Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter Account, No Reason Given

December 15, 2009 03:50:39 GMT

He said his good bye in his last tweet that read, "I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chris Brown
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Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account, leaving fans and people in common guessing the reason why as he hasn't given an explanation just yet. The R 'n' B artist's absence from the popular micro-blogging site comes in the wake of his rant about Walmart and the rest of the recording industry not handling his latest album "Graffiti" very well.

"im tired of this s***. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f*** do i gotta do," so read one of his last tweets. "WTF... yeah i said it and i aint retracting s***. im not biting my tongue about s*** else... the industry can kiss my a***." He, moreover, took a jab at his haters, writing "For those people who r constantly tweeting me wit bulls***.. hop off my ****.. ur life is pointless." He then added, "For the young fans.. honestly, sorry for all the cursing... All my fans... love you.. thx for everything."

Earlier Monday, December 14, Chris posted a short message on his account which might indicate his exit from Twitter. "I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!" he wrote as being quoted by E! News.


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posted by punkasschrisbrown on Jan 06, 2010
this dude's an ass. lmao pathetic fool. i thought he was a good guy but he ain't nothin but a b!tch. straight up. how's he gonna tell people that their lives are pointless? HE ISN'T GOD! i don't care how famous or cute he is, he's a fuckin prick. anybody who defends this guy can suck my invisible d!ck. i swear i hope you's get beat by your man til you black out. sh!t. groupie ass b!tches.
posted by 789 on Dec 18, 2009
dont let wasted ppl ruin ure career- i luv yuuh loadz nd support yuuh 2 the maximum x
posted by doc on Dec 17, 2009
he shouldnt have beatin his girl no man should do that even if you do come from an abusive home i dont hit women because of the lifr i had seeing my mum get beat up chris good things will happen in time just learn to control yourself then do good things hopefully good things will start happening to you i dont hate you for what you did because i dont know you but am disappointed for what you did because so many little ones look up to you hopefully everything will calm down later on ..DOC.. 18yrs m
posted by Nicole_boo17 on Dec 16, 2009
CHRISSS! ilove yuu soo muchh<333 no matter what people sayy! (: ima fan till i die!(:
posted by dc on Dec 16, 2009
well, chris i just want u to kno dat i'll be in ur side no metter wat. cuz if ur upset then i,ll be upset too take it ezy chris. ur my best celebrity and artist. email me plezzzzzzzzzz nothing personal i would really appreciate it if u did. thanks.
posted by dc on Dec 16, 2009
well, chris no metter wat u do i still love u and am gonna be in by ur side no metter wat. take it easy chris i dont like seeing u upset cos if ur upset i'm upset. plzzz baby look after urself.
posted by CHRIS fan 4 LIFE on Dec 16, 2009
LOVE YOU CHRIS BREEZY!!! i hate the fact THAT yOU DELETED you account i mean that waz THE ONLY REASON I USE TO GO ON TWITTER...but I UNDERSTAND why you had to QUIT>>>all the media keept bullshiting and making every tweet you wrote a headline and made you look lyk the worst person BUT TRUST me your TRUE FANS know THAT YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON AT ALL!!! LOVE YOU juz plz KEEP MAKING GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!=D =D =D btw lOVinG ur NEW ALBUM the BEST ALBUM till today!!!!!!
posted by david on Dec 15, 2009
exactly... you beat women, you live a hard life. besides, mr. anger, or beat her down, or chris brown, whatev... wal-mart IS selling your CD you nut job angry man. they're also selling it online. they were sold out when you were there. look online crack man.
posted by ALWAYS ME :) on Dec 15, 2009
It amazes me how people have so many things to say regardless if a woman put herself in a man position then she deserves what comes next i believe no one was at the scene at the time it had happen so every 1 need to stay out of every one elses business and take care of yo own shyt no one is perfect now for the person who left the 1st comment "GO SUCK ON SOMETHIN"
posted by Trikklz on Dec 15, 2009
Get over yourself... u beat a woman and leave her to death. What did u think was gonna happen?
posted by ca1111 on Dec 15, 2009
love u breezy!!!
posted by whocaresaboutchrisbr on Dec 15, 2009
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