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Jay-Z - Run This Town (Feat. Kanye West & Rihanna)

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this is horrible , who talks about the devil or illuminati is gonna run this town tonight..i Like rihanna music but this is noy cool

posted by tokeyo on Sep 07, 2010


posted by hi on Dec 22, 2009

DAMN RIHANNA UR SO ''HOT'' iwish iculd make u ma gal ur killin me softly eh iwish all galz culd b lyk u...

posted by KIng nathi on Dec 11, 2009

Best Song everrrrrrrr!

posted by Peaceout on Nov 07, 2009

As a Rapper and no so this song is in the hight lever,..RIHANNA i love u so much

posted by lee jay from Angola on Nov 06, 2009

that song go so hard i mean Jay-Z Rihanna and Kanye just make it so LIVE!!!!!!!!!!This and umbrella go hard Jay-Z go real hard Kanye do too!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by willliamson high sch on Oct 29, 2009

hi hannah

posted by kate on Oct 28, 2009

boo what are you talking about its awesome

posted by lovechruch on Oct 23, 2009


posted by bshonia on Oct 17, 2009

boo it suck i give no stars it suckes

posted by boo on Oct 09, 2009

i love it is the best !!

posted by 190x680 on Oct 05, 2009

The video is so tight?!, d concept,lyrics ar really off d hook!. Dis is one of Jay Z's best i tell you.

posted by P square on Oct 02, 2009

I loooove it!

posted by 128x260 on Oct 02, 2009

I loooove it!

posted by 128x260 on Oct 02, 2009

lovee thiss songg

posted by missflaka on Sep 30, 2009

mennnn! dis stuff is realy hot,i love d video,d concept and all..dis really tells that jigga is stil reping d hood tight.tombs up to all ya. rihana my babe girl,and kenye west and jigga my dogs.i love ya.

posted by austino911 on Sep 30, 2009

one of jayz best songs

posted by kev201 on Sep 29, 2009

i love this song,i think is the #1 best song of jayz, rihanna & kanye(whatsup jayz)love you.and im tell my mom to put it on my ringtone.

posted by maya yasseh on Sep 26, 2009

The violence is to represent what we do to one another daily in life. Since 9/11, no one has stopped to help one another anymore or be kind to one another. Instead, our world is just slowly becoming more and more violent and we only lookout for ourselves. That is what I think the song means, "we gonna run this town," means making awareness against all other rules or regulations, traditions or cultural -- are out.

posted by calendargirl29 on Sep 21, 2009

I love this video

posted by Alexis_15 on Sep 21, 2009

Sorry - hit the enter button too fast. I wanted to finish with this: With that being said, it is up to us and our future to whom is gonna run this town, our nation, and look out for all of us, not just as the individual. Peace to all of you.

posted by calendargirl29 on Sep 21, 2009

I can tell this song wont die out any time soon, Jay Z, Rianna and Kanye or some of the best..kanye's verse always makes me wanna get up he really knows how to finish a song

posted by the boss on Sep 20, 2009

AMAZING Jay-Z, Rianna, & Kanya are some the greatest in our time. The song is blazin', i just wish it could have been less violent, and more dance...cuz I know THEY ALL CAN DANCE!

posted by Aud on Sep 17, 2009

yeeeahYAH(: this songs bad as ! honest , feel it coming in the air !

posted by - bumbum(: on Sep 08, 2009

they r so damn awesome. they drop it like its so hot

posted by ell on Aug 29, 2009

this shit is bangin

posted by ayo on Aug 26, 2009

I Love this song

posted by rochealewis on Aug 23, 2009

I heard this song about a month ago and was sucked in from the first second it started. Rihanna does have a captivating voice, very distincdive... Jay-Z is undoubtabley the king of Rap and along with Kanye who raps and sings with the upmost style, it all contributes to an unbelievable track and Jay should be very proud of it. Very strong song. Peace...

posted by Peace.. on Aug 23, 2009

simply brilliant !!!! BP3...

posted by alex on Aug 22, 2009

this video is awesome!!

posted by robyn on Aug 22, 2009

This video proves that Jay is still on top of his game. Rihanna's voice is captivating and sticks with you long after the song is finished but Kanye absolutely kills it at the end with his verse. There could've been more action in the video though but I still liked it a lot.

posted by MacKManDC on Aug 21, 2009

all 3 together is a good look,hot song and video

posted by shakara on Aug 21, 2009

lol, look at RIRI! love her, itz gud 2 c her out on da screen again, she so pwetty

posted by Pjay on Aug 21, 2009

i m from brazil and i watched the video!!RiRi,Hova and K-West they rock it.rihanna looks like an evil princess and also have chaos in the video. for me its DA BOMB this year!best music video of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Roc Nation on Aug 20, 2009

Its crazy BP3 Sept. 11

posted by drewhill on Aug 20, 2009