Video: Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley Make Fun of Kanye West on CMAs Duet

November 12, 2009 08:33:57 GMT

In addition, Taylor Swift performs 'Forever and Always' as well as 'Fifteen', Carrie Underwood sings 'Cowboy Casanova' and Sugarland deliver 'Keep You'.

Video: Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley Make Fun of Kanye West on CMAs Duet
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Opened with "Forever and Always" performance from Taylor Swift, 2009 Country Music Association Awards continued with a duet between the show's hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. They delivered lines which make reference to Kanye West who interrupted Taylor at 2009 MTV VMAs. "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Kanye / Let 'em pic guitars and drive them old trucks / 'cause cowboys have manners, they don't interrupt," they sang.

This was not the only set in which Kanye got slammed. Later that night at the November 11 ceremony, Jimmy Dickens made fun of the rapper. Jimmy came onto the stage and interrupted Brad when he talked about his "Welcome to the Future" video by saying that Taylor has the best video ever.

Another live performance came from the winner of Vocal Duo of the Year Sugarland who performed a ballad track called "Keep You". Taylor entertained the audience once again with "Fifteen" and Carrie brought her "Cowboy Casanova". There was also a collaboration between DAUGHTRY and Vince Gill.

Taylor Swift's "Forever and Always" performance:

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley's duet, poking at Kanye West:

Sugarland's "Keep You" performance:

Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" performance:

Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" performance:

DAUGHTRY and Vince Gill's "Tennessee Line" performance:

