Brand New Pictures of Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Music Video

February 16, 2010 06:24:40 GMT

One of the fresh images sees yellow-haired Lady GaGa portraying a waitress and bringing two plates of meals in her left hand.

Brand New Pictures of Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Music Video
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Three pictures taken from Lady GaGa's "Telephone" music video shoot have been revealed. They mostly highlight on the dance queen sans her featured guest Beyonce Knowles. One of the snaps sees her playing a waitress and bringing two plates full of meals in her left hand.

The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and will pick up where the storyline of "Paparazzi" video left off. It is suggested that the video will follow GaGa when she is put behind the bars and rescued by Beyonce. Yellow truck called "P***y Wagon" which was used by Uma Thurman to shoot Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" is brought forward for one of the filmings.

GaGa's supporting act in "Monster Ball" tour, Semi Precious Weapons, will make a cameo and have a tragic end in this video. But, they don't mind it all. Frontman Justin Tranter told MTV, "It's awesome, we were honored. GaGa's like, 'And then you're going to die.' We were like, 'Yes!' The video's going to be awesome."

In related news, Lady GaGa reportedly has made BRIT Awards' bosses upset after she changed the set for her theatrical show for several times. "GaGa would arrive onstage on a pimped-up green Rolls-Royce and sing Poker Face and Telephone. But the Rolls-Royce is now gathering dust backstage after she changed her mind and ditched the plans," a source told The Mirror.

In the wake of Alexander McQueen's death, she plotted a tribute for him by dressing in black outfit and singing the ballad version of "Bad Romance" with her designer friend's image featured on the background. Later on, the plan was scrapped after she was successfully convinced that it would look like she was cashing in on his death.

Another new set which costs around 100,000 pounds is now in the works. But, the furious event organizers decided to give her 9 P.M. primetime performance at the event which is set to be held on February 16 to fellow singer Cheryl Cole. As a result, the dance queen reportedly is given a much smaller slot.


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posted by summing_kill on Jan 31, 2011
i lyk it.!.
posted by gelz on Sep 15, 2010
i lve.. u lady gaga ur a nice singer...
posted by jhana on Sep 15, 2010
i really lve ur songs i'm a big fun of urs
posted by catz on Sep 06, 2010
lady gaga when is the 2nd part of telaphone coming out!!!++**
posted by catalin on Sep 06, 2010
i really like your songs,ladygaga
posted by La ketchup on Jun 10, 2010
Gaga I LOVE YOU! You are the sexiest lady out there. I am a huge fan! When are you coming to Michigan?
posted by jordan on May 11, 2010
im going gaga for gaga.she is so beautiful
posted by sam harris the bigge on May 09, 2010
OMG i love Lady Gaga she is soooooooo good at singing eva and telephone and teeth are her best songs xx love you lady gaga xxxx LOVE you <3 <3<3<3
posted by gina on Mar 29, 2010
i love this song out fits are amazing and please come to hasting 27 conrnwallis gardens
posted by millie on Mar 24, 2010
hey lady gaga have you got a mans privert.
posted by sally on Mar 24, 2010
hey lady gaga i was wondering,when are you going to finish the next part of telephone i relly relly cant wait to see i like your singing.
posted by Victoria Haining (Ba on Mar 20, 2010
lady gaga is just like the best singer 2008/09/10 has had for a VERY!! long time. she's not a man! she is a beautiful woman, her songs are absolutly fantastic! and so is her sense of style. :) i &#9829; lady gaga xx
posted by dee on Mar 20, 2010
lady in my gaga
posted by del93 on Mar 15, 2010
lady gaga is the best singer EVER!
posted by ladygagalover on Mar 10, 2010
OMG i cant wait too see it :) love ur songs :P
posted by jade lawton on Mar 09, 2010
u r a gd singer :P
posted by jade lawton on Mar 09, 2010
u bloody man carnt belive it how was u born man/woman
posted by Lauren on Mar 08, 2010
My tele-telephone! :3 Awesome singer.(:
posted by sarah jeong on Feb 25, 2010
she is the hottest singer ive ever seen :))))
posted by lil joker on Feb 23, 2010
i like it it was a good ass song
posted by Tornado Tom on Feb 16, 2010
Lady Gaga has more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body!
posted by leah on Feb 16, 2010
hay latey gaga I was wondering if you are gay?
posted by john dany on Feb 16, 2010
imiss u

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