Jennifer Morrison's Return to 'House M.D.' Added

March 12, 2010 09:03:44 GMT

Not only once, Cameron may be seen in a few more episodes as the writers have found a storyline for her.

Jennifer Morrison's Return to 'House M.D.' Added
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Great news for Jennifer Morrison's fans, she will be back to "House M.D." not only one time but probably a couple more. The actress who plays Cameron in the medical drama told TV Guide that she heard the writers are writing a storyline for her character.

"There have been discussions of me doing a few episodes next year based on what they end up writing," said Morrison. "Contractually, they've guaranteed me a certain number of episodes next year - I think three or four, which means that they're probably very much leaning toward writing a storyline for the character."

Cameron left in the eighth episode of season 6 after a medical case that shook the moral core of the doctors. Writers decided to exclude her in several episodes after that but bring her back on this April 12 episode titled "Lockdown". When the hospital is sent into lockdown mode due to a missing infant, all of the doctors must remain where they are. Chase is with "an old flame". Hugh Laurie directs the episode.

Since she was off the obligation on the drama series, Morrison is engaged to the Broadway adaptation of Helen Keller's story, "The Miracle Worker". Playing the mother of Helen, Morrison is co-starring Abigail Breslin who takes the role as the courageous blind girl. The play opens at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre until March 27.


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posted by NOOOO on Mar 31, 2010
Just give her the money for the three of four episodes and tell her it's paid permanent-vacation time... I hate Cameron.
posted by Sally on Mar 15, 2010
I missed her a lot, great to know!!!
posted by Iwa Iniki on Mar 12, 2010
Have not missed her.
posted by Crys on Mar 12, 2010
I have. :) good news for all the fans.

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