Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus Have Crush on Each Other

July 18, 2009 06:43:43 GMT

"They are pretty much just good friends - with maybe a little crushing going on," says an unnamed source of the twosome's alleged romance.

Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus Have Crush on Each Other
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Though she has previously denied rumors of her dating best friend Miley Cyrus' brother, Trace Cyrus, Demi Lovato is said to have a crush on him, and so does he. "They are pretty much just good friends - with maybe a little crushing going on. But they're hardly in the same place at the same time, so not much time for dating since they're both on tour. But they like each other!" says a source regarding the nature of the twosome's relationship.

According to another source, both Demi and Trace have been "hanging out a lot lately." Their outings include spending romantic nights watching DVDs at his house and catching "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" at Universal City Walk earlier this week. "From last Sunday up until yesterday when Trace had to catch a plane to London, they were hanging out every day," the source tells Radar Online.

Adding fuel to the romance rumors, E! News reports that Demi and Trace have been exchanging flirty messages at Twitter. When the Disney actress-singer tweeted, "@tracecyrus 5 days!!! :D :D :D," the Metro Station's member replied, "@ddlovato so soon! I'm so ready to get home to you."

Neither Demi nor Trace has addressed the report though. Their representatives also haven't commented on the matter just yet.


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posted by Emy on Nov 03, 2010
im the farthest thing from emo or scene or whatever Trace is, but i think he's hot. He's disgustingly skinny though. Shake It is still my favorite song today. And who the hell is Demi Lovato?
posted by Corey on Oct 11, 2010
Trace is the ugliest guy to date,Demi should someone that is that ugly & get someone her own age.She could date Sterling Knight or Joe Jonas that the don't look like Trace.
posted by fanny on Feb 09, 2010
now way he is the ugliest and demi should go out with sherling knight or joe jonas!!!!
posted by shhh on Oct 21, 2009
all yall who are commenting mean shit. yall just jelious that demi and trace are famous and people like them way more then they like u. and trace is soooo hot. and demi is pretty soo screww all the haters
posted by virginty and messes on Oct 10, 2009
i'm sorry for speed typing. anyway like i was saying that they broke up now guys so move on>
posted by salvador makkons and on Sep 30, 2009
wait now you can't date your brother you'll go to hell for it.
posted by Alyssa on Aug 23, 2009
i never see Trace Cyrus but in my mind he is way to ugly... i really think that Demi lovato and joe Jonas are met to be each other. not Trace Cyrus
posted by mackey on Aug 20, 2009
guys, don't talk about demi lovato, bad. she's a good person. she can sing. she can act. sure they don't look good as a couple. im sure that her and joe jonas be crushing on each other. when no one around but STILL is not nice 2 talk about anybody on whole this earth children adults. him her she or he. but anyway im a christian. im a virgin. and don't talk about her anymore okay! peace!!!
posted by christine o. on Aug 19, 2009
trace is sooo ugly duh!! i cnt blv demi was inlov with him yucks,,sooo cheap!!!
posted by Beth. on Aug 18, 2009
Why are people hating? If you are a fan of one of them, wouldn't you want them to be happy? And who cares if he's not hot - which btw, he soo iss! - not everyone is shallow! So obv Demi doesn't care about having the 'hottest guuy on earth', she probably just cares about personality. I, personally, think they look cute together. and they make eachother happy, so that's a bonus. (:
posted by srewkkiy on Aug 16, 2009
demi is butiful trace is eww
posted by dddres on Aug 16, 2009
demi and trace are not a good couple.
posted by loca on Aug 10, 2009
posted by big phan on Aug 06, 2009
I think they is not going out Demi is to cool for trace and trace is to cute for Demi
