Robert Pattinson Eyes James Bond Role

March 18, 2010 08:29:39 GMT

Though he is interested to play the famous spy character, the 'Twilight' actor realizes that he is 'not very good at running.'

Robert Pattinson
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After playing a vampire in "Twilight" and a rebellious young man in "Remember Me", what role is eyed by Robert Pattinson? Met at the U.K. premiere of his latest drama on Wednesday, March 17, the heartthrob revealed that he is looking forward to playing James Bond.

Though so, the actor admitted that he has not met the qualification to be the depicter of the famous British spy as he told Sky News that he is "not good at running." Refusing to rule out the possibility of being the next Bond, Pattinson added, "Maybe in a few years."

While Pattinson has not been chosen to be James Bond, the coveted role still belongs to Daniel Craig who has appeared in the latest two films of the franchise, 2006 "Casino Royale" and 2008 "Quantum of Solace". The next project about the 007 agent titled "Bond 23" is being developed with Sam Mendes slated as the director.

Gaining sudden raise of fame through his portrayal of Edward Cullen in "Twilight", Robert Pattinson is currently shooting for his next movie "Bel Ami" which will explore his sultry side. His film "Remember Me" has hit U.S. theaters on March 12 and will open wide in the U.K. on April 2.


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posted by mariana on Aug 22, 2010
the best bond of all times was sean connery. i dont like craig and i dont think pattinson makes a bond wahtsoever
posted by thea on Aug 18, 2010
absolutely not. Pattinson is a mediocre actor, whether you want to openly admit it or not. Daniel Craig makes a superb James Bond, and honestly, as with @matt, no one will top him. To succeed in the 007 actors' footsteps, you have to be suave (he's awkward), athletic (he airbrushed his abs.. okay?), fairly attractive to ALL audiences and mysterious. Sadly, Pattinson is none of this. Really, there isn't any point denying it. He isn't. The slick look doesn't work for him either. I'm not watching any future James Bond films ever again if he plays it.
posted by HAHAHA on Aug 12, 2010
they REJECTED him because he is too dirty and young. You shouldn't have kept that greasy look D-Bag! haha
posted by yas on Jun 08, 2010
He's good. He's a good actor, believe it or not. Just because you refuse to accept it after him playing Edward. He's sexy, he's British and with a little help along the way, he could make the perfect James Bond.
posted by TifferBiffer! on May 22, 2010
Ohh, I bet he'll do good if he gets it!
posted by matt on Mar 23, 2010 do i put this. I'm a HUGE james bond fan...and Daniel Craig is the best Bond, and there is no one who will ever be able to top Daniel Craig as Bond. and if robert pattinson becomes james bond, i swear, i will refuse to see another future james bond film ever again. NEVER NEVER NEVER put this guy as james bond. NEVER!! Daniel Craig is the one, and only actor who will ever be the best Bond ever!
posted by gladys on Mar 18, 2010
that'll be great! :D
posted by patricia on Mar 18, 2010
YUK----You have got to be kidding me. I'd rather the James Bond series end than have him be Bond, James, Bond.
posted by ruly on Mar 18, 2010

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