Jay-Z's 'Run This Town' Music Video Feat. Rihanna and Kanye West

August 20, 2009 06:07:05 GMT

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West go rebellious in the Anthony Mandler-directed music video for 'Run This Town' off Jay-Z's new album 'The Blueprint 3'.

Jay-Z's 'Run This Town' Music Video Feat. Rihanna and Kanye West
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Jay-Z's music video for "Run This Town", one of the singles in his September 11 release "The Blueprint 3", has finally arrived in full. The Anthony Mandler-directed video has two featured guests in the song, Rihanna and Kanye West, making cameo appearances.

The video was filmed at Fort Totten Park in New York on August 6. On what Anthony tries to capture for the video, he previously told MTV, "I wanted it to feel more ancient. I wanted it to feel more European but on American soil. I didn't want it to have a framework, like, 'Oh, we're riding in New York'."

"There's a militia, a march and a kind of rambunctious energy to it that, for me, I immediately wanted to tap into," the director continued. "I showed [Jay] some references from the classic rebellious zones of the world. We live in a very orderly society in America, but when you get into Brazil, you get into the Middle East, you get into Africa, you get into Eastern Europe, when you get into places like that, there's a different sort of 'we run this town' [going on]. There's less order and more chaos. So we looked at a lot of those references, new photos and historical photos, to capture that kind of falling-apart feeling."

Jay-Z's "Run This Town" music video


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posted by lil shane on Feb 25, 2010
I realy think that Ri Ri showed Chris Brown what's she's realy made of,Nice one riri
posted by God\'s Child on Feb 10, 2010
All these demons will burn for eternal life! I ride with GOD for life!!! Yall want war??? Well I hope you're really ready....the devil is all about deception and yall are being deceived by Satan to believe that he is like God, with all of his backwards rules and ways to live...but you will be left to burn when Lucipher is no more!!!! Fools!!!
posted by shoot your ass on Jan 28, 2010
thats one good song
posted by kk on Jan 19, 2010
i just want to say congrates and keep keeping it real
posted by Lee hoe;ss on Nov 25, 2009
diishh sonqq iish dhaa shiit ; im talkinqq meqaa ; ilyy jay'zz youu #2 fann lee hoess #1 alwayss hass somethanqq teww provee ; diqq mee
posted by dont know on Nov 10, 2009
i think this song is great i love you guys so much.... love the video..
posted by lil miss thing on Oct 20, 2009
ayo dedethms wat r u a lecturer damg dats long any way luv dis song its da ish riri u cn cme run dis town
posted by deadfaith on Oct 17, 2009
good one
posted by dedethms on Oct 16, 2009
Jay-Z is a Master Mason. Ask yourself this, "what do masons need to build?" A blueprint. What is a blueprint? A design plan or technical drawing that is drawn up by an architect. The architect then gives it to a builder, a mason. Hence the the name of his album "The Blueprint 3". All his Albums entitled "Blueprint" are just markers indicating what degree he has obtained in Freemasonry. Note, that he uses a hieroglyphic 3 (the 3 lines) on his new album. When a Freemason reaches the 3rd degree, he begans to learn hieroglyphics. "The Blueprint" marked the time when he received his 1st Degree as an Apprentice. "The Blueprint 2" marks the point in time he received his 2nd Degree in Freemasonry as a Fellow Craft. And now his new album "The Blueprint 3" is the celebration or marker indicating Jay-Z's arrival at the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry as a Master Mason. The degree at which Freemasons learn about the symbolic occult meanings of hieroglyphs. Like the one he is using on the cover of his new album. These 3 lines in ancient Egypt not only represented the number 3, they also represent the pagan trinity Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Jay-Z has placed this symbol of the pagan trinity on his album for the purpose of flaunting his new esoteric and hidden knowlegde.
posted by shorty j on Oct 09, 2009
i love this song so doesn't my lil bro it puts us to sleep
posted by noone on Sep 13, 2009
My friend RJ is in this video! He's one of the bandana tattoo guys :) haha
posted by Sasha on Aug 24, 2009
Rihanna made one hell of a comeback !!! Congratz diva !
posted by Devon Myers on Aug 21, 2009
Rihanna look so damn hood in this video and fine as ever with her unique look....I love her as a performer Ri Ri showed that middle finger up while you stomp on them haters
posted by Rihanna Fan on Aug 21, 2009
Rihanna is my favorite singer of all time no matter what.Riri gave all the haters the middle finger.Yeah!
posted by slyace on Aug 21, 2009
one word.....AWESOME!!!
posted by Cash on Aug 20, 2009
posted by Made on Aug 20, 2009
posted by Jabulani Mukhari on Aug 20, 2009
Sure Bow Wow, just go and do your level best.
posted by Jabulani Mukhari on Aug 20, 2009
I thinkbow wow did or taken a right decision for being signed by Cash Money Record, where we find the likes of Weezy , Baby,etc

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