posted by Provocative on Aug 05, 2009
For fuck sake..trace is the ugliest man i've ever seen.. I would rather be a lesbian than to date that ugly specie..eeew.. I had goosebumps.. Fyi.. Demi is not that ugly..n0t ugly..ü
posted by sadkfjsahl on Jul 30, 2009
thats messed but he's a fag. whats she thinking. he looks like he wants to kill someone! :/
posted by Emo girl on Jul 28, 2009
Fuck all ya mothafuckers trace is ma man n demi lavato is a stuck up bitch
posted by sanderaNY on Jul 26, 2009
her Twitter Direct messages were hacked and it mentioned them doing it totally lost respect for Demi
posted by virginty and messes on Jul 24, 2009
why you guys always coming up with some mess to all of you i dont know if demi lovato a virgin cause if you have promise ring means she promise god and her parents that's something and if you are having sex before marriege budemi jesus is coming soon yoy better get saved or get burned people it's time to go and people get ready peace!
posted by :D:D: on Jul 23, 2009
eww i hate Demi. she's like the ugliest person in the whole world :DDDDD. trace deserves so much better than her !! demi is a ugly wnb biatch.
posted by salvador makkons on Jul 23, 2009
oh they have a crush on each other i think miley gonna be pretty jealous!
posted by salvador makkons on Jul 23, 2009
he is so ugly and demi no better and that's miley's brother i wonder what she said about it.
posted by :-] on Jul 23, 2009
demi is ugly..... i agreed with «year i am sexy»
posted by frenchfries14 on Jul 22, 2009
i like demi lovato and trace cyrus when he sings but not his face
posted by jj on Jul 21, 2009
demi is so awsome i like traces music but not his face i hate miley too
posted by joeanna on Jul 21, 2009
for the ppl saying demi is ugly she is not and they took a bad pic of trace idk i think u should leave them alone and demi and selena gomez are best friends not miley cyrus
posted by YO YO YO! on Jul 21, 2009
OMG! i cant believe they are going out! But why do i care anymore, I hate them both anyway so year .... the are both as ugly as each other!
posted by Year I am Sexy! on Jul 20, 2009
Ewwwwww I hate Demi Lovato! She is like soooooooo damn ugly! And come on her acting in camp rock, was crap as! Oh and not to mention Trace Cyrus! Ewwwww omg he is the ugliest man star I have ever heard of! He goes well with his very stuck up ugly sister Miley! Ohhhhh Demi, Trace, and Miley.... the ugly 3 living in hot hell! How NOT sweat!
posted by in da house on Jul 20, 2009
Demi is way pretty to be going out with him is so ugly.sorry trace it's true u are.
posted by jj on Jul 20, 2009
demi could do way better trace is way to ugly he loooks like someone stepped on his face and tryed to put back again
posted by eww on Jul 20, 2009
why does it always feel like the ugliest girls date the hottest guys and the prettiest girls date the ulgy ones
posted by eww on Jul 20, 2009
he is soo fucking ugly!!!
posted by superweirddd on Jul 20, 2009
trace is cool and all but i think demi could do better than him anyday. :) wayyyyy better than trace.
posted by Cecilia on Jul 19, 2009
Omg, he is too good for her. She's a tryhard rocker, he is more than her. he could do better.
posted by Vanessa on Jul 19, 2009
Trace Cyrus is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! And Demi Lovato must be really crazy to date that guy.
posted by sabrina welsh on Jul 19, 2009
daer demi lovato i love your move's and song. your song are the best i'm your number 1# fan. you rock.
posted by sabrina welsh on Jul 19, 2009
daer miley i love your move's and your song. i'm you number 1# fan.
posted by lizzie on Jul 19, 2009
demi is way to good for trace
posted by 856895 on Jul 19, 2009
Probably took her virginity...Popped that pussy.
posted by 1017787 on Jul 19, 2009
Mmm Huh he Ugly. They fucking.
posted by michi on Jul 18, 2009
Trace cyrus was at her concert
posted by studmuffin on Jul 18, 2009
lol they should never go out, demi must date a JONAS! come on, trace is uh.. never mind.
posted by amandablahh on Jul 18, 2009
shes not best friends with miley???

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