Taylor Lautner: 'I Would Never Take My Shirt Off Again in a Movie'

October 27, 2009 08:20:38 GMT

He says he doesn't want people recognize him simply for his muscular body instead of his acting skill.

Taylor Lautner
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Garnering more attention from the media ever since he bulked up in order to reprise his role as Jacob Black in "Twilight" sequel "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", Taylor Lautner has vowed to never appear shirtless in future film projects. He is quoted by Showbiz Spy as saying that he is afraid his muscular body will draw people's attention away from his acting skill, which is much more important than his physical appearance.

"I worked hard to get in shape for this role," Lautner explains. "My motivation was the movie and the fans, but I don't want to become known as just a body. If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that's not very realistic. I certainly won't be asking to do it, though."

Previously, Taylor Lautner told reporters at Teen Vogue's 7th Annual Young Hollywood party in L.A. that he actually feels uncomfortable with his muscular body. "It's so uncomfortable knowing that so many people are seeing pictures of me shirtless," so he said. "It's weird. It's kind of embarrassing."

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" is slated for November 20 U.S. release. Meanwhile, it is reported that the filming of "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" has been completed. The next installment in the "Twilight Saga" film series will be released in U.S. theaters June 30 next year.


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posted by ellomatee on Jan 06, 2012
i feel so bad for him. people keep calling him all this stuff tht isnt true and people need to jst chill
posted by Linda on Oct 10, 2011
well, at least SOMEONE is showing a bit of respect to viewers! THANK U Taylor, we owe you!!! (NOT saying you have a awful body
posted by Abby on Aug 03, 2011
I love Taylor Lautner not because of his body because he is awesome, and kind and i love his personality.
posted by Selena on Jul 28, 2011
your a Lair Taylor Lautner You know you Like taking your shirt off in all Movies you make
posted by samantha peyat on Feb 24, 2011
i love you jacob you are one of the best actors of all time and dont worry about your muscles u are an amazingly talented guy and should not care bout wut other low lifes have to say. yes ur body is smokin but your talents are even bigger
posted by jacobs numba one fan on Feb 24, 2011
i dont care if u go shirtless or not just as long as u keep acting i love u as an acator and a person worried about ur acting and not if u look a lttle pudggy
posted by twilightrocks on Feb 13, 2011
so go ahead Taylor make your dicision your true fans will like the dicision you make. i luv you Taylor!!!! :)
posted by twilightrocks on Feb 13, 2011
if your dicision is what you want your real fans will like you for your acting and the dicision you make and i feel sorry for the people who dont realize it is Taylor's dicision :)
posted by twilightrocks on Feb 13, 2011
Taylor you are a good actress you are cute but you are a great actress your decisoin is up to you not any one else so make your decision dont go with what every one else thinks go with what is in your heart,soul, and mind that is what you need to think about. ;)
posted by twilightrocks on Feb 13, 2011
i agree with Taylor's decision
posted by newmoon14 on Jan 21, 2011
taylor is really sweet and a great actor! But most ppl dont care that he went through alot. He loves acting and im sure he loves his abs. But he wants his fans to love him for his acting not his body!
posted by movie directore on Jan 18, 2011
hey i have a purposal for you talor call me i have a movie that i would like u to play in my number is 605 4998027
posted by Nina5586 on Jan 11, 2011
Wow you know i am litterally in love with taylor! i'm not that type of crazed fan that has 1 million posters of him and i m not the type of person that pauses the movie when he takes his shirt off. You can't ever catch taylor looking angry...unless he's acting but respect him and who he is because if he wasn't famous none of yo would like him.
posted by Girl with number on Dec 30, 2010
posted by KT on Oct 04, 2010
<3Taylor im a HUGE fan....i LUV U......U R A REALLY GOOD ACTOR,ACTUALLY THATS really why i started watching the twilight seris......but dont let SERTIN people take you down just because they are JELOUS....<3<3<3<3I LUVVVV U!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
posted by LYNN on Sep 27, 2010
posted by person on Sep 25, 2010
taylor dont let those other kids get to u they r just being immature because they only care about what u look like but nomatter what when u werent famouse people would never be doing this maybe u should just stay low for a while like just ask for people to leave u alone and not do movies its what i would do i know what ur going through not like the abs stuff cause when u werent famouse somewhere in the would there were 15 people who loved u that u didnt even know u existed and there were 2 people who would die for u and thats true no matter who u r there still is so dont let those snobby people get to u they r all just big jurks
posted by lizliz on Sep 25, 2010
taylor u should never give out ur real cell# girls will just txt u and call u and it gets kinda annoying i know how it is i know cause i date somebody famouse and they gave out their real # and girls wouldnt leave him alone
posted by bailey on Sep 06, 2010
is the person under the screenname taylor lautner really him
posted by delilah on Sep 05, 2010
taylor, u r definrd by who u r not wht u look like. i am a fan because of wht i have heard about u not wht u look like.
