboytellem and @bowwow what yall make in a show i make for an hour at an afterparty... jus sayin."

While Bow Wow seemed to ignore the backlash, Soulja tweeted another post apparently making a reference to his previous message, "#ListenB**ch if my last tweet offended you I won." Then, he shot down Bow Wow once again, "lol @bowwow there you go. f**k bank accounts. f**k followers. let's see who new album sell the most 1st week."

Soulja Boy is scheduled to release a new album "The DeAndre Way" on July 28. Bow Wow has also worked on his new record but hasn't announced its release date. As for Chris Brown, he has dropped his first mixtape "In My Zone" on Valentine's Day.


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posted by lil weezy on Nov 22, 2010
i am the best! lil wayne sucks.. i hope all yal know tha #S cuz swiss is the beast! and i am the man
posted by birdman. on Nov 16, 2010
soulja b izz a living legend im thnkng of featuring him
posted by soulja deezy on Oct 15, 2010
how will hhp b without soulja boy?????
posted by soulja deezy on Oct 15, 2010
hey ma peeps soulja boy is the best. goes 4 cb n bow wow. but im a fa of soulja. bow wow is good but hes got the old taste of rap.
posted by show on May 29, 2010
who cares who is first
posted by Baby421 on May 11, 2010
HI souljaboy i am your #'1 fan-I LOVED YOUR FIRST ABLUM !!!!!
posted by khulani thethwayo on Apr 06, 2010
hei soljaboy ur album is good but chriss iz better than u .the only thing u can do is to make a track together.anyway keep up the good work guz 4rm khulani thethwayo emtuba emapheleni
posted by Lil Bit on Apr 01, 2010
WTF all yall in dey business 4 anyway, get a damn life.
posted by ladyt on Mar 27, 2010
Have funny boys, I respect the effort to help haiti, by any means !
posted by jjack93 on Mar 26, 2010
fuck soljabitch chris will pimp slap him lmao
posted by khulani on Mar 26, 2010
all of u know nothing about music neyo is bettter than all of you he alwyz gives 100%.chris u are stil young,to bow wow there iz stil room 4 improvements same goes with soulja boy
posted by PAULPAUL on Mar 26, 2010
Im a fan of CB. I don't like them dissing him. Chris Brown is obviously bigger than both of them.
posted by M.O.B on Mar 25, 2010
fuck all of yall
posted by C-breezy on Mar 25, 2010
Indeed chris got swit heart wana help da poor bt soulja n bow dn respond bt anyway chris kep doin a great job.bow n soulja help chris 2 put money 2gethr n help haiti.
posted by gabby on Mar 25, 2010
the media try and turn thigs around just to sell. chriw brown DOES NOT have any twitter beef and the media are so pathetic.
posted by Bonita on Mar 24, 2010
and I wanted to add that Bow wow did respond but like some of yall already said he deleted his tweets right after.
posted by Kayla on Mar 24, 2010
TYPO. In my last comment that's suppose to say "first" not fist. I love Chris and i hate when peeps use that word
posted by Bonita on Mar 24, 2010
ALL 3 ARE FRIENDS AND THEY JOKE AROUND ALL THE TIME. If yall know anything about Chris yall would know he's a jokster and he's a good person hence turning the whole "twitter beef" thing into a charity event to help Haiti. Yeah I wonder why no one is mentioning that.
posted by Kayla on Mar 24, 2010
This is what happened. Soulja Boy said his fist comment then he said "well if it offended u then he won" He said that because both bow wow and chris' fans were going in on him. Then Bow wow tweeted to soulja boy "im ur big bro lets talk about bank accounts" That's when Soulja Boy said to Bow wow about there u go about bank accounts. That's when Chris Brown said to both about making more at an after party. Then Bow wow RESPONDED and said to Chris that his bodyguard is still sneaking him in the party becuz he's not old enought. Then Chris said yall still my boyz and he said let's put our money together to help Haiti. I wonder why this site left that part out. Then Bow wow RESPONDED nad said they should do a charity tour instead.
posted by Mike on Mar 24, 2010
Yeah I agree with those who said Bow wow tweeted. But for some reason he deleted it. He was talking about bank accounts then Chris said what he said. Then Chris added let's help Haiti then he said yall stil my boyz.
posted by Matt on Mar 24, 2010
Yall doing by homie Chris wrong. Why didnt yall post when Chris said to both Bow wow and Soulja Boy let's put our money together to help Haiti. And he also said that they were his boyz. Also Bow wow did respond but he deleted his tweets.
posted by Justin on Mar 24, 2010
@blegante If Bow wow was ur nigga then u would know that he did indeed respond to Soulja Boy but he deleted his tweets right after. That's why Soulja Boy was like there u go about bank accounts. that was in response to bow wow cause bow wow was saying Soulja Boy dont have as much money as him
posted by Kayla on Mar 24, 2010
WTF COME ON YALL GOT THE STORY WRONG. They are all indeed friends too they were just joking like brothers do. Yes Soulja boy started it then BOW WOW RESPONDED but right after Bowow delted his tweets dont know for what but he did.
posted by klin on Mar 24, 2010
this is a setup they just want chris brown to sell more album so he gets played on the radios love chris brown so i will support it
posted by Ms Linda on Mar 24, 2010
soulja boy is with jay z withthat shit kissing ass
posted by blegante on Mar 24, 2010
posted by jazz on Mar 24, 2010
posted by Kira on Mar 24, 2010
Soulja boy need to quit hating on chris brown he need to get his money up & make better songs.
posted by ll roy on Mar 24, 2010
i love ya'll chris and soulja boy. holla at ya'll later
posted by MANNN on Mar 24, 2010
Dalm i like em both wbuh whasss the point of soulja boy starting dat Breezy all dah way maynnn :)
posted by X on Mar 24, 2010
i think they was just playin' with eachother just for jokes
posted by ASMA on Mar 24, 2010
posted by Trippin on Mar 24, 2010
Fuck Soulja Boy Tell'em . Be smart not arrogant dude.
posted by chris fan on Mar 24, 2010
go chris brown u rule 4 life!
posted by Chris#1tubbs on Mar 24, 2010
Chris is way beta dn soulja boy, dat waz so lame of u tryna challenge 2 ov da best artist soulja u already lst nstead of tryna challenge people make music ppl wil actuali lyke u boring chris n bowwow rule n they sexy!

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