Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Rumored Dating

October 13, 2009 03:08:04 GMT

Both young stars ignite dating rumors after they are snapped sharing a long hug following the singer's concert.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Rumored Dating
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There is rumor brewing that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, who are paired in upcoming film "Valentine's Day", are dating. Talk on the matter is quick to make its way all over the media after the actor was spotted attending the country music singer's two different concerts in Chicago over the weekend.

On Friday, October 9, Lautner was seen sitting on the front row of Swift gig. During the show, he was seen keeping his eyes to Swift. Later after Swift completed her performance, the two shared a long hug, Access Hollywood reports. Pic of them both sharing an embrace can be seen on Celebrity Mania.

Though Lautner and Swift have previously acknowledged that there is nothing romantic between them, their close bond at the event managed to add fuel to the flying dating reports. Swift herself has also expressed her praise for Lautner, saying "I love him. He's so cute!" during an interview on Z100 last month.

Lautner and Swift's "Valentine's Day", in the meantime, is slated for February 12, 2010 U.S. release.


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posted by alexandra lautner on Sep 02, 2010
i am sooo happy they split cause that means i have a chance
posted by hanna101 on Feb 06, 2010
well. .!!,new Hottest pair is born..i really love them both, i cant wait to see their movie...
posted by mykeltyc on Jan 18, 2010
i agreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by hi on Jan 18, 2010
taylor lautner is HOT!!!!!!!
posted by mykeltyc on Jan 18, 2010
i think taylor swift and taylor launtner is a good couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by hi on Jan 18, 2010
i think taylor swift and taylor lautner r ment to b together
posted by kalibear on Jan 03, 2010
EWWW! Taylor and Demi?! That's just not going to happen. And it is not weird for a 17 year old to date a 14 year old! (Depending on who they are and their maturity level of course). And I'm glad he and Taylor split. They weren't very good together in more ways than one...
posted by idk?? on Dec 29, 2009
taylor swift= UGLY taylor lautner= HOTT this means not a good couple, so taylor swift back off.
posted by alexrusso31=) on Dec 29, 2009
i totally love taylor (lautner, of course..) i think, swift's pretty but i really don't think they'd make a good couple...she is totally not so good as selena does..=)
posted by taylor swift hater on Dec 25, 2009
sorry him not his
posted by taylor swift hater on Dec 25, 2009
i hate taylor swift and i love taylor lautner i am his number one fan. i think he does not belong with anybody but me. i know every thing that thare is to know about his ask me anything
posted by taylor lautner lover on Dec 25, 2009
i lover him and not her
posted by twilight lover on Dec 23, 2009
i love both taylor's but him and selena gomen would look amazing. i love taylor swift but she needs to find someone else.
posted by macaylaa>:) on Dec 01, 2009
i think if it makes them happy they should
posted by grace, :) on Nov 29, 2009
...and if they do the deed (you know what I mean it's just too rude to say) then in some countries wouldn't she be breaking the law since he is 17 and she is 19 hmm... lol
posted by grace, :) on Nov 29, 2009
Am I the only person who thinks Taylor Swift is possible the most annoying person in the whole land? Taylor Lautner is sooo too pretty for her, I know I shouldn't be trying to give people career advice, but surely since he is now about peek with young female fans because of how hot he is it new moon, then wouldn't it be better for his popularity if he was single :). I <3 Taylor Lautner, not too fond of the other Taylor!
posted by Chloooooeeeee on Nov 18, 2009
I think taylor swift is really ugly and cant sing! I think Selena has a squished face and he would be better off with me! XX
posted by maja maria mlinari&# on Nov 18, 2009
taylor i selena su ljepri par de taylore kud gledaš
posted by friend on Nov 18, 2009
it does not matter about age it matters about love at first sight for other people
posted by Perfection on Nov 16, 2009
I wonder what it's like do date someone with the same name? hmmmm. . .
posted by WERTYUI on Nov 15, 2009
posted by bethaannnnnnnyyyyyy on Nov 14, 2009
i liked him and selena together :P taylor s is only two years older thats not that bad what is bad is a 14 year old going out with a 17 year old like someone at my school when you older its not as bad becus your more mature
posted by miCx on Nov 13, 2009
NO..tayLor swiFT is hmm..yeah beautiFul..but tayLor swiFT foR tayLor lauTner..hmmm..NO..i guEsS tayLor lautNer is tOo coOL for HeR.. &#9827;just mY opinIon&#9827;
posted by raquaelle8821 on Nov 13, 2009
No, Taylor and Taylor are soooo cute together and btw- to everyon who has their facts mixed up, they r only 2 years apart, he turns 18 in February, so they are NOT that far apart in age! Duhh!!
posted by I<3TaylorLautner! on Nov 05, 2009! I love Taylor Lautner and I love Taylor Swift and her music too but no. SHes older than him. Nd maybe their personalities go well 2gthr, but Taylor seems like an "on-the-go" kinda guy so idk if Taylor(Swift) wld like tht becuz of the Joe thing ya know. I loe both of 'em, but I'm sorry..i dnt thinkk so. Him&Demi or Him&Kristen would like good 2gthr.(; Nd i thought Taylor Swift was w/ Lucas Till? They look amazing 2ghtr too!
posted by julie lautner XD on Nov 05, 2009
OMG taylor s is to old for him. bad couple!!
posted by Guest on Nov 04, 2009
Omg ok eww i think she only likes him cuz he's buff now and he would look soooo much better with selena gomez and he called selena gomez cute so bam there you go and she's older than him ewww
posted by tstl on Nov 01, 2009
They are sooo cute together...but it would be kinda weird and cool,cause there names are both taylor and if they got married(just saying) they would have the sam I love taylor swift music and taylor lautner is really cute(i think him and selena were cute together) but if they like each other they do and if they dont,they dont...
posted by re^!* on Oct 27, 2009
omg that is sooo cool.,.,.,. i luv taylor swift, & taylor lautner isnt 2 bad lukin,,, but i think taylor swift & lucas till wud b wayyyy cuter 2gether
posted by twilight1 on Oct 26, 2009
i cant belive they are rumoerd dateing i never thought it would come to them dateing
posted by Mrs.T.Lautner on Oct 24, 2009
they make a good couple but she makes the cutest couple with lucas till they look AWESOME TOGETHER and taylor lautner and ashley greene are like THE HOTTEST COUPLE i love both of them but they just go with other people
posted by taylor on Oct 24, 2009
i don't think they make a great couple he is very cute and goes better with selena gomez they make THE PERFECT COUPLE i am not saying that taylor swift is not pretty she just goes with someone else
posted by SJ on Oct 22, 2009
posted by DJ on Oct 14, 2009
Cant wait for their movie to come out !!
posted by MRSLAUTNER;) on Oct 14, 2009
AWW TAYLOR AND TAYLOR ! Im just happy the maneater "Selena Gomez" is not all over him anymore. Dont get me wrong I love her I just prefer the taylors more ! P.S : DEMI LOVATO & HIM would look so hot together !
posted by ammyw on Oct 12, 2009

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