posted by Josephine on Sep 01, 2010
well yea he has a nice body but thats what most girls care about i think it would be realy cool to spend the day with him no camras or reporters just him and me talking im not looking for an relation ship just friend ship at least so leave him alnoe if all u care about is his looks plus he has enogh to deal with any way so tay if u read this im a hopefull friend and i do hope you go futher in your career for ur acting not your body
posted by kyla on Aug 18, 2010
hey tay its fine make ur own choices don't listen to these crazy girls that don't respect ur choices its ur body so u get to make the choices even though u have a great body but hey like i said its ur body i rewspect that u don't want to take ur shirt off again in a movie so yea love u and just love ur acting so yea plz txt me i already put my number on here so plz look at it and txt me thanks love ya
posted by kira wright on Aug 07, 2010
i always cry thinking about having friends.until i realized that they always stab ur heart.even ur own genderfriend.i eat my feelings to feel like i am far away from the stress taylor.i wonder....please mail me.amposta dr. 6840
posted by kira wright on Aug 07, 2010
i forgot to say but have u ever felt like every body pushes u around to get what they want or to someone.i just dont like bieng in a world where people think their some one thier not.does any body think.r they hipocrits no offense u guys really i just wanna get people off my back and chest down here in dry old no fun ELPASO.
posted by kira wright on Aug 07, 2010
taylor i know u feel uncomfortable but i love mostly ur acting and ur copletly obsessed with u.when u where wearing that long hiared wig my friends thought u were gay. but if someone messes up ur life and dream ill give them a little lesson so u could keep doing ur dreams.don't let ur body get 2 u.justbe U.i love u taylor and i hope to meet u some i could my dream which is what ur doing.u inspire me.i love u.
posted by kyla on Aug 03, 2010
hey tay look i promise i wont give out ur number so plz txt me and instead of trying to be ur gf i would only like to be friends and get to know each other so plz txt me and ill give u my number again its 206 601 4711. plz only tay txt me guys thatnks love u tay.
posted by Roxy101 on Jul 31, 2010
hey i'm a fan of taylor lautner but i'm not crazy fan i like him because his asome acting skills and my sister carrie is a bigger fan soplz give me ur cell phone # and i promis give it away so call 573-473-7997 do't text cuase my dad cancelled my texting so call me and tell me your #
posted by kyla on Jul 24, 2010
hey tay i would just really love to talk to u and plz could i have ur number like i have said before i love u actuslly i know u dont want to post it so why dont u text me so my numbers 2066014711 plz txt me i would love to get to know u and plz nobody else text me thanks. love u tay
posted by kyla on Jul 24, 2010
hey look if he doesnt want to take his shirt off anymore let him make his own dedeisions ok like i know hes got a great body but come on dont let that take away what a great actor he is. ok now i just want to tell u tay that i love u ok i just love u soooooo much and i would love to meet u ok so ttyl
posted by kim,allie,danny on Jul 24, 2010
u have nothingto worry about ur hot with ur shirt off. but that is a very good reason to not. youre an amazing actor reguardless.
posted by team jacob on Jul 19, 2010
I just became a taylor luatner fan but i only like him because hes a really good actor and you should reconize that he is a good actor so stop looking at his abs and notice his acting hes really good!!!&#9834;&#9834;&#9834;
posted by kaitlyn geene on Jul 15, 2010
Good reason but,your to sexy to keep your shrit on the whole movie!!!
posted by kaitlyn geene on Jul 15, 2010
Good reason but, He's to sexy to keep his shrit on the whole movie!!!
posted by abbs2467 on Jul 13, 2010
hey tay you are so hotttttt and i am to young 4 u but my cousin kayla woud be so happy she is not nuts about u but she said she thinks your so cut so hope u read LOVE ABBS2467
posted by Hot heart on Jul 12, 2010
I love Taylor for he is very smart and is a great actor. I love his looks too. He is hot.
