Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Officially Dating

September 24, 2009 07:08:34 GMT

An unnamed source claims the rumored lovers are officially dating and have been together for more than three months.

Miley Cyrus
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No verbal confirmation has been made by both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth that they are dating, but a source has confirmed to E! News that "The Last Song" co-stars indeed are a couple. The pair is said to have been dating for more than three months.

On Tuesday, September 22, Liam was spotted attending Miley's sold-out show at the Staples Center. He was spotted among concertgoers which included Miley's friends like Ashley Tisdale and Miranda Cosgrove.

Later that night, Miley and Liam reportedly headed for a private afterparty at Katsuya, where they were said acting "lovey-dovey." The 16-year-old performer then tweeted, "Its a crazy day here at staples center. I just want everyone to have fun!!! Ahh I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!"

Miley Cyrus has been romantically linked to Liam Hemsworth ever since they began working for upcoming drama film "The Last Song", in which they star as love partners. Last month, rumors were mounting that they were seen kissing at Nashville International Airport. She denied the reports though. "The Last Song" itself is set for April 2, 2010 U.S. release.


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posted by Emily on Oct 23, 2010
she's a bitch
posted by anonomuss..... on Jun 01, 2010
you know what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i think that miley cyrus is an amazing actress....and all the people that think that she is such a hooker or something in that nature.... you are going to end up worse than that and i think that you need to keep your mouth shut!!!
posted by Malinda on Apr 21, 2010
I feel so greatful that MIley met Liam, she finally has a decent bf but haha i feel sorry for Liam he's in a gossip queen black hole
posted by hot chick on Apr 14, 2010
i think miley cyrus was the wrong person for the last song i think hillary duff would of been perfect
posted by JessieLOVE on Apr 07, 2010
I completely agree with Derpaderp. Mileys such a skank bitch.
posted by Derpaderp on Apr 07, 2010
God, she irritates me so much. I agree with "a person?"'s comment. Demi Lovato has sooo much more talent than Miley does. Sure, she sounds great on the radio, but have you heard her live? She's awful! And of course Demi Lovato sounds amazing but everyone is so wrapped up with fuckin Whiney Miley Cyrus that they don't even realize. I hate Miley. SHe's a whore and has a SUPER annoying voice. Boo.
posted by kt on Apr 05, 2010
he is old as fuckkk.
posted by potato on Mar 26, 2010
I think she's free to do whatever she wants. It's her life. It doesn't mean I'm agree with her 'bad habbit' but, I just wanna say, is none of our bussines, just let her do whatever she wants, guys. Miley, I love some of your songs, you have a good voice, I hope you always do the right thing. God Bless you all,guys
posted by Coleypop! on Mar 06, 2010
I mean seriously she has had like 3 boyfriends in what 4 years? LEAVE HER ALONE You dont even get much out of it slagging her off too the world tbf, she makes her money as she is soo talkented and i mean im 15 and most girls at my school have 4 boyfriends a month!! BACK OFF!
posted by rockprincess on Feb 24, 2010
people think it is normal for her to date older guys but they might be a rebond guy HAVE YOU GUYS BROKE WITH SOME ONE AND TRY TO USE AN ANOTHER GUY TO JUST GET OVER YOUR EX-BOYFRIEND?
posted by Mooshy on Jan 27, 2010
Hate her
posted by Mehnosh on Jan 27, 2010
posted by mileyfun on Dec 30, 2009
I think she is great!!! She is not sent but she admiths that. She have normal parents who will be always for her and with her and they support her. she is GREAT SINGER and ACTRESS and she means what she writtes. AND I AM STANDING BEHIND MY WORDS.
posted by i love miley cyrus on Dec 24, 2009
i dont give a care what people say about her i think shes a great singer and she can do what ever she wants i dont get why people care! your not her parents so shut it. her music is not anoying or stupid. :) I LOVE HER !
posted by a person? on Oct 11, 2009
if you guys are trying to defend her, it might help to spell your words correctly. i don't give a crap what she does with her life, she's just maknig it harder for other disney stars to gain credibility, like demi lovato and the jonas brothers, artists with REAL talent. that's what annoys me about her. oh, and she oesn't rock, her musc is the most annoying pop crap i've ever heard. but she's a decent person, at least.
posted by krazycherry on Oct 11, 2009
hey wat happend 2 her bf nick jones dint she say she lves him tha fkn bullcrapn man
posted by Yb on Oct 08, 2009
she can do what she want..she is a i think it's ok..
posted by danna on Sep 28, 2009
hey, give her a break she's just 16 y.o any 16 y.o girl normaly do that. don't tell me you didn't do that. coz if you don't your abnormal maybe your ugly.....hehehehehe!
posted by babyv221813 on Sep 28, 2009
umm...kate, miley has had 2 boyfriends (3 if u include liam) wow she changes boyfriends ALOT! seriously get a life.
posted by Kate on Sep 27, 2009
omg! she is such a bitch! she changes her boyfriends like her panties! WHAT A BITCH!
posted by anti miley on Sep 25, 2009
posted by notagain on Sep 25, 2009
she is so insufferable..
posted by just saying. on Sep 25, 2009
this girl is 16 yrs old, its not like she's going to marry these guys anytime soon! She is just being a normal 16 year old on a world-wide stage!
posted by love on Sep 25, 2009
dunno...dont care!
posted by mileycyrusisaslut on Sep 25, 2009
whore bag
posted by doopadeedum on Sep 24, 2009
posted by blah on Sep 24, 2009
hate her
posted by feewrara on Sep 24, 2009

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