2009 CMAs : Winners List


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posted by Muzzy on Nov 15, 2009
I like Taylor Swift and I'm happy for her but I truly believe that Female Vocalist of the Year should have gone to the female artist who can really carry a tune with her vocals and we all know that Taylor can't do that.
posted by minxxyblogger on Nov 14, 2009
"songs written or co-written by TS" for her Fearless album.. err corrected from song to songs.. as it does state on her album info n she's just been on this album for over 1yr.. time for some fresh, new music don't ya think??
posted by minxxyblogger on Nov 14, 2009
btw if Taylor Swift is so great why Weren't ANY of her songs from her 1 decent album chosen as "Song of the Year" or "Single of the Year" or her Fearless album, "Album of the Year"?? Nor did she win any awards at the ACMs, she got regonition for the sales of "Fearless" but won No Awards from the highly rated/recognized "Academy of CM". As said, TS can be the 1st "1 Album Wonder" n should enjoy her 15mins of fame. Enuff said!! *err: its "she's marketable cuz she double records her songs to fit either the Country or Pop genre fans".. something very few CM artists have done. Tho even Shania Twain, a true Country Great.. but she did put out a 'Red' n 'Green' album for "Up".. one was more Pop (red) sounding n one more Country (green) sounding. Just as Shania's "Party for Two".. Country version is sung w/Billy Currington; the Pop version w/Mark McGrath. Tho that is the only album n song she double recorded. *Just FYI for those who don't know what 'double-recorded' is. Didn't anyone wonder why there was a 'green' n 'red' version of "Up"?? or what it meant?? And TS did release now at least 3 versions of the album "Fearless", the last being the Platinum Edition. And if One Looks You Will See, it even states theis on iTunes "song written or co-written by TS".. so she didn't write all her songs by herself. Thus quit slinging that crap around n again, anyone can strum out chords on a guitar, but I don't see Taylor playing the guitar n singing as Keith Urban n Brad Paisely among others who do more guitar work than strumming out chords. And some artists don't want to be behind a guitar when they perform. Like Jennifer Nettles plays the guitar but you rarely see this!! Even Dolly Pardon played the guitar w/those long fingernails n she just adjusted her pickin' n strummin' to fit this (besides tuned her guitars a certain way, as muscians do) when she did play one as she sang. Which is why artists have more than one guitar onstage when they perform live or on tour!! Duhh!! * *Food for Thought **
posted by minxxyblogger on Nov 14, 2009
I wondered why they had Taylor singing so many songs.. they had to convince the real greats of country that she has some talent. But they all know her voice isn't strong-can hear her gasping for breath all the time. Maybe she'll be the 1st "one album" wonder, as that's all that we heard from. And sorry to all the TS fans, she IS NOT THE ONLY ARTIST, to write or co-write their songs NOR the only one who plays a guitar. I'm so sick of hearing about these two things that ARE NOT UNIQUE JUST TO TAYLOR SWIFT. Tho she does have one main theme: being young n her songs are all about BOYS!! WoW, great variety she has.. NOT. She marketable in Pop n Country cuz she double records her songs to fit one genre or the other.. do your homework to find out this fact is true. Brad Paisley n Keith Urban can sure rock Taylor into the ground when it comes to playing a guitar for real vs just strumming chords, heck Madonna can even play the guitar. And Jealous? No.. disappointed that so many more deserving nominees were overlooked, who have put in just as much time as Taylor has touring n have brought much more to CM vs 1 decent album. Hope she enjoys her 15mins of fame.
posted by Daynah-Rose on Nov 14, 2009
Hahaha i love it how all the Taylor haters think that leaving mean comments about her is going to change the worlds opinion that shes awesome and make her stop winning awards..she won four awards because she deserved to win four awards if she didnt deserve it people wouldnt have voted for her and she wouldnt have won..Taylor your awesome.x
posted by ksbeertender on Nov 13, 2009
Last nights show was very entertaining ... the jokes were truly funny... congrats to taylor Swift on her huge wins .. however we all in our household disapointed that Brad didnt win entertainer of the year..and that that darn chicken fried song didnt win any awards ,, what a wonderful upbeat american song ..
posted by catherine_2009 on Nov 13, 2009
ok taylor swift is not country what so ever the REAL country singers are already dead and gone well most of them anyhow i'm 17 years old and i know what real country is what in world chris daughtry are you serious that man don't have a country bone in is body... i have no clue what people are thinking nowadays but i wish country would go back to the way it was don't get me wrong i like carrie, brad, dierks, and any some what new singer for country but they are never going to be hank, merle, conway, george jones,and so on...
posted by brownbubblin\' on Nov 13, 2009
I think that Taylor Swift is a very talented writer, musician and performer. She dances quite well. So what, she may be not be the greatest singer. Neither is Sara Evans and quite a few others I've heard over the years. But she has a lot of heart, Taylor, and often times that is what counts most. She also has marketable, catchy songs that really sound great and are crafted to her voice. Besides, she is so pretty. Leave her alone, all you jealous haters. You wish you were 19, blonde, blue-eyed, skinny, rich and talented like her!
posted by dkfjr on Nov 13, 2009
Swift is not country and neither is Daughtry. I have to wonder why some who are not country have no trouble being accepted by country but others can't. Must be money that talks.
posted by TCCM on Nov 12, 2009
Chris Daughty is amazing-this song with Vince Gill is beautiful! Keep it up Chris!
posted by Betty Boop on Nov 12, 2009
Disappointed with Taylor's wins, she really does not sing very well.
posted by ant on Nov 12, 2009
im a kanye fan. but thats was good. its ok he making a new album and its going to be off the hook
posted by oldredgrandma on Nov 12, 2009
Loved the jokes - but can we just stop giving that low life attention.
posted by rhonda hicks on Nov 12, 2009
Taylor is great-- keep it up girlfriend
posted by carrie_fan on Nov 12, 2009
im very upset taylor swift won any awards. she's a horrible singer. she doesnt even desereve to be in the same category as carrie underwood. she might have well written songs but her voice is nothing amazing. she is more of a pop singer so she shudnt be trying to be country
posted by O_Oemsr on Nov 12, 2009
ha ha ha... kanye west sucks. I am glad that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood made fun of him!!!
posted by countrylives4ever on Nov 12, 2009
Tatlor didn't sing very well..... it's disappointing..... but she really is great!

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