posted by shakiera on Jul 12, 2010
he is sexy
posted by twilightlover on Jul 12, 2010
hi I would like to say that taylor lautner would NEVER give out this number an even if he did i bet he didnt want unmature kids to have it OR give it LEAVE HIM ALONE an give him some space jesus fuckin criste
posted by TaylorFan68 on Jul 12, 2010
Taylor, you have been through a lot, from school to movies you are always on the move. I support you with this decision no matter what I really want. I want you to know that you have me on your side. Don't let anyone get in the way of your future goals in life. For Chris-get a life you are, you know you are jealous so drop it and mind your buisiness. I love you taylor lautner and if you could come and stay in florida then that would make my day. Taylor I love your persistance, TaylorFan68
posted by jazmine on Jul 09, 2010
taylor what is your email address?
posted by cecilia. on Jul 09, 2010
cecilia-i see taylor as my fantasy husbandd. [: yess great body && im pretty shure a great guy too bee withh in a relationshipp. (: loveee yaaa.
posted by allyson on Jul 07, 2010
I totally agree with him and that opinion. anyways people it is his body so he can choose. An all of these other comments about how sexy he is and that you have dreams about him and asking for his phone number and about his abs... thats what he doesnt want. he wants to be reconized as a kid with great acting ability not a kid with hot abs. so respect him
posted by deanna lambert on Jul 07, 2010
jc pr whoeva u said ur such a user and i dis like no big <- but i dont think Tayler likes u either so sorry:) :( (LOL)
posted by deanna lambert on Jul 07, 2010
I think dat who eva drouls over his body iz such todal perverts and u should'nt lik a person frm wat's on the outside but wat's on the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!;) lov, deanna
posted by madison dunn on Jul 06, 2010
hey, this web page is hilariouce! lol no affence people but what is the point of being a craze fan if by being one you will never get close to your most admired actor or watev?
posted by Christina on Jul 06, 2010
Awww, now I feel bad but I mean, I guess we all have to respect his decision not to take his shirt off :(
posted by rebecca on Jul 04, 2010
that is scary tho showing your body to the word like its scary i wouldent blam him!!
posted by destiny on Jul 02, 2010
plzzzzz dont say that, that is sad to hear...........:(
posted by unicorn123198 on Jun 30, 2010
i dont care if u dont take your shrit off i think u have a wonderful acting talent and i thought eclipse was wonderful i saw the sneek perview at 6 30 june 29 and i think that stars like taylor would never read so i dont even know why im posting this.
posted by sangina on Jun 30, 2010
taylor lautner is right Iam its his body and god give to him if he dont want to take off his shirt then he want have to. And if people dont reconize his talents then they going to lose one of the good acters. I love u taylor!! Iam huge fan and u was soo cute in sharkboy and lavagirl movie when u was young.
posted by ashely b on Jun 29, 2010
hi taylor L u r soooooo hot i love your shows like twilight and new moon and i cant wait tell eclipes comes out i want to see it soooo bad i am soooo glad it comes out tommorw
posted by DJ on Jun 23, 2010
There's just one problem. Even if he doesn't take his shirt off again, girls will probably still get distracted by his beutiful face.Sorry taylor, you were just born a hottie.
posted by haha on Jun 19, 2010
you do know that he doesnt read this right?
posted by savana14 on Jun 13, 2010
taylor y are u doing 5his we all love
posted by stormie jeffries #1 on Jun 12, 2010
posted by stormie jeffries on Jun 12, 2010
i love you so much i have your phone number
posted by la naugthy on Jun 11, 2010
taylor ur so hot how could u not show ur six pack hottie
posted by do people need to kn on Jun 11, 2010
why is my coment at the top
posted by peace girl on Jun 11, 2010
i dt agree with my friend he does not have a monkey face and pepole need to give him break
posted by do people need to kn on Jun 11, 2010
sorry i ment to say i think taylor lautner has a monkey face i mean just lokk at him
posted by do people need to kn on Jun 11, 2010
i think taylor lautner has a monkey face i mead just look at him
posted by Bella on Jun 03, 2010
I agree with devon...kinda scary... but really hot!&#9829;o&#9829;
posted by chica on Jun 03, 2010
I agree that he chouldnt be put through that kind of presure. Its his choice antways, i think you are doing the right thing taylor:)
posted by :-) on May 29, 2010
taylor needs his privacy guys!!! i do too!!! but we both got problems getting that!!! im supposed to be on vacation right now but the damn paparazzis are here watching my every move!!! i wish i could tell you who i was too!!! im a female actress and my name starts with a R!! but im not very popular!!! but i know taylor.never spoke to him though.he saw me once too.but he probably forgot. im in seychelles right now
posted by i agree on May 29, 2010
i think taylor is right he is young and so r some of the girls watching him he should not take off his even if he is hot he should be know for acting not abs
posted by ;) on May 28, 2010
I could never be an actor, I mean it's so unprivate! I LIKE MY PRIVACEY!!! So i give Taylor mad peps for doing it, and i tottaly agree that he shouldn't have to go on screen half nakid if he doesn't want to. And of all the posters I have, not one is shirtless. I know, how do i survive!? Jk, jk... ;)
posted by love on May 28, 2010
i think you guys r being unreasonable it is his life leave him alone he is 17 he is young and needs a creer that does not invovle his shirt off ya i think he is sooooooo SEXY and i love him but he is a kid and needs to keep his shirt ON
posted by mera on May 27, 2010
taylor is sooooooooooo hot wth his abs . ps sexy can I
posted by taylor on May 19, 2010
taylor give me your number
posted by marh on May 13, 2010
i love these pics he is soooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jana rene on May 07, 2010
i want to you, taylor lautner
posted by jana rene on May 07, 2010
i think the rain and thunderstorm are peaceful.
