'Thor' Release Date Moved Forward

'Thor' Release Date Moved Forward

Following the announcement of new release schedule for the upcoming superhero film, 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' has also got its release date.

The release date for "Thor" has been pushed up by two weeks from its original May 20, 2011 slot. Following report that "Spider-Man 4" will not meet its May 5, 2011 deadline, Paramount Pictures has announced that the upcoming movie adaptation of Marvel superhero character will be premiered on May 6, 2011.

Soon after Paramount decided to move up "Thor" release schedule, Disney has announced that "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" will be dropped in U.S. theaters on May 20, 2011, replacing "Thor". This fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean" film franchise previously had not had an exact release date.

"Thor" is an epic adventure that spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. The story centers on Chris Hemsworth's Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior, who is cast down to Earth due to his reckless actions, but he later learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of Asgard tries to invade Earth.

Meanwhile, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is said to follow Jack Sparrow in his quest to find the Fountain of Youth. He will team up with Captain Barbossa in order to "defeat some supernatural terror". It has not been confirmed whether or not Johnny Depp will return to this film, while Rob Marshall is set to serve behind the lens.

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    Sep 02, 2010

    Seeing the footage that was leaked after ComicCon, I'm very eager to see Thor!

    Jan 11, 2010

    I still don't think the adaptation of Thor from the comics to big screen will be do-able in a huge successful way. It is two difficult to sell or make super powers and abilities come from movie actors enuff to be a good and believable movie. Unless, Thor can fly like Superman Returns(4) and the Fantastic 4- Silver Surfer and Human Torch; fight like the hulk2 and "God of War"; and have the realism of Hulk2 and Transformers- The Thor movie will be a flop and disappointment. Super Power individuals and hero's with flying powers, Greek Mythology, or Immortals in a real earth environment doesn't work so well. They have a chance of having better success when they stay in the fantasy realms of movie making- sorta like "Lord of the Rings"- which makes staying in the Realm of Asgard more than on earth a better sell of the Thor Story Line and Character to a Movie audience. I see and think "Street Fighter" and "Superman" I, II, and III in this movie b/c of the difficulty of making and bringing mythological monster to the big screen, showing off real super powers and flying. Just look how limited and bad the flying and powers of "Storm" of the X-Men movies were. Three movies and all they could get her comic character to do was have her eyes turn white and CG some tornado's and very fake lighting. C'mon Stan Lee, make Hollywood do it 500% and make the character real believable or leave them in the Comics.

    Jan 07, 2010

    Oh i now what this mean!, this all means that Pirates 4 will take over Summer 2011, when its released on May 20th, 2011 Friday!. Hell Yeah! ;).

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