Video: Nick Jonas Debuts New Song 'Stay' at Concert

January 08, 2010 06:47:22 GMT

Along with The Administration, Nick Jonas delivered a song about falling for someone in the gig taking place at Warner Theater.

Video: Nick Jonas Debuts New Song 'Stay' at Concert
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Nick Jonas has a new song called "Stay" showcased live at his concert on January 6. The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers performed the fresh material with his side project The Administration at Warner Theater in Washington, DC.

Prior to the performance, Nick tweeted about what the song is all about. "Its about fallin for someone," he revealed before then posting part of the lyrics, "Now that the pain is done, no need to be afraid, we don't have time to waste, just tell me that you'll stay."

"Beautiful, one of a kind. You're something special babe, and you don't even realize that your my hearts desire," Nick continued writing the lines. "Its hard to believe where we are now, your hand in mine feels right somehow."

Nick Jonas and The Administration will next be seen rocking Philadelphia's Tower Theater on January 9 and are going to continue their tour until January 30. Three days later, they will release their first studio album "Who I Am" across the United States.


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posted by Livin\' The Dream on Jan 12, 2010
I don't understand the comments by Lamia (below). I don't like that it's somehow "cool" to be such rude, hurtful trash-talker. What happened to manners? I personally can't stand hip-hop rhythms and lyrics about strippers on the pole, but those artists are making the music that they want to make and they have their own audience... it's just not the music I choose listen to. Music is personal taste & style. It's ok to not like one's music - just let it be - to each his own. How wonderful for Nick that he gets to make music he likes and do what he enjoys. We should all be so lucky to do what we love. Success may not be about the money or fame. Maybe, just maybe, success is waking up every day knowing you get to do what you enjoy and touch people with your talent. Go Nick!
posted by impressed on Jan 12, 2010
I really liked it (I'm in my 40s) and felt like I was listening to something Prince would have done. Great job, Nick.
posted by udontknowme on Jan 11, 2010
omg so effen amazing
posted by liz on Jan 08, 2010
I actually really think this is catchy. Not a huge fan of "teeny bopper" music, but, I think this kid has some talent.
posted by ani on Jan 08, 2010
who's the girl?? i bet she's really special.. :D
posted by Lamia on Jan 08, 2010
Epic fail. Only teeneboppers trash and hockey retarded mums can think this is music. He might be the only decent out of the Jonas Crappers but decent isn't enough, face it. Terrible. His pr moves and money won't buy him a career. Fail, fail, fail. Teens and retardeds claiming this is "good" grow a pair of ears and go listen to real pop music. This is awful.
posted by my0wnterritory on Jan 08, 2010
the song is really awesome cause it came from a genius
posted by yasyas on Jan 08, 2010

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