posted by JANA RENE on May 07, 2010
I LOVE YOU taylor lautner i missed you im obsessed with you.
posted by Taylor C. on Apr 27, 2010
It is Taylor L mind he can do what ever he wants he is a gret actor and i am sad to say this well never see him with his shirt off again but that is his mind made up he wants his shirt on. :(
posted by elisa hernandez on Apr 27, 2010
taylor i dont like you because of your looks i luv you for your u r very smart and talented.:)
posted by montana on Apr 25, 2010
i agree with everyone else because you should have your own choice what you want to do and i love you either way.
posted by wolfgirl on Apr 24, 2010
someone needs to talk some sense into taylor lautner!
posted by I luv u Taylor!!! on Apr 18, 2010
K.. I love Taylor Lautner!! I had this dream lastnight that he came to my school and was looking for some one to date! Well he pikes me and two other girls. He asked each of us questions to pick wich one he really really liked! He picked me and we went on a date an an amusement park!! How amazing is that.. Only if it would come true
posted by chick on Apr 17, 2010
ur so sexy taylor i love u and ur adorable i think we should go out!!
posted by liZ on Apr 15, 2010
taylor u r sooo hottt!
posted by Toboe on Apr 11, 2010
hmm all i will say is, as a human you have the right to NOT agree to take your shirt off in any know you can sue people for that. its a violation to your privacy!!! but you shouldnt feel bad about your body it is what it is but i prefer seeing your acting skills most of the time theyre funny and i like those better than naked bodies!!!
posted by jolie on Apr 09, 2010
He was more than just his body already tho.
posted by Lizz erin on Apr 09, 2010
Taylor you are the sexiest man on the earth. dont let all of those crazy girls to tell you to take you shirt off.
posted by rocker girl on Mar 31, 2010
posted by twi-hard twins on Mar 26, 2010
Taylor is one the greatest actors on the planet.we love TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by kiki on Mar 25, 2010
even though taylor lautner has awesome abs, it isnt about the looks even if u want a really hot guy. i agree w/ taylor lautner that he will stop taking off his shirt on t.v. because if i was a boy and i had great bicepts and abs i woudnt want to get attention that way. and he is only 17. i luuuuuuuuuuuuv taylor lautner for his abs + bicepts...but now i realize it's 4 whu he is, even though he is really HOT!!!
posted by cenaroxs8 on Mar 22, 2010
i think u should keep ur shirt off and all these #'s on here r all fake none of them r taylor's #! Can't wait till Ecplise! ur so Hott Taylor marry me! lol
posted by kkkkk on Mar 19, 2010
that is not even taylor it is just a person giving u a fake number
posted by ash on Mar 16, 2010
taylor can you give out your email or something im such a big fan i have so many questions im not a stalker i sware im just a fan with questions
posted by alybear on Mar 15, 2010
heyy taylor, i really like you. and i heard u had a younger bro. i just wanted to know if it was tru or not. sorry, but i doubt this is REALLY Taylor lautner. it's too good to be tru. but if it is you, id like to know if you have a younger bro, or if it's just something made up around school. -aLyBeAr
posted by Martine on Mar 11, 2010
I reconize Taylor Lautner by his incredible face and looks! he georgee! i dont care if he has a body or not. His face is all i want!!
posted by coolyo on Mar 08, 2010
taylor u r soooo sexy keep taking ur shirt off u r my future husband
posted by Taylor L. on Mar 06, 2010
sorry i ant give u my reasl number buti cant if u now wat i mean sorry.
