Cover Art for Tokio Hotel's 'Humanoid'

September 03, 2009 06:17:42 GMT

Beside the cyborg theme of Tokio Hotel's new album 'Humanoid', a snippet of the title track is also offered.

Cover Art for Tokio Hotel's 'Humanoid'
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Tokio Hotel's cover art for their upcoming studio album "Humanoid" has been unveiled. Coming out via Rolling Stone, this artwork captures the headshot of the band's frontman Bill Kaulitz as a cyborg with his hair being replaced by cords and wires.

In addition to "Humanoid" cover art, a clip of the album's title track has also emerged. "At the end of this track we got rid of all the normal song structures. 'Humanoid' has so many different parts and melodies, it's a weird journey that might be a little confusing at the beginning, but we can't wait to play it live," so Bill said of the song.

Tokio Hotel's third studio album, "Humanoid" is scheduled to be released across United States on October 6. "We have a song but there are many different ways to interpret the song. And we have to find the best interpretation. We, then start to experiment with each song by changing the guitar-sounds or modifying my voice," Bill explained about what to expect from the set.


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posted by mommy on Oct 13, 2009
the cover art is reminiscent of Gackt's GHOST COver Art, seeing as GHOST was promoting Terminator : SCC
posted by CelXTH4life on Oct 06, 2009
ahhhh!!!!!!! Of course i cnt wait!!! so0 duhh!! pre-ordered so0 many CD's xD ahhh!!! cant wait!! ^^
posted by i love tokio hotel on Sep 19, 2009
agapw ola ta tragoudia tous k tous tokio hotel
posted by 10dani01 on Sep 17, 2009
omg i cant wait itll it comes out! automatic is frikin' amazing<333
posted by *SaYaN* sOOwOoP on Sep 11, 2009
CaNt WAiT Fer THeRE nEW cd tO ComEE out ITz gONna BEE aWesOMe..GoOOo TokIO HOTel
posted by sayan on Sep 11, 2009
posted by flonja on Sep 10, 2009
wow bill i forget to say that you are my angel and that i am crazy for my "metal boy". i think for you every day ,evary momentand you are the dream that i see every night that i hope with my hurt too will be real.eventhoght you or you7r twin brother don't belive me or my best friend fabiola and fun i'm sorry but are real. i and my best friend fabiola kiss you and tom wonerful twins o the world.automatic was fantastic guys the must beautiful song that i listen in my life.
posted by fabiola on Sep 10, 2009
automatic was wonderful . i looooooovee you tom you are must important thing in my life, i kiss you huny...
posted by flonja on Sep 10, 2009
you are fantastic and i loooooooooooooooveeeee you bill with every feel in this world.don't forget i loooooooooooveee you real i love you huny.i kiss you .
posted by Lizzielove on Sep 06, 2009
I really hope the stores in my town have it, if not, I'll have an anxiety attack! Tokio Hotel 4 immer! <333
posted by Lizzielove on Sep 06, 2009
I really hope the stores in my town have it, if not, I'll have an anxiety attack! Tokio Hotel 4 immer! <333
posted by Arielle on Sep 05, 2009
I love thier new sound and style. Tokio hotel forever
posted by nicholas on Sep 05, 2009
its a perfect album!!! tokio hotel for ever!!!! from cyprus
posted by kaitlin on Sep 04, 2009
I'm getting outta school to get the album when it gets out :)
posted by kikka on Sep 04, 2009
i love th xs
posted by Muw on Sep 04, 2009
Wow, wow, wow! The bois have doing it again...
posted by aloe on Sep 03, 2009
L.O.V.E the song Humanoid, amazing sound and i luv bill's voice =D :) <3333333
posted by Frida on Sep 03, 2009
I just love this song. They are amazing. Wow. God job guys!
posted by Jess on Sep 03, 2009
Humanoid is awesome! I can't wait to buy it!
posted by singer4love89 on Sep 03, 2009
I can't wait for october 6th!! I want to see the whole band as zoids! So smexy!!
posted by twinangie on Sep 03, 2009
i love the song and i love bill's voice. i can't wait to buy the new cd.

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