Michael Cera Reportedly Dumps Longtime Girlfriend Charlyne Yi

July 31, 2009 06:06:08 GMT

The actor, according to a source, wants to date around and that's why he dumps the actress whom he's been dating for three years.

Michael Cera
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Actor Michael Cera reportedly has dumped his actress girlfriend Charlyne Yi after three years of dating. Reporting news of the pair's separation for the very first time is Star Magazine, which claims the Evan depicter in 2007 movie "Superbad" is the one who initiates the break-up since he wants to date around.

"He's been with her since before he was super famous, and now all these girls fawn over him. He's itching to date other people," a source tells the magazine. And "Charlyne is beyond sad. And the break-up is so much harder because she'll have to see him on tour" to promote their new movie "Paper Heart", adds the source.

Michael Cera is recognized for his appearances in such films, as "Year One", and "Juno". He can next be seen starring in comedy movie "Arrested Development".

Charlyne Yi, meanwhile, is known as a performance artist, musician, writer, painter, and an occasional actress. Her screenwriting debut in "Paper Heart", which will be hitting the U.S. theaters next Friday, August 7, won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.


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posted by plastic on Nov 13, 2010
their relationship was just for the show...nothing was real.
posted by michaeliloveyou! on May 21, 2010
Well, this is sad to hear... Seemed like they could be a good pair but i guess not - wish i had a chance <3!
posted by Andi on Apr 28, 2010
Thats sad...they seemed to fit.
posted by blah! on Apr 06, 2010
they shoul still go out
posted by i<3MC on Jan 18, 2010
yeah they should get their own damn information...annd i guess they did date though in video interviews they ALWAYS say they neverr did and she is like 5 years older than him if i am correct...? but she looks like she's 12. and yes regular girls fawn for him, but i am not sure celebrity girls do....but he is a cutie
posted by uuhhh on Aug 06, 2009
soo come this relationship sudddenly appears when the movie comes they're breaking up...they were never going out in the first place..lame
posted by hmmm on Jul 31, 2009
posted by yeahhhhh on Jul 31, 2009
LAME "source" tells... u mean "source" lies....
posted by dfdfg on Jul 31, 2009
you just copied this off ohnoyoudidnt on livejournal. get your own info.

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