posted by taylor on Mar 06, 2010
my number is 817-487-9891 if u have any comments just txt this umber
posted by Ttlingo on Feb 21, 2010
taylor its ok that you dint want to take your shirt off acting got you you part and your body is an extra thanks for being jacob taylor love your biggest fans erica and tiffany mwah
posted by loz on Feb 18, 2010
omg i love u taylor and i dont just like your body your completly talented and me and my friend have posters of u in are room
posted by 1998+1999 on Feb 04, 2010
Taylor lautner is sex bomb!
posted by kristen#5 on Jan 29, 2010
taylor ur sooooo sexy i love u u should do more shirtless scenes ur body is sexy i love u good luck with ur sexy bod + caree
posted by wow on Jan 16, 2010
taylor, you also bragged about how you put on 26 pounds of mucsle. but you know what, you still run around bragging your going to put on another 14. dude, im not sure if this is tru, but people under ur name are sayying that u used steroids. and i think they may possibly be right. just tone it down with the body stuff. And I WILL SAY THAT I AM VERY GLAD HE DOSENT WANT TO FILM ANY MORE SHIRTLESS SCENES AND IM SORRY FOR WAT U WERE GOING THRU. I APPOLOGIZE FOR THE OTHER STUFF I SAID FOR U TRULY CANT BE THAT BAD OF A GUY. GOOD LUCK WITH UR CAREER,ANONOMUS
posted by wow on Jan 16, 2010
ya i saw a video of him flexing on celebrity tv, and now he dosent want to be recognized for his body? make up ur mind! ur the one impressing camra crews by flexing your arms. ur not the only one with mucles. my brother has more mucle than taylor and he dosent run around without a shirt in movies or ask for attention. he uses his popularity on overkill. tis tis taylor
posted by wow on Jan 16, 2010
in every movie he is in he has to strip his shirt off and now he is just trying to get attention. honestly taylor, grow up! u and ur abs. dude girls, many guys including myself have abs at age 13. why go after him. its not like u can marry someone wayyyyyyyyyyy older than ur self
posted by diana on Jan 16, 2010
well he needs to be left alone and u ppl who say u love him 4 who he is u dont no him t\like tht dont get ur hopes up if u doesnt call lol
posted by Vivvien on Jan 11, 2010
taylor is an amazing kid.hes taking college classes when hes 17 almost 18 hes seems like a sweetheart and has great acting skills.who cares if hes got a muscle build that lokks nice?hes still only 17!!!!!so please leave the poor kid alone with ur hate comments. ~vivvien
posted by CassandraMarcano on Jan 06, 2010
I doubt That if he wouldn't have got all buff girls would ignore him anyways. Its not his body that makes him...well him i guess. He IS a really Actor and i totally agree with the not-taking-off-his-shirt thing.He got had the talent way before the body.
posted by sairyberry56 on Jan 05, 2010
I agree somewhat with chris. if he tried to draw more attention away from his hot body...then stop talking about it. but i do also agree that it could make you feel uncomfortable. put yourself in his shoes. try being his age and taking off your shirt for the whole world to see.......i get him.
posted by Jocelyn on Jan 04, 2010
I bet he won't even read this but I am jc the girl how said that I liked you since shark boy and in the movie new moon when you had your shrit off you looked hot but I said to myself I thought that he wasn't the kinda of person to do a thing like that but I am just 13 so I don't understand and I am glad that you made a choice like that cause if I was in your place and if I was a guy I would feel werid if girl would just look at me for the body that I have well if you ever read this please add me as a friend on facebook my name on it is Kim.e. Rawcliffe
posted by Jc on Jan 04, 2010
It's ok it's your choice I liked ever since shark boy
posted by Hi on Jan 02, 2010
Hey u shouldn't call that poor girl on the phone number everyone was posting and I don't believe it was Taylor under the name Taylor lautner. I think Taylor should do a drama movie to show his acting not his body
posted by Preganacy pact on Jan 02, 2010
You prolly shouldn't give out your personal number, there are many weirdos out there. :) alright Huns, p.s. He prolly doesn't come here. I think he barely has time to be on the Internet.
