Kate Beckinsale to Return to 'Underworld 4'

Kate Beckinsale to Return to 'Underworld 4'

With Screen Gems eyeing to launch a new trilogy for the 'Underworld' series, words are coming out that the depicter of vampire warrior Selene is attached to reprise her role in the fourth movie.

There is a chance that "Underworld 4", the first film of the proposed new "Underworld" trilogy, is going to see a familiar face with Kate Beckinsale rumored to be attached. Two sources have informed Bloody-Disgusting (BD) about the 36-year-old actress' return to the series to reprise her Selene character.

If the rumor were true, her appearance in this fourth movie will mark her return in person to the series after only providing Selene's voiceover in the beginning and end of "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans". BD noted that there is yet official confirmation from the people involved in the development of "Underworld 4" about her attachment.

In early August, it was reported that Screen Gems is moving ahead with a fourth "Underworld" film. The studio planned to shot the new movie in 3-D and is targeting a U.S. release on January 21, 2011. Soon thereafter, words were coming out that the studio was kicking off a brand new trilogy for the franchise. No word on whether director/producer Len Wiseman and actors Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra and Scott Speedman will return.

English actress Kate Beckinsale made her first appearance as a Death Dealer named Selene in the first "Underworld". She returned to portray the vampire character once again in 2006's "Underworld: Evolution". Beside the "Underworld" series, the wife of Len Wiseman has starred in among others "Pearl Harbor", "Van Helsing", "Vacancy" and "Nothing But the Truth". She will next be seen playing U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko in "Whiteout".

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    baby girl
    Jan 25, 2011

    I would LOVE to see Kate do another Underworld movie. Kate is like the amazingest vampire ever created. And she can dick butt. Bring on the Movie.

    Oct 03, 2010

    Kate Beckinsale is the right actress for the role, to make the saga realistic! yet she's fantastic, beautiful and sexy as a vampire in the movie

    Daniel hernandez
    May 29, 2010

    Kate should do underworld four and have a child in the movie carry on her work.

    Sep 08, 2009

    Omg!! Yay!! I love the underworld movies! The third is my #1 favorite movie of all! Next is Coraline! Lol! But anyway, after seeing rise of the lycans, it made me think that if Sonja had not died and had her child which wouldve been powerful , but also she would be a badass vampire along with Selene! I could just see it! Two sisters fighting side by side! Damn! That would be something! Plus they would have the same type of guys, Lycans!!!! xD ooohh! If I was directing this movie I would totally think of this!!!

    Aug 16, 2009

    Underworld Is so Awesome!! Selen Is One Bad Ass Vampire!!

    Aug 15, 2009

    personally preffered Rhona but hey, all i really want is for Michael Sheen to come back, his character was amazing.

    Aug 14, 2009

    Aww that's awesome! :D Can't wait to hear more! I hope KB comes back, she kicks ass!

    Aug 14, 2009

    Great news, but hoping for Rhona too. She was great in number 3.

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