Chris Brown Confirmed to Perform at Power 105.1 Powerhouse Show

September 25, 2009 03:18:41 GMT

He is scheduled to perform at the concert, which will be held at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on October 27.

Chris Brown
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Chris Brown, who is currently serving his community labor stint as part of his sentence for assaulting Rihanna in February, is making his way back to music scene as he has been confirmed to be among the line-ups for the upcoming Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert. The 20-year-old performer is slated to take the stage of the event on October 27.

There will be the likes of Fabolous, The-Dream, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, Mario, Ginuwine and Day26 among the other tapped performers, the radio station announced on Wednesday, September 23. The Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert itself has been set to be held at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Chris Brown has been living a low-key life ever since his battery case was exposed. His upcoming performance at Power 105.1 Powerhouse show, thus, will mark his first major return to stage.

Speaking of his recruitment for the concert, an unnamed promoter says, "This is a pretty C-list lineup. Keri Hilson is good, Ginuwine has some following, but this is nothing like the lineup that would have surrounded him this time last year. Chris was the Michael Jackson heir apparent, he had huge endorsement deals. This isn't the sort of show you would have expected from him before he got in trouble."

Beside the planned concert, Chris is having a new album in the work. The effort, which will be his third, is titled "Graffiti". Of it, a representative for the R 'n' B singer has told MTV News that no release date has been set just yet. The album's first single, "Transformer," featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Swizz Beatz, is slated to drop soon.


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posted by alanna on Oct 21, 2009
omg l dont belive in the stuff hun l love u still rihnna was proble driving u mad lol love u soo much cb whenever u want someone lm here hun love u soo much :) xxooo
posted by SD on Oct 20, 2009
I made alot of typo errors in my last comment. However, my major point is that we shall give Chris Brown another chance to redeem himself and learn from his mistake. There are so many men being physically abuse by women. We must understand there always two sides to a story. I'm still a fan of his talent and can't wait to see him perform.
posted by SD on Oct 20, 2009
I'm tired all of the negative comments regarding Chris Brown. This kid is young guy who had has made poor choices. He has to learn from them but yet people are trying to beat him down. THis be real alot people have dirt in the closet. It just that this kid is always exposed to the media so definitely we will find the scoop on him. I'm not excusing his act against Rihanna, however I do believe there are two sides to a story. People keep forgetting that also physical abuse men as well. Believe me I know because I'm a psychotherapist. Anywayz, Chris Brown is definitely a great performer and you cant' take that away from him. He brings so much of a presence in his creating great entertainment unlike most stars. I would have also loved to see him perform in Michael Jackson tribute.
posted by me on Oct 01, 2009
@baby you are a damn idiot go away quickly. people make mistake he was only 19, move on! teenagers do make mistakes from time to time.
posted by me on Oct 01, 2009
I don't know who this clown is calling the line-up around chris c-list players in the music game...are you kidding me? I hate when the media runs out to fine the 1 @sshole in a crowd willing to go on the record with some bullshi+ Love you Chris & i am so happy to see you back doing your thing. We love & support you always! keep your head high!
posted by Hicks on Sep 26, 2009
@Baby-Always going to be negative comments, Why shouldn't' he be able to perform, he's accepted his punishment and serving his probation. I guess most of us have forgotten it wasn't that long ago when everyone favorite Hip- Hop star... Jay-Z was in court, here's a little refresher and he wasn't 19 going on 20 when his felony conviction took place but 29 going on 30, Jay-z was convicted of 3rd degree assault, stabbing a man in 1999, went to court in 2000, didn't get sentence to 2001 and it was 3 years probation, Jay-Z continue performing and released his new album a month before his sentence He made mistakes, Chris, made a mistake,time to move on! @baby-People like you leave all the comments but probably didn't support him in the beginning. Ape, Slut seem like you have issues.. Chris Brown will be just fine!! The line up is a great one,that was just some unknown promoter who probably wouldn't be able to have a concert like that,just hating that's all,one person's opinion. I wonder what he will say the day after the reviews and the Izod Center being sold out,it's goig to looking like The Nets are playing!!!
posted by Baby on Sep 25, 2009
Send this stupid ape criminal in jail where he belongs. If Rihanna wouldn't be the stupidest slut on the planet, he would be in jail. BUt she saved his ass, cos her only wuality is beauty. Brain (let alone talent) is no part of the package, and this is the result. A violent idiot "performs" instead of cleaning toilets behind bars. Awful.
posted by Victoria on Sep 25, 2009
How do they find a way go downgrade the people he's performing with. How is this C list when these artist songs are being played heavily back to back. Anyway I'm glad he's performing!
posted by lelephant on Sep 25, 2009 is this "c-list"? Keri has been on some of the top singles and both Trey and Day26 have dropped solid albums.

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