posted by me on Jan 02, 2010
i have new moon on dvd already and btw it really comes out on june 20 or march 20 so haha i have it on dvd again im saying that but its true
posted by NEVERCALL 9164104014 on Dec 31, 2009
posted by TAYLOR LAUTNER on Dec 31, 2009
posted by Biggest fans on Dec 31, 2009
Hey Taylor we are your biggest fans we don't think people should reconize you for your body.your an amazing actor we hope to meet you one day love your biggest fans kylee and Shelbie
posted by delaney on Dec 29, 2009
taylor people only like you cause your hot i like cause you funny smart and cute and you additude but othert people do not see that in you anyway my name is delaney and i am 11 and sometimes i wish i could be in la but i live in va i am sorry people do that to you anyways i hope you read this message and sorry i am young i mean you have to face so much at so young and i heard about the stripping i feel so bad i really think it is my fault hope you read this by
posted by ALANA on Dec 28, 2009
posted by ALANA on Dec 28, 2009
posted by ALANA on Dec 28, 2009
posted by jacobs biggest fan on Dec 27, 2009
u can not keep your shirt on then everyone will like edward
posted by P. wood on Dec 25, 2009
Hey ppl!! Taylor should not play n the movie if he dosent want 2 take off his shirt. 2:Michele: U pERv!!!- i respect that... nyway hes got a nice damn body and additude so idc... I LUV TWILIGHT!!! Jacob, Emmett, and Jazz are MINE! Yea thats right im ahore Just kidding lolz. But they R mine and if u want Jake, Take seth or smthn. If u love Em or Jazz Take Eddy or Car BUT LEVE MY MEN ALONE!!!! LOL I AGREE REALITY CHECK LOLZ!!! I also agree w/ Christelle and lil ducky 13 ( evn though ur names gay( i support gayys)) and all da people ho think hes smexy! P.s im a michele 2 but not that 1 i hope...
posted by Michele on Dec 25, 2009
Oh, and if u want, u can take off ur pants 2 ;o
posted by Michele on Dec 25, 2009
WTF DUDE?!? Why would he do the movie instead of just striking a deal w/ the director. P.S HES SEXY :P
posted by someone on Dec 24, 2009
everyone thinks your a good actor its just your hot to and everyone wants to see your hot bod so take your shirt of and rock that Movie. Go taylor lautner worlds best and hottest actor alive.
posted by HANNAH on Dec 24, 2009
taylor i love u your r the greatest actor ever please dont stop the movies i like u with your shrit on or off
posted by Lizzz on Dec 21, 2009
I think of him for how awesome he was in New Moon. I also think he is sexy. I would be very sad if he never took his shirt off again. He's to sexy for that.
posted by abbydolph5 on Dec 16, 2009
its not ur muscular body u have been a good actor in other movies like playing shark boy u have always been a good actor nothing changes that
posted by Erin on Dec 08, 2009
I totally agree with him , why should he have to take his top off? He looks like such a nice guy and i just want to wish him luck with his future films. Erin x ( scotland )
posted by M.L.P on Dec 07, 2009
Taylor I agree with you big time I mean everyone I know and loves you but any time I bring u up they say "OMG that boy has got some abs" and thats all they care about so ur right I wouldnt blame u if u didnt want to take ur shirt off in any movie. But u inspire me everyday and anytime I feel down I think of u adn it makes me feel better all the time!!! So thank you Taylor for everything that u do!! ur the BEST!!!!! :) thanks my names Morgan L.P. Thank u!!!!
posted by u ppl on Dec 04, 2009
heres my number 9182146481
posted by love you on Dec 04, 2009
me and my friends love you for your movies! keep makin movie and do what u wna do and well u marry me and mi bff's love u forever not for ur bod either
posted by #1 fan on Dec 03, 2009
Im sorry for you taylor. And your right if you dont want to take your shirt off thats fine with me. And i would like to tell you that you really do have great acting skills and i really do loooooove you :)
posted by micamoonlust on Nov 28, 2009
and by the way the ppl who only like you for ur body should realy b ashamed of themseleves cause ur a good guy. -mica moonlust x_x
posted by micamoonlust on Nov 28, 2009
i feel bad for taylor cause every 1 mostly likes him for his body when some others like him for his spirt, heart, and mind so thats y i think hes cute.
posted by dayanna on Nov 27, 2009
im a big fan of yours!
posted by dayanna on Nov 27, 2009
taylor dont worry because their is nothing wrong about having a great body! and if you dont wnt took take your shirt off you dont have too.but i just wanted to let you know that im a big of yours!
posted by cookie on Nov 25, 2009
noooooooooooooooooooo i think its the acting is the part that people would mostly look at because edward is hotter
posted by nina on Nov 25, 2009
fuk all of use. Taylor you are one charming kid ( i mean man)really and every one loves the acting they woulnt off watcht the movie the roll was just suitable it was to the right person act with a smile, ppl wouldnt talk if they didnt care
posted by Brynn on Nov 24, 2009
Your right. u dont have to take your shirt off if u dont want to!! Well, if u could choose. lol!
posted by meganleigh on Nov 23, 2009
He has it tough and i totally respect him for being modest. He is still so young and has such high demands. I don't blame him for being embarrassed. He SHOULD be embarrassed. imagine if that were you. i mean holy crap can u imagine all the pressure he has to have the perfect body. i say to Taylor i appreciate your hard work and modesty... keeping working hard and your a fantastic actor.
posted by taylor is beast=]]] on Nov 22, 2009
taylor like every is saying people neeed to give you some space! you should not be upset cause pf ur body ur anything else!!! iloveyou=]]]
posted by Aya on Nov 22, 2009
Taylor, I love you so much. Not just for your amazing body, but for what you bring to the screen. When I was watching New Moon, I could honestly say I felt your pain and that I was like right there with you. Some of these comments are pretty shallow, I would continue watching your movies no matter how you looked. It's your enthuisiasm on screen is what attracts most viewers, not your body. Keep on making movies for everyone's sake, and enjoy it. LOVEYOU <333333 :)
posted by Darth Sephiroth on Nov 21, 2009
To Chris: the reason why he talks about his abs so much is because that's what everyone else wants to see and discuss. This poor guy probably gets asked to show his torso WAY too much. Personally, I don't blame the man for feeling that way concerning his body. And he IS a man, for sticking up for modesty, decency, and chivalry. Miley Cyrus gets slammed because of a bare back, but Taylor Lautner is drooled over (almost literally) because of a chisled torso? Society's headed downhill in a hurry. To the Twitards here adoring TayLaut and completely disregarding his personal convictions: YOU LASCIVIOUS CURS!!! Here is a man who's trying to avoid making a movie into a softcore porno, and you're encouraging him to DO JUST THAT!! Honestly, girls, grow up. It's fine to admire, but once you get adulterous about it, you're only hurting yourself, and HIS feelings. - DS
posted by tellie on Nov 18, 2009
i think hot isnt the right word...he is ''hot'' but i we should say hes handsom.
posted by moo&bev on Nov 17, 2009
hiya im ur biggest fan me and bev are movin to la maybe we will meet u sometimes there is no offence against rob but im on team jacob all the way baby luv ya u da fitest boi eva byee
posted by LauntersaHottie. on Nov 16, 2009
Launter is such a hottie. Really, his body is totally awesome. Hes pretty hot too. Still, hes right, its not just about his looks.
posted by Rawr..! on Nov 16, 2009
Omg..... Ur so hawt!! Ur Also a really good actor and singer (sharkboy) if i say so myself... U were so cute then! Omg Im so looking foward to more Films (^w^) Love Ya!
posted by cora and katlyn on Nov 15, 2009
hey i love taylor but me and cora are on team edward
posted by ALLISON on Nov 12, 2009
posted by fan on Nov 09, 2009
is that your real phone number taylor?!
posted by ella on Nov 05, 2009
taylor , you are still really young ( and hot ) so good for you that you are so modest . i think you are really gorgeous and will never stop thinking that , you are a great actor :)
posted by Lauren duncan x on Nov 03, 2009
Always thought you were sexy :) first started my HUGE crush In cheaper by the dozen 2, not stopped lovin ya since :) x get rid of the body and see what fans you still have left :) I know ill defo still be here x
posted by Idk on Nov 03, 2009
Yo Taylor you are a great actor and shouldn't be embarressed about your bod.
posted by Idk on Nov 03, 2009
I don't know if he is smart or not. I would look for that then his smokin hot abs. I have seen a lot of magazines about him, but who knows if he is smart. He is so freakin sexy though. He is really young though. My bff doesn't care about his abs any more. I think I should agree with her , but he is still sexy!
posted by Rose on Nov 03, 2009
I think it's great that he's not boasting about it. He's modest,so good for you Taylor
posted by grace, :) on Nov 03, 2009
I adore Twilight and Shark boy and Lava Girl was stranglet great it's in 3D and you were still hot in it. (I'm a perv I'm the same age as he was in it or does that me to young? Anywhoo) You can act no matter what anyone says and being gorgeous is a boost every actor needs, you have the whole package really. Hot body or not you're still amazing in my books. xx
posted by crackpot on Nov 03, 2009
I know that alot of girls went absolutely wild when the comic con showed the first glimpse of Jacob shirtless, I also know there were alot of swoons when they brought forth the "meet jacob" clip. And from seeing that, of course you should follow the age old saying of: "If you got it flaunt it" youth only comes around once. live it up as much as you can, milk it for all its worth and regret it all later in life when your balls have dropped and your face is just as unregonziable as it was before twilight came out. --
posted by Taylor lautner on Nov 02, 2009
You guys are really helpful well most of you and for that heres my cell phone number 9164104014
posted by lilducky13 on Nov 02, 2009
Ughhh... this is so hard... i feel so bad because hes just 17 and hes having to do all of this. I think people should respect his wishes...he seems so sweet and genuine. But at the same time he is so hot... i love looking at him with out a shirt on
posted by TJ on Oct 29, 2009
Taylor if you see this (doubtful) think about this. It is a phase that will pass, but if you have the looks people will flock to see you. Build on the attention you are getting and then show them how well you can act. Your body is a gift, but your acting is the bonus. Good luck in your new movie.
posted by Puss on Oct 29, 2009
No.............. This is the reason I watch your movies. Please don't........
posted by Fraz on Oct 28, 2009
hey Taylor i really apericiate that u've familer with wht puublic demand.... Taylor its all for the time being has no effects in long run.. try to do the work which keep u in people mind as long as u want to b..... Allah bless
posted by skitter on Oct 28, 2009
Taylor, I'm glad you care what people think about your acting more than your body, but I hope you can get to the point where you feel comforatble and proud when you are shirtless in a movie, because you should be.
posted by Alyssa Shaw on Oct 28, 2009
I have looked at Taylor with his shirt off and i am deleting every picture of him off my phone and any picture with out his shirt on. But FYI don't do any shirtless photo shoots because that is what causes people to look at your body. I personaly do not care that you have a muscular body I think you are a great actor and you do a great job in thanking your fans and that is what matters. Don't let anything else get to you just be yourself and keep up the awsome work. Be proud of your body and only god can judge you NOBODY ELSE.
posted by Lori on Oct 28, 2009
I feel a little embarrassed that I find such a young actor so HOT, but I wouldn't want to see shark boy playing the part of Jacob Black! I can't wait to see New Moon!!!
posted by Christelle on Oct 28, 2009
Of course people would talk about his abs and muscular body. In fact, he should be proud of it and happy that he gets to stay in the movie. The reason he work out is for the movie THAT people wanted to watch. I mean people who pay to watch it deserve a little something. And the double standard thing is not right. There's no double standard. I mean a female being shirtless and I male being shirtless is completely different. Basically, Miley is almost showing her private parts and as for Taylor, well. He doesn't have breast like us females. We know its kinda embarrassing but that's some consequences you have to take when your gonna hit the big screen!
posted by ohboi on Oct 28, 2009
Well it's basically almost child porn since he is underage. There is a double standard for girls because Miley got so much flack for her Vanity fair cover yet it's OK for teen boys to take off their shirts?
posted by johnny on Oct 28, 2009
oh no! you has good body don't think other people said because they jealous,u r young handsome don't give up.
posted by dingo ate my baby on Oct 28, 2009
actors can set stipulations on what subjects are "off limits" in an interview. if this dude is REALLY upset about all the talk, then he has nobody but himself to blame. if allows interviewers to ask him these questions and then answers them. DUH! he's in love with his body and will show it off countless times in the future. money will make anyone strip.
posted by laynie on Oct 28, 2009
Eh, what a whining baby. He should be proud of those muscles.
posted by pa on Oct 27, 2009
think about it ppl maybe he's always talking about his abs cuz thats all ppl care about. in almost every interview hes done the intreviwer has aked him about his body. yeah hes hot but hes an actor & he cares about wot ppl think about his acting
posted by Mrs. Lautner on Oct 27, 2009
Look guys i know it seems like hes just being a dush about his abs but 'screename: pa' is right because he basically only gets asked about his abs cuz thats what ppl care about. but seriously the boy is hot, no matter what any1 else says
posted by reality check on Oct 27, 2009
"has vowed to never appear shirtless in future film projects.".... that is until they roll up the money wagon to his back door, then watch the shirt fly off.
posted by mimi on Oct 27, 2009
body's hot but im not paying attention when i'm watchin you do a PERFECT job acting as Jacob black so don't wrry
posted by devon on Oct 27, 2009
taylor u r cute but kinda scary tone it down a bit and shut up about your body juzus
posted by Chris on Oct 27, 2009
Good God, does Taylor ever talk about anything else but his abs? Is there nothing else going on upstairs? Enquiring minds want to know. Maybe that's why people only talk about your abs Taylor because that's all you ever talk about.
posted by diana on Oct 27, 2009
Poor kid. He is so young and has to face all of that. And to Chris-you are sooo jealous.

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